Friday, June 28, 2013

Potty Action

This about all the action our potty is getting these days. Sad, but true. This momma can't deal with potty training until the move is behind us.

Happy Friday! We're enjoying some fun & sun on Lake George!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It must be Wednesday, because...

This happened at 8:30am. The result of a pankle (poop to the ankle). It was a great way to start the day. I think I'll follow it up with a visit to the dentist for some novocaine, drilling, and a $1,000 bill.

In happy news: we have accepted an offer on the house (4 days!) and pending inspection - we will officially be on our way {back} to Michigan.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Domino's Petting Farm

Yesterday the kids and I took a little trip to the Domino's Petting Farm. It is about 12 minutes from our house and I'd read that it was a fun place for kids.
Josie and Jack loved feeding carrots to the goats. Josie tried a few and thought they were pretty good.
We took a hayride and saw some piglets. Seriously. How cute it that guy?
Aside from a few "toddler moments" - it was a fun morning! I think our next visit to the farm will be an exclusive event to Uncle Larry & Aunt Debbie's farm in Commiskey.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Doesn't Jack look thrilled back there?

We stopped over at Carrie & Greta's house on Wednesday for some playtime. Carrie and I appreciated Dunkin Donuts coffee and adult conversation. The kiddos play around each other - because that's what they do at this age. Jack was difficult {per usual}. Josie and Greta were happy {per usual}.

Carrie loves toys - which makes her house WAY more fun than mine! A water table, a tent, baby dolls, and plenty of Little People - my kids were in heaven.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Visiting Winona

We spent Tuesday night celebrating Father's Day with Grandpa Jerry and Grandpa Gigi (my Grandpa Clev). Jack got in lots of play time with his Uncle Jon, Uncle Joe, and Aunt Gina. They tag team him and still can't wear him out completely.
Josie was just happy to be around so many people who told her she was cute.  She loves attention and will ham it up for everyone.
She also picked up a golf club for the first time. I'd like to think she was thinking about how far she could drive a ball…{golf prodigy}
But in reality - she was probably thinking about clocking her brother. To be fair - he does steal her goldfish and pick on her a lot these days.

It's always fun to be with my family. Hope Grandma Shirlee is ready for overnight visits again {aka: your house may be destroyed}.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Parks & Rec

We spent a few of Tyson's "days off" making our rounds through some parks. Here is where we went:
PARKview Field - to watch a TinCaps game {or 4 innings}. Jack loved the game & the food, but HATED the National Anthem. They send up red fireworks during "the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air." We were sitting right next to them and it scared Jack (actually all of us got quite a scare).
Buckner PARK:  Jack enjoyed running through the splash pad and Josie did some exploring.
Booth PARK: On Father's Day we were in Michigan (at the "vacation house" - aka: rental). We woke up early and decided to venture East to see some of the neighborhoods we are interested in. The kids were getting restless as we drove through Birmingham so we stopped for a stretch. Small world - Sydney was there too!
And we are sending LOTS of birthday love to Tyson today! 
We are SO proud of him and his new position with GM!
He's an awesome husband and an even better Daddy.
Thanks for putting your family first. We love you.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beer? Again?

I have been fortunate to grocery shop sans children for the entire school year. Meijer was on my way to daycare, so it was convenient to leave a little early and get groceries before picking my children up. Yesterday I realized what a luxury that actually was…

My kids were getting restless - oh, around 8:30am. We all got ourselves ready and headed for the park around 10am. (notice how long that "getting ready" thing took - WHY IS IT SO HARD?) After an hour of playing and walking around - I made the decision to do my grocery shopping BEFORE lunch & naps.

When we got to Meijer Josie rode in the front of the cart and Jack rode in the basket of the cart.  After venturing around the produce section we made our way to the beer & wine aisle.  I decided to indulge and buy a six pack of Summer Shandy. With Tyson working in MI…I thought, "Self Medication may be needed around 9pm tonight."  I set the six pack in the cart and kept walking.
Jack looked at it and asked, "Mom, what's that?" {Cue inner conscience…do I tell him? do I lie?} I went with telling him. Probably not the best choice.

Me: It's beer.
Jack: What?
Me: It's beer.
Jack: What? (confused look)
Me: Jack, it's beer….for me…because I might want to drink one {or all of them} later tonight after I spend an hour trying to put you to bed.
Jack: (raises his voice level 5 decibels) BEER? AGAIN, MOM? You gonna drink beer again?

Keep in mind - Meijer was PACKED at 11:45am! Mainly elderly people - who probably shook their head at my stellar parenting skills. Embarrassing - would be putting it mildly.

A few aisles later we arrived at cereal. That's when I saw a mom with SIX children, all of them hanging off the overly packed cart. Oh, hello, perspective! I thought my life was tough with two. This poor lady was standing with SIX kids - ages 6mth to 11 years - and they were arguing about which cereals (as in 5 different kinds) to buy! I smiled. But in my head I was thinking, "Hey lady - the beer aisle is about two rows over. Get'cha some."

