Thursday, May 7, 2015

Alpha Phi Reunion in Indy

Last weekend we met up with my Alpha Phi friends - Lauren (Boh), Georgianne, Kelly, and Kassey - for a "Mom's Weekend" (plus families). It was crazy - but SO fun to see everyone and catch up.

We have managed to produce A LOT of babies! Actually we had 5 in ONE year! From January 2014 to January 2015...we EACH had one! (3 boys and 2 girls)...add in my older two and Kassey's older two - for a grand total of 9 baby Phi's! We were rolling DEEP.
 Our first stop was the Indianapolis Zoo - Jack and Josie loved it!
After the zoo - we checked in to our hotel and headed straight to the pool. All three of my kids LOVED swimming. Nolan was obsessed with the water. It was a little cold - but he didn't care. I think he's going to be a HUGE fan of summer!
 And Josie was loving the water, too! The tu-tu swimsuit was an added bonus.
Nolan met a few potential DePauw girlfriends...including Miss Vivienne. She's just 10 days younger than him. She spent a couple hours crying Saturday night/early Sunday morning - so she was all "you people are cray" on Sunday before we left. She had a point.
And of course, it's not a true sorority function unless you have a all the kiddos got a Mom's Weekend shirt. Here are Josie, Zach (Kelly's son), and Deco (Boh's son) - sporting their shirts. Such models!

We all had SO much fun. Jack cried when he had to leave. But we promise to have more reunions with the moms (and families).

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