Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Survivor: Royal Oak - Episode 2

I don't know what all of you were doing between the hours of 11:30pm-3:30am, but here is what Jack was doing:

  • crying
  • being told (repeatedly) to go to sleep
  • being held, given water, given milk
  • jumping up & down in his crib
  • more crying
  • throwing everything OUT of his crib (appx 3-4 times)
  • playing basketball
  • watching Elmo (as Mommy nodded off on couch)
  • having a serious discussion with his father about his terrible sleeping habits
  • finally, after four LONG hours - he fell asleep
He wasn't in pain or running a fever - Nope, he just wasn't tired. Needless to say, I'm exhausted and I feel horrible for Tyson - who is sitting in meetings ALL day.

Maybe this is God's way of making sure we really ARE ready for Baby #2.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Shot of Jack

My sick boy.

(because I can hear Shirlee complaining all the way from Florida - "Kady, where are the pictures of Jack? Blah Blah Blah...") love you, mom.  :) 

What's Hanging?

It's been a while since I last updated the wreath on the front door. My mail lady is probably really sick of looking at our door when she delivers the mail. Sorry, mail lady!

This time, I decided to pay tribute to the fabulous season the Detroit Tigers have been having this year. (Pay attention Cubs fans!) We have a great team - made up of two of my favorite former Indians: Jhonny Peralta and Victor Martinez. Our ace pitcher - Justin Verlander - is being considered for both a Cy Young AND the American League MVP. Tyson and I are excited to see what September brings.

Go Tigers!

Survivor: Royal Oak

This weekend felt like an episode of Survivor: Royal Oak. You may see this "episode" re-occur in - oh, December-March, when a new little lady joins our "cast." I thought about her a lot this weekend . . . and must admit, although selfish, my own survival was constantly on my mind. Tyson and I wandered around our "island" (house) in a daze, red-eyed and exhausted. Jack, despite obvious discomfort while sleeping, was completely fine while upright. And he seemed to be attracting as much trouble as he possibly could. Let's put it this way - we caught him biting into a Cascade packet (time for Jack-proof cabinet locks) and playing in (and possibly eating) dog food.

Saturday night Jack was up a few times from 10pm - 5:45am  - when he decided to wake up for good.  I had made the mistake of staying up WAY too late (why did I do that?) and Tyson got up with him. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control - I wasn't able to fall back asleep.  Napping wasn't on Jack's agenda for most of the day. And it didn't take long to realize - he was suffering from yet ANOTHER ear infection. If you have lost count, don't worry, I had too - but a trip to the pediatrician today confirmed that he's had one a month since December. Not good.

So, the "T" word  (tubes) was discussed. I shouldn't say "discussed" - I should say "highly recommended." And Jack has an appointment with the ENT on Wednesday. Surgery is the last thing I want for him - but it seems better than pain and sleepless nights every month.

If you are interested in learning more about the procedure (I'm talking to Nancy & Shirlee) - you can go HERE.  In a nutshell: it's about 5 min, Jack would be under a local anesthetic, and wouldn't have any pain afterward - although they do describe some nasty drainage that may occur.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Breakfast with Daddy

Yesterday before Tyson left for work - he and Jack enjoyed a bowl of cereal together. Things may look peaceful and serene in this picture - and they were - until Daddy left.

And then things went downhill - FAST!

Here is the order of events:
1. Mommy gets her breakfast: vanilla yogurt with granola.
2. Jack thinks he would like to try some.
3. Mommy shares a bite.
4. Jack makes a face and gags.
5. Excessive gagging leads to a re-emerging bowl of cereal - all over the couch, the dining room, and the kitchen (he's a puke-walker).
6. Mommy - in an attempt to clean up the mess - begins her own round of gagging.

When the scene ends - Mommy is puking in the sink, Jack is covered in puke and crying (while watching his mommy puke in the sink), and both parties are hungry again.

No more yogurt for Jack.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Never Have I Ever...

And now for a little game of "Never Have I Ever." If you are unfamiliar with this game, please consult with someone who has graduated from college in the last 12-15 years. It is usually played late at night, under the influence of some "cocktails", and never within earshot of: a) your parents   b) the dean of students  and   c) (occasionally) your boyfriend/girlfriend.

This is the "grown up" version. The "I'm-Almost-30" version.

Here we go.

Kady: "Never have I ever been so engrossed in putting on my mascara, that I allowed a toddler to get me dressed from the ankles down. Only to realize JUST before walking out the door that - I ALLOWED A TODDLER TO DRESS ME FROM THE ANKLES DOWN!"
(and now, I take a drink of my unsweetened ice tea)

Phew! Close call. I honestly almost walked out the door like this. Jack is really into putting shoes on himself and anyone around him.  Like a typical male, matching isn't his strong suit.