Monday, June 17, 2013

Let's play "I Spy"

Can you spy the "photo bomber" in this picture?

If you said "Cooper" - you are correct. He's always lingering in the background of my pictures. Creeper. (But we love him) And I love this picture of Denny & Jos.

Can you spy Josie's favorite "accessory"?

Goldfish crackers.

PS: Jack is notably absent from most pictures these days because he is in the "don't take my picture, mom" stage. Hoping it passes soon.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to Tyson! I can't imagine a better partner in this life or a better daddy for my children. We are lucky to have you and we appreciate everything you do for our family! We love you SO much!

Also - a VERY happy Father's Day to our dads - Denny & Jerry! You are both AMAZING grandpas! Jack and Josie adore you. Tyson and I love you. You are both the first people we call when we need guidance and advice. Thanks for everything you've done for us throughout the years.

And of course, a Happy Father's Day to my grandpas, too! I love you both!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Breakfast of Champions

Josie has decided that she wants to eat at the big table like her brother. She made this known the other day as I was getting them ready for "school." I was actually pretty surprised by her ability to keep her cereal and milk in her spoon. Well, done, daycare!

Hard to believe we could have TWO kids are the dinner table. No more high chair?!? That makes me sad.

(Ignore the bag of Goldfish. If Josie is home, the Goldfish are with her - even if they are unopened. It's her favorite "accessory" right now.)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Boys vs. Girls

I remember when Jack and Molly were really little and Brooke would tell me how much Molly liked reading books. Then I would watch Molly - and be astonished that she would actually SIT STILL (without being restrained or put in Time Out). Meanwhile Jack was jumping off couches and scaling his crib. I remember thinking "is my kid ADHD or is Molly being sedated?" Turns out - that's the difference between boys and girls. (and to everyone who told me this - you were right)

Jack is non-stop action. What can I hit or kick or throw or jump on? Josie really enjoys sitting and looking at books. She carries them around with her all over the house and will often find a place on the couch - just to read.

Don't get me wrong - she has her moments of "busy body"… but she's not Jack. One thing is certain: Jack is all boy and Josie is all girl - and that's alright with me.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

On the Move

If you are thinking: Kady, where have you been? You're not alone. I'm wondering that myself, actually. Our lives are in the midst of being thrown into a tailspin and I feel like I'm just along for the ride. I'm actually in charge of "the ride" and it's about to get CRAZY.

We are moving. Again.

Our house is JUST about to go on the market and Tyson is starting his new job on MONDAY! Yes, as in - 4 days from now.

So there are some obvious questions:

Where are you moving? We are heading back to Metro-Detroit.

Why? Tyson has been offered a new position with General Motors and he is REALLY excited about it! He'll be doing marketing for their "connected vehicle" program. It's really a perfect fit for him and his future career path.

Where will you live? We will be living in a rental in Ann Arbor this summer. And while we're there we will be hunting for houses. We are looking in a few different areas: Birmingham, Beverly Hills, Northville, and Ann Arbor.

Are you guys crazy? Yes, we might actually be… Or at least once this is finished we might be. I'm considering writing a book on how to move. Because, let's be honest, I've done it once or twice (or 6 times)

Will you get a job? That is yet to be determined. I loved having my classroom this year. It was chaotic at times, but it was a great fit for me. That being said, I've done the "job search" thing a lot (I could also write a book on that) and I'm not sure I want to go down that path at this moment. Finding a job is hard. Finding a job in Michigan is even harder. I've applied at various places and if something comes along, I'll be happy. If something doesn't come along, I will figure out my purpose and I'll be happy.

How are your families feeling about this? Everyone is sad we are leaving, but excited for our new endeavors. Tyson won "Son of the Year" when he told his mom we were moving on Mother's Day. Poor Nancy. It will be a hard move for all of us, but we aren't THAT far away. (3ish hours)

Are you seriously going to raise your children in Wolverine Country? No worries - our children will always be the ones sporting their Cream & Crimson  - in a sea of Green & White and Maize & Blue. They will hear the IU fight song every night before bed, just as they have since the day they were born.   They may have been born in Michigan and have a Michigan address - but they will always be Hoosiers are heart.

So that's the NEWS from the Becker House. Which, by the way, is for sale…if anyone would like to buy it.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Noodle Neck

When you're 18 months old…eating is fun. It's hilarious when you have a noodle stuck in the creases of your neck. Hilarious. Also funny…spaghetti sauce all over your face and white shirt. No amount of Stain Stick is getting that out.

Happy last day of school (for my students)! Bittersweet for sure. Ask me how my report cards are coming along…. Haven't.Started. Hey College Friends - remember how I procrastinated a lot at DePauw? Some things NEVER change.