Sunday, July 26, 2015


Mr. Nolan is 11 months (and 6 days, but who's counting?!?)
He's a busy boy! Loves crawling, climbing, and finding things to get into. He's happy. Almost always happy. And he's the friendliest kid you've ever met. He hands out waves, high fives, and smiles to anyone who looks his way. Noley has 4 teeth with two more about to pop through. He started giving kisses and hugs recently. He says: mama, dada, uh oh, coo coo (cooper), Tucker, and hi. 

His sleeping situation has recently changed. It only took 10.5 months...but he sleeps IN HIS CRIB and through the night. Finally.

He's an active, happy boy. We love him so much. T-minus one month for party planning... Bring on the cake!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


"Mom, take a picture of me and Golan." One for the memory book.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Jack came down stairs the other day dressed like some weird cross between a Unabomber/Techie/Samurai ninja. I thought he looked great...IF it was 30 degrees outside. It was actually 80 degrees and he had on WAY too much clothing. The boots were my favorite part, but it was even too hot for them. I suggested a visit to the pool...and the layers were shed off pretty quickly.
Meanwhile...the manager at our favorite grocery store asked Nolan if he escaped from jail during our shopping trip. Considering he was SUPPOSED to be napping, but I grabbed him from the crib and went to the store... Actually, YES, he most certainly escaped from "jail." Look how proud he was of himself. He knows.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Clevenger Reunion on Pretty Lake

We've been on the road the past couple weeks and we're all pretty tired. Two weekends ago we went to Indiana to visit with the Clevenger side of the family. Uncle Jon flew in for the visit, so we were anxious to see him.
Jack and Grandpa got in some work at the driving range! Grandpa let him spoil his dinner with a snack at the Halfway House.
Saturday we spent the day in Plymouth with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Nolan discovered the amazingness of the lake. Big fan. Huge.
Jack, Elliott, and Nolan before we ate birthday cake for Grandpa Jerry!
Noley and Grandpa Gigi discussed the future of IU basketball. 
My kids had SO much fun! Always great spending time with so many people we love!

Friday, July 3, 2015 a tent

Tyson had the bright idea that we would love to go camping. It sounded like an adventure, so we were all in. We packed up ol' Martha and headed west to Manistee, MI. 

We settled into site 33...with our barely used tent and lots of bug spray. Then we made some delicious "camping food" and set off to see Lake Michigan - which was a really short walk from our site.
Things were great until 2am when Tyson got up to pee and I landed on the ground - swallowed up by our rapidly deflating air mattress. It was all downhill from there. 
We sucked it up and headed back to the beach. The kids had a blast in the lake and the sand. Nolan was fearless - crawling straight into the cold water like it was no big deal. 
After the beach - we set off to Manistee for a quick shopping trip. Once we were close to civilization we looked at the weather and saw rain was on the way. Cue the U turn...we went back to our campsite, packed it up (as our kids, all 3 of them, napped in the car). We headed north to Traverse City for the Cherry Tree Inn. Best decision ever. Hot showers, good food, an indoor pool, and on-site laundry. I was able to get rid of about 75% of the sand & dirt...and we all smelled better, too.
It was a fun trip! We will try it again in a few years...maybe.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Warsaw visits Northville

 Last weekend my parents came to visit from Warsaw. Grandpa Jerry brought Jack's golf clubs up and that meant they HAD to take a trip to the driving range.
Josie got a left handed iron and she was ready to practice, too. She takes after her Grandpa Jerry & Uncle Jon. We're 85% sure she's a lefty.
I won't lie - I was pretty impressed with Jack's hits. For rarely playing - he can smack the ball.
Friday night we went to Jack's last baseball game. The mosquitos ate us for dinner - but we had fun watching.
 And Jack got a trophy at the end - so he was pretty pumped.
Nolan spent some time with his buddy Roomba. Roomba was my mother's day gift and Tyson's father's day gift to each other. Can I just say - I FREAKING LOVE Roomba. More on her later...
Josie and Grandma made some art together, as Tyson and I got things around for our camping trip up North.

Always good to spend time with the grandparents. Hope they find their way back before they head south. ;)