Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good Sport

Brooke stopped by with Molly today and we used her as a guinea pig to try out our infant carrier. She was a good sport! As you can see - this particular infant carrier is great for getting babies to fall asleep. :) She is a bit bigger than Baby Becker is expected to be - but it was a great learning opportunity for us. These things are complicated on your first try!

I should add that Tyson was a real pro with Molly. He looked so natural holding her. I know he will be an amazing Daddy!

God must think I'm hysterical

I'm a planner. I love having a set of plans and seeing them carried out perfectly. I'm a control freak, too. I don't deal well with change or ambiguity.

When I got pregnant - I sat down and figured out Baby Becker's exact due date. January 26, 2010. That is a Tuesday. It is also Tyson's cousin Billy's birthday. "Great," I thought, "A perfect day for a baby!" I committed to teaching until January 7th, because let's face it - I WILL FEEL FINE! And after the 7th I will have plenty of time for nesting and tying up last minute items. I may even squeeze in a prenatal massage and a pedicure! God must have been laughing at me. He must be thinking, "Really, Kady? Do you know who you're up against? Stop making plans!"

Well, He wins.

Today, the nurse called to inform me that we are scheduled to go in for an induction on January 7th at 7:30pm. Of course, I cried. I tried talking the nurse into moving it back a week...but she told me it's up to the doctor. My well-laid plans have been foiled. So much for that prenatal massage.

It seems you COULD be meeting Baby Becker on January 8th. Of course, just as I say that - my water will break and he'll come tomorrow... And once again, God will have the last laugh.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ready of Not...

here he comes?!?!?! Well, it seems little Baby Becker is not interested in waiting until late January to meet everyone. He is most likely going to arrive a couple weeks early. Here is the deal:

Today we had an ultrasound at 9:30am. The tech was so nice - verified that indeed we are okay with BLUE (phew!) and did lots of measuring. She told us a few things. 1) He is small. They believe he is around 5lb 2oz right now and he should be over 6lb. 2) Everything is in working order. Heart, lungs, digestion, etc. look/sound great. We were supposed to meet with the Physician's Assistant - but due to his size, the tech recommended we wait and meet with my doctor instead. It was a long wait.

Finally, around 11:15am we met with Dr. Moore. She explained that she was concerned about his size and that perhaps he wasn't getting what he needed in the womb. She recommended 1) that we schedule an induction by Week 39 (their 39, my 38) 2) start NST (non-stress tests) twice a week for the remainder of the pregnancy 3) have an ultrasound each week for the remainder of the pregnancy 4) that I NOT go back to work (cue tears and onset of ulcer)

She explained that there is a chance that our little guy is just fine, but they want to make sure he is thriving and if he is not - they want him out, so that he can begin thriving better. Again, I should note (especially for Grandmas-to-be) that aside from low weight - everything is healthy!

After my Strep B test (unpleasant), she did an internal check (VERY unpleasant) and told me that I'm 2cm dialated and 70% effaced. Holy S*&T! Again - panic was written all over my face. She was VERY happy with this because if they do have to induce - it seems my cervix will be "ready to go" (thus reducing the chances of a c-section). She told us to grab lunch and then head to Labor & Delivery for the NST.

The NST was great! They hooked me up to fetal heart monitors and they checked to make sure his heart rate was accelerating and decelerating - as it should. He earned an A+ and even threw in some nice strong kicks - for good measure. We were discharged and home by 2:30pm.

Of course, Tyson was supportive and wonderful throughout everything. He hears all of the positives, while I tend to only hear the negatives and focus on the "what ifs." (I get my worrying from my mother)

Positive thoughts and prayers are appreciated, as we head for the home stretch!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yes, it's true...

I did some sewing today. Nothing any of my 4-H friends would be proud of...but for my not-so-crafty friends - well, they would find my work stellar. :) I have been on a roll lately.

I invite you to come eat off my floors (or perhaps my baseboards).

We are awaiting the arrival of the Beckers and Aunt Kim for Christmas festivities.

Merry Christmas / Feliz Navidad - to everyone!

Kady is sewing?!?

I broke away from Kady for a moment to make my first entry on the blog because history is happening in the Becker household as I type. Kady is officially in full nesting mode and is currently SEWING for the first time in the 9+ years I have known her (sewing a patterned fabric onto rocking chair in our son's room). What is going on??? I believe it is due to the 48 hour burst of energy kicking in that pregnant women get a few weeks before delivery - whatever it is I deem the news blog worthy!

Merry Christmas to everyone - Kady is not leading on but she is getting close, we both feel it. Expect great news from us soon.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Here, not There

So, yesterday I had to apologize to my "overly concerned" husband and give thanks that we are in the Dirty D and not in Indiana. I have been have some pain in my lower abdomen and have been peeing A LOT more than normal (sorry if that is TMI). Anyway, I called my doctor and they were concerned it could be a Urinary Tract Infection, so they told me to come in for some tests. After peeing in a cup and missing... (seriously, pregnant women need BIGGER cups! But I will save that rant for a different post.) My doctor told me she doesn't think it is a UTI - but instead, a baby's head resting comfortably on my cushy bladder. Sweet. She believes he is dropping and since I've been carrying him so high throughout the pregnancy - I'm not used to the lower pressure. Our ultrasound next week should give us a better idea where he is...AND how big he is.

