Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eye Twins

Jack and I showing how we are eye twins...(we could also add Jack's Grandpa Jerry, Uncle Joe, Uncle Jon, Grandpa GiGi, and Grandpa Walt to this picture). I was always told that brown eyes are the dominant gene...apparently not in Clevengers.
Fish butt.

Shots of Jack

"This phone is TERRIBLE!"
"Oh how embarrassing! Yes, Mom & I are still using this old Blackberry."
"I just want an iPhone. Is that too much to ask?!?"

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Girls Weekend

Last weekend, I packed my bags, wiped away tears, and headed off to Indy for my FIRST night away from Jack. It was rough to say goodbye to him, but I knew I was leaving him in good hands. Tyson stayed behind at the lake with his family. I had a great time with my sorority sisters. We enjoyed dinner at Zing (a tapas place) and then danced the night away at Club 6 downtown. I was up at 7:40 the next morning...and on the road by 9:00...
George, Boh, Kelly, Kassey, and Me! (Alpha Phi Girls)
The whole group before we left the Conrad for dinner.

Shots of Jack

"Who is on my shoulder, Mom?"
In between splashes...this kid has WAY too much fun during bath time.
How do you know you had a fun bath? Prune foot.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Wright Sisters

Jack's GiGi (my Grandma Peg) was featured in an article in the Plymouth newspaper last week. Six of the seven Wright children are still living (and going strong!). Their brother John passed away a few years ago. Five of the six sisters live in Plymouth, all six still drive, and believe it or not all of them worked in finance at some point in their lives. The sisters range in age between 95-79 (those are some GOOD genes)! Between the seven Wrights there are 16 children, 37 grandchildren, and "a growing number of great-grands." They are all very strong and inspirational women!
The Sisters: (L to R) My Grandma Peg, Aunt Jean, Aunt Jude, Aunt Kate, Aunt Bette, and Aunt Mary
Here is the article. You may be able to read it if you click on the image. No promises. (The Pilot News doesn't have much of an online selection)

Shots of Jack

Jack and his Sophie giraffe. She is his favorite face to nom on.
Molly looks like she has a case of the "Mondays."
Baby feet and Ellie.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Idaho Bound

Jack's Uncle Devin and Kristin took off from the lake this morning - headed to Idaho! Devin will be working for the University of Idaho. We are excited for their new adventures and wish them safe travels during their 3 day voyage.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Shots of Jack

What you can't see in these pictures is Tucker "playing" with Jack. He loves to bring Jack his toys, in hopes that Jack will (miraculously) throw one for him. Jack loves Tuck! He laughs at him all the time. Sometimes when he is in his jumparoo I will hear him laughing and look over to see Tucker licking his toes or ears. As you can tell, I am not a "germaphobe" mom.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Update on the Mama

Mom had an appointment this morning in Indy, so they could check her lymph nodes. They were swollen and they are checking them before they proceed with a plan of attack.

Small World Moment: The doctor that did a sonogram of the nodes was young and (as Shirlee described) "very cute." They started talking and mom learned that he was from South Bend. He told her he went to Notre Dame...Mom mentioned that I went to DePauw and he said, "My sister went to DePauw too." Sure enough, it was my good friend and sorority sister - Kat's brother! And
believe it or not, Mom had actually met him once before when I was a freshman in college. Crazy!
That's Kat and her beautiful daughter Gracie.

Shot of Jack

You tell'em, Jack!


Brooke is having a meeting with a kitchen designer today, so Jack and I are enjoying this HOT afternoon with Molly. So far, so good.
Some things from the classroom carry over into the home as a mom..."centers" are still a good way to keep children (even infants) entertained. We have a nice rotation going today.
Aerial view of Jack and Molly.

This is Molly's "sexy" pose. Although, I actually think she is annoyed with the jumparoo music and is just covering her ears. I'm with ya, girl!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Movin' on Up

Jack is becoming SUCH a big boy! He now has his own chair in the dining room. Last night he ate dinner with us. He enjoyed his rice cereal and some tasty green beans (you can see the remnants on his shirt). I also bought a blender/food processor and hope to start making most of Jack's food. My neighbor Jessica (aka: Sydney's mom) is a baby-food making pro! Hopefully I can learn her tricks.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby Kady & Baby Jack

I came across a picture of me when I was about 6 months old. Notice, I already had my ears pierced because my mom was SO sick of people calling me a boy. I think Jack definitely has his Daddy's mouth...but everything else looks like his momma. What do you think?

