Thursday, June 26, 2014

32 Weeks

I'm a terrible pregnant blogger. I don't think I've said much about Baby #3 on here at all. So here is my obligatory "baby post" for this pregnancy.

  • I'm 32 weeks along and feeling great. Aside from leg cramps and being tired - I really feel good. Being pregnant is hard on a woman's body and I feel fortunate that my body doesn't HATE pregnancy.
  • That being said...pregnant at 32 is harder than it was at 27 {with Jack}.
  • This baby alternates between being super busy/active and being really lazy. Some days I have to remind him to move around in there.
  • I'm seeing the Midwives at the University of Michigan and I've been SO happy with the care I'm receiving. Everything is very focused on ME and how I'm feeling. They are also very laid back. Appointments feel less like a "medical" appointment and more like a consultation.
  • That being said...they can have a VERY hands off approach...which makes Tyson a little nervous. A few weeks ago I jokingly told one of them that I was worried I'd give birth along M-14 (the highway we will travel to get to the hospital).  She calmly went on to explain step-by-step instructions for delivering along the road. My eyes were probably huge. But I know now that I need to put a lot of clean towels & blankets in my car...Got it.
  • Baby Brother is still un-named. We have a name that we both really like...but I haven't fully embraced it. (NO - it's not a J name) Boy names are really hard for me.
  • Jack and Josie are getting more excited about the baby. This is great, especially for Josie! She has started to pay attention to other babies (when we're out) and seems to want to be helpful.
That's it. My prep for Baby #3 is definitely different than it was for Baby #1. I really need to find all of Jack's newborn clothes...eventually...  And I should probably pick up a pack of diapers. Other than that - I think I'm good. Baby Brother will be thrown into our family as we continue to fly through life...hopefully he'll adjust, because, unfortunately,  no one will be slowing down too much for his arrival.

And don't worry - I'll get those clean towels & blankets in the car...eventually.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Attention Michigan Department of Child Services

If you are looking for attention from your local D.C.S - just haul two toddlers, two carts, and about 8 months worth of beer & pop cans into your local Meijer... Oh and BONUS points if you also are pulling off the pregnant waddle. This is what I did on Monday. Let's just say - eyebrows were raised.
Don't get me wrong - I BIG heart, LOVE recycling! I really do. I recycle the crap out of stuff. But Michigan has this lovely thing called pay $.10 per can when you buy any drink in a glass bottle, aluminum can, or plastic container (2ltr).  Then, once you've consumed the drink...piled them up for months in your return them to your local grocery store to get your money back. It's a HUGE pain in the butt. Obviously, I hate doing it - since I let them pile up for months.
I put Jack to work on the aluminum cans, while Josie helped me with the glass (oh yes - separate recycling machines). He picked up a tall Bud Light can and yelled, "Hey Mom, yook at this really BIG beard can." Beard can. I replied with a simple, "Yup" and shot a glance at the two other women who were recycling. Don't judge me because my four year old knows what a "beard can" is, lady.
Jack was a diligent worker! He did a really good job! Josie was a little less trustworthy.
Probably because I was pretty sure she was going to get her arm caught in the machine...thus, really sparking an investigation from D.C.S. Good news - we're all set for another 6-8 months! By then I'll be hauling 3 children with me...but the silver lining is: Once I'm finished, I can enjoy a cold one. 

Dear Michigan: I will recycle even if you don't make me. Just ask Indiana. XOXO Kady

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Fun & Carnie's

On Friday morning I told Jack to run upstairs to get himself dressed. He came down looking like this... His shorts are on backwards. I didn't say anything. I'll just chalk it up to his "summer look."
My friend, Erin, has made charts like this one for a couple years now. I have a feeling this summer might feel like it's dragging on and I want to make sure we squeeze in as much "fun" as we can before Baby Brother arrives. So, I made a Summer Fun Chart - and hope it keeps me motivated for the next two months.
 Saturday night we enjoyed dinner out in Northville with the Festa Family. There was a carnival in town - so we walked to that after dinner. Quite the experience. The kids LOVED the rides.
And the Carnie games...