Today, after doing some re-organizing in the nursery - I decided I needed to craft something for my son-to-be. So, off to Michael's I went - all giddy and hyped up on creative juices. I am working on my "special project" and I can't wait to get it finished.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We've reached a fun new milestone. 35 weeks pregnant with 35 days to go! It doesn't seem possible.

Last night Heartburn reared her ugly head for the first time in my pregnancy...actually for the first time in my life. I had to give my symptoms to (Dr.) Tyson to verify that it was, indeed, heartburn. Needless to say, Tums are on my "To Do" list today.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Clevenger Christmas

My parents came up for our "Clevenger Christmas." It wasn't the same without my brothers and their wife/gf. Or the additional 4 dogs we usually have running around.

It was our first Christmas celebration in our own home - and that was nice. Here are a few pictures from the evening.

Mom and Dad - thanks for coming up, safe travels to Florida, and next time we see you - you will officially be GRANDPARENTS.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


WHO thinks this kid is going to be over 9lbs?!?! Reveal yourself.

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Official...

I'm on Lockdown in the Dirty D for Christmas. Boo. My doctor actually told me I could travel, however, my overprotective (very concerned) husband has said NO. I do tire very easily and I'm not pleasant to be around when I'm tired. I've cried - A LOT - about not being able to travel home...thinking about seeing everyone when I'm officially a "mommy" also makes me a little sad/nervous. BUT - we will have a lot of time to do some final preparations for the baby. My parents are coming up this weekend and Tyson's parents + Devin are coming on Christmas Eve.

Tyson and I have started our DVD Childbirthing classes. They are technically Lamaze classes, so we're learning a lot. As of now - I know the 6 early signs of impending labor, the 3 TRUE signs of labor, how to breathe through a contraction, how to time a contraction, and - lucky me - I saw exactly how big 10cm actually is... Holy cow. We have many more DVD classes to "take" - plus two more "classes" (one on breast-feeding and one on newborn care). See, Dad - we ARE learning stuff as home-schoolers.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The First Load

Yes, I realize this will be the last time I SMILE while preparing to do a load of Baby Becker's laundry.

I also know - 4 months from now - I would be giving Tyson an evil glare for taking my picture (while I prepare to do laundry). Sidenote: Tyson does his own laundry - and for that, I am SO grateful! :)

This will also be the cleanest load of baby laundry I ever do! The next load is sure to be much smellier...


Yes, son, those are Mommy's ribs you enjoy kicking. Guess what? They aren't going anywhere. I know they must be an annoyance to you, as you now have very little space to move around but I have a solution. Go ahead and move down. Yeah, just drop on down into the lower half of Mommy's torso. Then you won't have those pesky ribs or lungs in your way.

I love you.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

In My Dreams...

It is no secret that pregnant women tend to have very vivid, sometimes very odd dreams. If I wrote them down - people would think I was crazy!

Before we knew Checker was a boy, I dreamed that he was a boy. Now, as his arrival draws nearer, I'm dreaming about delivery, what he will look like, and what I will think as a new mother. Sometimes I wake up anxious, but most of the time I wake up laughing at myself and feeling relieved that it was "ONLY A DREAM."

In my dreams...
- he comes out and we learn he's a GIRL. I cry because I brought a blue outfit for "him" to go home in.

- he has BRIGHT red hair (think glow-stick!)

- he has 4 toes on one foot and 6 on the other

- the doctor is a friend from school and she tells me they believe he will weigh close to 10lbs. I panic and beg for a c-section.

- Tyson is stuck in traffic and I have to drive myself to the hospital

- he's absolutely perfect and I wonder how I could have created something so incredible

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Early Parenting

After being SO excited that our Baby Boy was already "in position," I realized I had spoken too soon. Last night I felt really strong hiccups right under my sternum. Little booger.

I decided to try to stand on my head, because I heard it can flip a breech baby. I leaned over the edge of the bed - head on the floor, butt in the air. Once I felt like I might pass out, I sat back up and decided that maybe a good solid "Clevenger Lecture" was in order. (For those who don't know, Clevenger's excel in giving lectures, it's just in our genes) I pulled out my stern voice and said, "Listen kid, mama is NOT happy that you have flipped yourself around. You need to figure out how to get back in position, because I am NOT having a C-section. So, flip. Now."

Tyson, lying next to me, must have thought I was being harsh. "Let me try," he piped. "Hey, little guy - it's your Dad. Your mom is mad that you flipped around. You need to try to go back the way you were, okay buddy? Love you. (kisses belly)"

Can you tell who the disciplinarian will be in our family?