Jumpin' Jack

Monday, June 21, 2010

Shots of Jack - Messy eater vs Messy feeder

I'm trying to decide if Jack is a messy eater or I am a messy feeder. Either way - he always ends up with just as much food on his face, as he gets in his mouth. And he loves grabbing the spoon with his hand and then rubbing the food on himself. Faces can be wiped off, clothes can be cleaned, and my camera is always nearby...
HUGE fan of sweet potatoes! Yummmmm!
He loved prunes too! (trust me, he needs them!) He had prunes in his eyelashes...but notice, nothing on the bib. It's magic.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Lake

We enjoyed Tyson's Birthday weekend/Father's Day weekend at the lake. Blake and Sarah Thomas (aka: Floyd's parents) came up from Cincinnati. We spent Saturday enjoying the sun and the cool lake water with the Light family! They have a sandy beach area and it was the perfect place to let Jack enjoy his first dip in Lake George. He LOVED it!
He borrowed a pretty fun float for a while. In this picture he is trying to figure out where his feet are.
We eventually ditched the float and I held Jack with me in the water. He was kicking his legs and moving his arms. Such a natural. I decided to see how he liked going under (don't be mad...this is perfectly normal, he's almost 6 months!). Anyway, the first dunk was fine. He came up with big eyes and a smile. The second dunk was too much. He cried, but only for a second. It was the beginning of his life as a true "laker."
See...he was fine! Drying off with his Daddy. That was fun, wasn't it?
And then, he passed out - starfish style in the shade. What a trooper.
And Tyson got fratty with Blake and Aaron on the raft. Boys will be boys...even on their 29th birthdays. It was a GREAT weekend!

Our Secret Gift for Ty/Dad

A couple weeks ago, Jack and I trekked (with Brooke and Molly) into a beautiful wooded area that also happened to be VERY muddy. I was wearing white pants, which wasn't the best choice for the conditions. However, we had a special mission...a photo shoot for Tyson's Father's Day gift. We had a great time and Tyson really liked his gift - a desk calendar with lots of "Shots of Jack"! Happy Father's Day. We love you. XOXOXO - Kady & Jack

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Tyson!

Happy 29th Birthday to my wonderful husband and Jack's best buddy in the whole world! We love you! (Nancy: Thank you for birthing such a large head. And thank you, to both Nancy & Denny, for raising such a great person.)

June 19, 1981

Friday, June 18, 2010

Shot of Jack

Look who borrowed Molly's jump-a-roo today. Now he's at the lake celebrating his Daddy's birthday/Father's Day weekend...and he can jump-a-roo ALL weekend! What a lucky boy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back to Barnard

Today was the last full day for the kiddos at Barnard! Hard to believe! Jack and I stopped in for a visit to say "hello" and "goodbye". First we saw Miss Kelly and Mrs. Haezebrouck in the office and Jack had some smiles for them! Then we headed to the teacher's lounge and saw SO many VERY nice people (with very sweet voices). After lunch, we headed to Room 2. Jack was a HIT! WAY more popular than his momma! The kids loved his blue eyes, asked if he could walk/talk yet, and all loved touching his "soft feet." I enjoyed seeing the kids! They have changed so much in just 5 short months. They are officially ready for 2nd grade.

As you can see, Jack was wiped out after his visit! He was so good. He just looked around at all of the kiddos - with wide eyes. He was probably thinking, "I know YOU! I heard your name A LOT in my mommy's belly."
No visit to 1st grade is ever complete without an array of artwork. Apparently, cakes were the popular thing to draw today.

I will admit...I miss first grade!


In case anyone is wondering...Brooke and I will be getting our butts kicked by Elvis today. Wish us luck.

UPDATE: Yes, Elvis DID indeed kick our butts in the gym today. It wasn't pretty. I am one of three of the most inflexible people he has ever trained. (I never passed the "Sit & Reach" portion of P.E. fitness testing - never ever) Anyway, if you see me attempting to walk in the next few days - and I look like I'm struggling, you'll know why. I may also be mumbling obscenities about Elvis. The problem with having a trainer is...he's a man and he doesn't have to haul a 17lb baby around with him everywhere he goes. Damn you, Elvis.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shots of Jack - Pears

"What in the WORLD is that?"
"Seriously, what was that?"

He didn't mind the pears when they were mixed in his cereal, but when he ate them alone... He made the above faces.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gym Rats

Jack and Molly are two of the newest and youngest members of L.A. Fitness' Kid's Club. Tyson, Brooke, and I joined today as a "family." They let Brooke be in our family - which made it a great deal!

I'm notorious for slacking in the gym, so I hope having a workout buddy will keep me motivated and focused. We plan on doing one class a week and then two swim workouts a week. Listen, my 10 year high school reunion is coming up and I MUST get my rear in gear.

Shots of Jack

Jack is really starting to enjoy his jumparoo. He gets really into it and even more excited when I get excited. He's funny.
He really enjoys performing for an audience (aka: Coop & Tuck). Don't they look impressed?
Whoooo, Whoooo made Jack's cute onesie? Brooke that's whooooo. Love it.