Like A G6

Dancing is very popular in our house these days. Jack hopes his sweet moves help get you through to the weekend!

Friday Flashback

Flashback: studying abroad in London during my junior year at DePauw. Tyson and Matthew DeMoss came to visit me from Italy. Matthew introduced me to Jameson Whiskey and I introduced them to Strongbow cider. It was a great time . . . oh to be young again and to travel abroad on our parents' dime.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


This is the current state of my kitchen. Pregnancy brings out the baker in me. Unfortunately for me, and all the friends I was planning on passing out goodies to - I'm out of butter. I'm not a happy camper baker.

Princess Sydney

Yesterday, after a walk to the Post Office, Jack decided he would sit on the front porch - by himself - with his hovering mama just inside the door.  You can imagine his excitement when he saw his buddy Sydney arrive home from school with her mom. He hopped off the chair and down the porch steps for a neighborly "HELLO."
 Princess Sydney
 Look at that "damsel" pose and how she's checking Jack out . . .
I think Jack was a little jealous of Syd's crown. What he doesn't realize is that HE had one too - but his ended up in the trash can. Oops.
Happy tots! well, Syd looks happy, at least.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting Your Groove On

Brooke and Molly stopped by today for an impromptu - pre-lunch dance party. Toddlers enjoy dancing and they will dance to anything. In this case, it was "Happy Birthday to You."
 Movin' & Shakin'
Like the toddler handprints on my computer? They're a permanent fixture.

For the video version of this Dance Party - visit Molly over HERE. I will report that the dance party resulted in a three hour nap for Jack. We should have more of these . . .

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good News

Today I would like to share some GOOD NEWS:

  • Baby Girl Becker is growing like a champ! She measured perfectly - in the 40% and had a nice strong heartbeat of 157bpm.  She was hanging out - head down! - with her arms rested up by her ears. I don't blame you, girl - between the dogs barking and your brother screaming . . .
  • My Grandpa Clev had a milestone moment last Friday! He made a birdie on #18 at Plymouth Country Club to shoot his age - 83! That's some great golf! Congrats!
  • My best friend, Katie Beehler Maile, and her husband, Max, welcomed a baby boy yesterday!! Benjamin Ryan Maile was born at 2:48am and weighed 7lb 11oz! I can't wait to meet him!  If we believed in arranged marriages, I would go ahead and offer up Baby Girl Becker's dowry to the Maile's.

Swim Grad

Jack and Lucas (and Molly, who skipped) graduated from Swim Lessons yesterday. They learned to kick, scoop, and jump off the side of the pool.  Jack actually loved going under the water and he's looking forward to advanced degrees in swimming!
 Recent Grads
 Reading over his diploma. Miss Katie signed it. It's official.
 "I can't wait to show my Daddy!"
Lucas with his diploma.

As I said, Molly graduated too - but she was recovering from a long weekend in Iowa visiting her Momo. 

Congrats to all three of our Swim Grads! We now feel safer with you "swimming" in the bathtub.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sporty Weekend

Jack is pretty obsessed with all things sports related. We played a lot of basketball this weekend. He loves watching his Daddy shoot hoops (on his like tikes hoop) and claps when he makes baskets.
 Great form, son!
Two peas in a pod . . . bonding over basketball.

Jack is also working on developing a hybrid sport that involves a baseball bat and a golf swing. He's a pleaser - just wants to make everyone happy.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baby Girl Becker

Our baby girl is a busy lady - kicking away in my belly and reminding me that she is getting bigger & stronger. She'll be here before we know it.  This pregnancy is flying. I have an app on my iPhone that tells me how far along I am and how many more weeks/days I have left.  Every time I look at it - I'm in shock.

Baby Girl is unnamed. Although we have discussed many options - Tyson and I are having a difficult time deciding on a name we both like.  Jack Dyer was named almost the second we heard Aunt Kim say it at the lake. This poor baby may lie in a bassinet at the hospital as "Baby Girl Becker." Why are girl names so difficult for us?

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the birth.  I will expand on this later - but I think a second/third/fourth pregnancy brings new perspective to moms. The first time around I was scared and I trusted my doctors to make the best decisions for me & the baby.  This time around I know what's coming and I trust my body. I know I want more control in the delivery room.   (again, more on this later)

Finally, before I realized I was pregnant I became obsessed with apple juice.  I would swipe Jack's Motts from the fridge and pour myself a tall glass for my drive to work. My love affair with apple juice continued through the first trimester and then eventually died off.  However, in the last week or so, I have found that I can't eat enough apples! I try to limit myself to one a day. I just hope my cravings carry into the fall because Michigan has some great apple orchards, cider mills, and cider mill doughnuts! Yummm.