Oh - and the Cotton Candy. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Last Thursday - this guy turned 33! Wasn't he a CUTE baby???
We welcomed him home with a mini-party...planned by the kids. We had a cake, a balloon, and some gifts.
Can you tell the 4 year old and the 2 year old picked out the cake?
It was like a HUGE helping of frosting and food coloring. Pretty gross.
Regardless, Tyson appreciated the "thought" and the singing as we stumbled through "Happy Birthday." We hope his 33rd year is SUPER awesome (as Jack would say)!

Friday, June 20, 2014


We have had some storms this week...which has resulted in lots of indoor playtime. Jack is an expert "house" builder with the couch cushions. He also thinks it's cool to wear his MY sunglasses inside... What's up with that?
Mommy and Josie Selfie
On Wednesday I knew we all needed some fresh air and outside play time. So we put on the rain boots and looked for some puddles to jump in.
Jack was all about it. Didn't have to tell him twice. Josie, on the other hand, thought I'd lost my mind. Eventually she got in the puddle jumping groove.
 After the kids were soaked and worn out - we took some pictures on the front steps...because - AHEM - my flowers are looking REAL nice (a little droopy in these pics bc of rain, but I assure you - REAL NICE). The kids are cute, too. But seriously. The flowers.
Ok - no, the kids are cute. They had a fun time and Jack was asleep by 7:15. That never happens.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Father's Day

Tyson announced on Saturday that he wanted to go to the, since it was Father's Day weekend - we went. Nancy and Denny joined us for breakfast & lunch on Sunday!
We had a nice family boat ride. Lots of horn honking from the U5 crowd.

And then Josie, Jack, and I bravely took a dip in the lake. I say "bravely" only because it was a tad windy. The water felt amazing. Have you noticed my obsession with being in water?
Josie LOVES swimming in the lake. She's my little swimmer of the family. I had to hold onto her so she didn't drift away...but she squealed and had the best time.

Happy BELATED Father's Day to all of the dads out there - especially our dads and, of course, Tyson! We love you all!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

S'more Fun

After Jack's soccer game on Saturday, we checked the weather at the lake and made the decision to drive down for the weekend.  Saturday night we busted out the new fire pit and introduced the kids to s'mores. I'm not sure if Jack has had them before...but I know it was Josie's first time. Big fan.
Jack was the keeper of the marshmallows. He did not appreciate ANY burning or browning.
Safe to say Josie was a fan. She had it ALL over her by the time she was done.
Jack liked his, too - but was definitely more interested in how his Dad was making the fire. Such a boy.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Tigers Game

Friday afternoon Tyson sent me a text from work to see if the kids and I were interested in going to a Tigers game downtown that night. Seemed like fun, so we napped and headed into Detroit. Unfortunately, getting to Detroit from Northville is a nightmare because the highway is completely closed until October. I got a very small taste of Tyson's daily commute...and it was AWFUL! It took me an hour and twenty minutes to get to Comerica Park (that drive is usually 30-40 minutes). 
We watched a few innings, ate some ballpark food, Josie did some stats...
Then we rode the carousel and the ferris wheel. Bought some cotton candy...and called it a night.
It was a fun night at the ballpark. We have limited time for fun summer nights out on the town - so we will enjoy these nights out.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Jack and Josie

Our weather has been iffy all week - which meant NO pool, which meant one grumpy pregnant lady. Rain was in the forecast more than usual and if it wasn't raining - it was too cloudy or cool to swim. Come on, Mother Nature - throw us a bone.  We did get some time to play outside. Jos is preparing for the 4th of July already. Very patriotic.
And Jack drew a very tall, very scary monster for his Dad... it had LOTS of feet.
Then one night, as I went to bed, I found Josie sleeping like this. I wasn't sure if she was dreaming that she was riding a bull or declaring herself the winner of a boxing match (presumably against her brother)...but, regardless, it made me smile.