Awkward Conversation

Today I had an awkward conversation with one of my first graders. She is the girlie-girl in the class and has been SO interested in the baby since day #1! She once hugged me - then said he "kicked her in the head." Ooookay.

This was our conversation today:

Girl: Mrs. Becker, is the baby going to come out of your "private" or your belly?
Me: (Shocked look...eyes wide...jaw on the floor)
Girl: (staring at me, smiling)
Me: Ummm, well...I hope he doesn't come out of my belly...because that would mean I'll have to have surgery. (awkward pause) Have a seat, hunny - we're going to line up for gym.

God love first graders.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

William Beaumont

Today - while all wrapped up in "Baby Mode" - we took our Hospital Tour at William Beaumont Hospital (right here in Royal Oak). It took us 11 minutes from door to parking garage, though I am confident - when faced with contractions - it will seem like the drive is a lot longer.

The hospital "campus" is HUGE, but we easily found the South Tower where our little guy will be born. The entire facility is very nice, very up-to-date, and well laid-out! We saw the triage area, a labor & delivery room, and the postpartum rooms. Though we had already heard a lot of the information they gave us (thanks to new-mommy-friends) - we feel more confident knowing what to expect and where we will be staying. Tyson was happy to see a Starbucks, I was happy to see a Ben & Jerry's! (priorities)
Here is a picture of the hospital.
And here is my "team" of doctors. One of these ladies will be bringing Baby Becker into the world!

The Nursery

On a Roll

After visiting the Jakobsens on Friday night - I had a serious reality check and realized I needed to get my butt in gear. Baby Becker could come ANY day (although we hope he doesn't)! After TWO trips to Buy Buy Baby (20 miles away) we acquired some nursery necessities and our stroller! Yay!

We decided to go with the Baby Jogger City Mini. We love how easily it folds up and it's also SO lightweight - as shown in the picture! Cooper and Tucker didn't know what to make of this "silly contraption." But - if it will be used when taking WALKS - they are all for it!

We have our infant carrier on order from Peg Perego and we hope it arrives before the baby. Otherwise - we will be calling the Jakobsens to come pick us up with Molly's carrier.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Meeting Molly

We stopped by the Jakobsen's on Friday night to meet Molly. She was sound asleep the whole time and just as precious as can be! We can't wait for Baby Becker to meet her!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Home Sick

I have been battling a respiratory "something or other" for over a week. Yesterday, my doctor told me to GET SOME MEDS! I just hate putting unnecessary chemicals in my body while our Little Guy is still developing. Today, I decided I couldn't take the runny nose any longer - so I headed to CVS.

I discovered that many "older folks" enjoy frequenting CVS during the day and they have A TON of questions for the pharmacist. They question prices, dosage, side effects, etc. I waited in line behind two ladies - who both decided to play 20 questions with the pharmacy tech. After 15 minutes, I finally handed over my prescription - only to find out it would be a 15 minute wait. So I settle in between my two elderly friends. As we sat there in silence, I realized we probably had a lot in common. I thought about striking up a conversation about sore hips/joints, constipation, frequent trips to the bathroom at night... They probably could have offered some great advice. However, I soon realized that both were nodding off in their chairs. Oh well. Thank God for my Blackberry.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

32 weeks...or 33 weeks?!?!

I had my bi-monthly appointment today. As I spoke to the doctor about various concerns/ailments... she mentioned that I was 33 weeks along. I corrected her - and said, "No, actually I'm 32 weeks." She looked back at my ultrasounds and said that I'm 33 weeks - based on the measurements and my last missed period.

Here's the thing...I will let THEM believe I am a week ahead - But what they don't know about me is that my OCD allows me to know the exact date this child was conceived (I could also probably tell you what chapter I was reading in Breaking Dawn (Twilight) that night and what I had for dinner). Anyway - they believe he will arrive on or around 1/21 and I believe it will be 1/26. We will see who is correct.

In other Baby Becker news - he has taken after the Becker side of the family and is already "in position." No breech baby here! (Sidenote: all three Clevengers were breech, thus resulting in 3 C-sections for my poor mother) We hope he stays head down for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Tyson and I have a hospital tour scheduled for Sunday afternoon. I'm excited to see the facility (it's HUGE!). Tyson will be practicing his "route" - so he is prepared for the BIG day. Maybe I should also require a trial run at night...just in case.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

She's HERE!

We are SO excited to finally meet Molly Karoline Jakobsen! She arrived early this morning, weighing 8lbs 4ozs. What a big girl! She and Brooke are doing well.

Tyson and I couldn't be more excited for Brooke and Mikkel!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Three Dog Night

We have an extra pup in our house for a few days. Our friends Brooke & Mikkel are at the hospital having a BABY!! YAY! We hope they are taking good notes for us.

Their pup, Ellie (aka: Tucker's girlfriend), is staying here. Tuck is thrilled and hasn't stopped playing all night! I mean, who needs a dog park when you can have a sleepover with your girlfriend? I'm just wondering what our house will look like tomorrow after work...