I have my 24 week appointment on Tuesday and I will have a growth ultrasound then, as well. They are closely monitoring this pregnancy to ensure she is growing as she should. I'll let you know how it goes.

The Von Maur Fairy

Jack has learned a few things in his short 19 months of life.  One thing he has learned is that there is a Von Maur Fairy. She tends to visit when Grandma Becker visits - which may or may not be a weird coincidence. He's not sure about that part yet. 
 Opening a present from the Von Maur Fairy. New Dinosaur P.J.'s!
 His gift opening skills have really improved since his birthday in January.
WOW! A Thomas duffel bag on rollers! Perfect for weekend visits to the lake and road trips to visit the grandparents! Thanks, Von Maur Fairy!
Reading a finger puppet book with Grandma Nancy.

Double Date Night

Tyson and I had a double date with Nancy and Denny last night. We watched the Tigers beat the Indians and it was a HUGE win for the hometown team!
 Nancy & I chatted about all things . . . non-baseball.
Denny & Tyson talked baseball and business.

It was a fun night and we were so glad they were able to join us for a night at the ballpark!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Meeting Greta

After 2.5 months - I was able to snuggle Miss Margaret Elizabeth "Greta"yesterday. She made a long trip north from Bloomington with her mommy, Carrie.  She smelled like a new baby and she still has soft new baby hairs. I will admit - Baby Becker was a bit jealous that she was stuck inside and paid me back with some swift kicks to the bladder.  Greta is adorable and it was so fun to see her. Her visit reminded me that new babies love sleep AND they will sleep anywhere! Carrie has a few more months to enjoy this . . .

Bam Bam

 When I look at Jack this morning - I think of Bam Bam Rubble. He is carrying around a baseball bat, wearing his diaper, and his cowlick is out of control.

 Bam, bam, bam . . . 

Happy Weekend!

Flashback Friday

Seriously - why can't puppies stay tiny and cute forever? When this picture was taken, Tucker had been in our family for a few months. Cooper still hated him, but I was able to capture this "truce" moment. If I could go back in time - I would be saying: "NOOO. Off the couch!" Live & learn.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zoo Choo-Choo

You may remember a few weeks back - we took a family trip to the zoo. We feel lucky to live a mile or so from the Detroit Zoo and our family pass makes quick trips - totally worth it! When we were there a few weeks ago, we didn't ride the train . . . but we promised Jack we'd come back. Well, last night after dinner - we headed off for a Choo-Choo ride. Jack was PUMPED! He is newly obsessed with trains and living by the train track only feeds his addiction.
 Started off on Daddy's lap
 But soon wanted his own "big boy" seat
 One picture with mommy - just one
The mullet was blowing in the breeze

Jack was so excited to be in his own seat. I wish we would have captured a video of his face when the train started moving. His eyes were huge and he had a panicked look - like, "Wait, it MOVES?" He quickly held out his arms and yelled "meeeeeeee" - which was my cue to pull him onto my lap.  He may be growing up in the blink of an eye - but he still needs his mommy (from time to time).

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hey, Jack -

Buddy - you have something on your face.

Ravioli night is always a hit. And proof that I feed him more than just popcorn, ice cream, and donuts.

I can't quite get over the fact that the highchair is no longer in use. My baby is growing up and it seems to have happened in the blink of an eye.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One little Jack-a-roo Jumping on the Bed

 "Jumping on the bed is SO much fun!"

Note to Parents and Future Parents: This activity is not recommended right before bedtime. It tends to get a toddler more energized, rather than wear him/her out.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Donut Thief

Saturday morning Tyson, Jack, and the dogs headed off to Tim Horton's for our usual Saturday morning donuts & coffee.  Jack had a plain cake donut - but that wasn't enough. He snuck his little mitts into the box and stole a glazed donut. As you can see - he was pretty proud of himself.

Yes - I realize that my past two posts have shown my son eating ice cream and now donuts. I swear we feed him nutritious foods 85% of the time.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I scream, You scream...

Jack screams (literally) for ICE CREAM!

 He's happy about our decision to go to Dairy Queen.
Of course, he didn't like Daddy's blizzard. So Mommy let him slobber all over her vanilla cone dipped in chocolate. Oh, you haven't heard? Ice cream is SOOO much better with Jack drool!