Happy Weekend, everyone! We're off to watch 4 year olds play cluster-soccer.

Friday, June 13, 2014


This week we discovered there is a splash pad 5 minutes from our house. SCORE! It wasn't the warmest we'll go back when summer really turns up the heat.
 Can you see the four year old spraying water in the background?
Josie wasn't as willing to run through the chilly water. She teeter along the edge - until she got too close to Jack and he sprayed her...of course.
Later that night Josie had some words for her Baby Brother. "Hellllll-whoa, BABY!" she yelled at my stomach. I think the idea of a new baby is growing on her...maybe...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

DePauw 10 Year Reunion Weekend

Tyson and I were back in Greencastle last weekend for our 10 year Reunion. It was great to be back on campus!
My two besties from Alpha Phi were there too...Kelly and Georgianne. We spent lots of time sitting on the Alpha Phi porch swings and catching up. We're all pregnant - so there was plenty of water being consumed, lots of delicious Marvin's (GCB), and plenty of "pregnancy talk."  Their husbands - Eric (Kelly) and Josh (Georgianne) were good sports as we shared WAY too much info about our bodies and reminisced about our days in college.
We had a great dinner with the other 2004 Alpha Phi girls on Saturday night. We really brought the "party" to the reunion! I'm due 8/21, George is due 8/28, and Kelly is due 11/24. Of course, I had to make all the soon-to-be babies matching onesies...because I'm a nerd like that...
You'll notice I have ZERO pictures of my husband. He had a ton of Beta Boys back for the weekend and they were busy....doing fraternity boy things...  I did see him a few times, but never long enough for a picture together. Regardless, we were there. DePauw is where it all began...

For the record - I'm already planning to really LIVE IT UP for the 15 year reunion! I was pregnant with Jack at our 5 year, too. I'm due for a SUPER crazy time (which by then will probably mean 2 glasses of wine and then bed).

BIG thanks to Nancy & Denny - who pulled off TWO weekends in a row of babysitting duties. Jack and Josie had fun with you!

Saturday, June 7, 2014


The Michigan Winter...and 90+ inches of snow are a distant memory to us these days. My children are fish. I think I spotted gills on Josie.

Tyson and I are at DePauw for our 10 year reunion!! And I'm 2/2 being pregnant at College Reunions. My timing is impeccable. Cheers to a sober weekend...for me, probably not for Tyson.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Wardrobe Wars

Yesterday Josie and I had an all-out War over Wardrobe. It was a defining moment for me, as a mom and a daughter.

Here is what happened: I picked out Josie's outfit...striped shirt & red tutu. At the sight of the red tutu, Josie said "NO" and requested the pink tutu. But knowing we were getting in the car...and the pink tutu doesn't fit in the carseat, I said NO and redirected her to the red. Thus began the all out tantrum. I stood there completely dumbfounded.

I've been dressing/picking out clothes for Jack for four and a half years and we have NEVER, NOT ONE TIME - had a fight about clothes.
Finally, compromised and settled on the purple tutu. But - like a typical girl - she was still mad at me. There was still crying and she even ran to her room...slamming the door behind her. WHHHHHAAAT?!?! My mind flashed forward 12 years and I wanted to assume the fetal position in the corner. I'm dreading it. 

Now I understand why my parents spent so much money on my clothes in middle school & high school. My mom took me shopping...actually, quite a bit. But because she was present and paying - she basically controlled my wardrobe. While it may have been expensive, they avoided watching me walk out the door in daisy dukes and a crop top!

I tucked that piece of information away after yesterday's Wardrobe War.

Luckily, I had support at the form of Mikkel (working in DET from Iowa). He confirmed that Molly is also very particular about what she wears. Joe also confirmed that Amelia voices her opinions...even on PJs. I feel better about the whole thing.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Never a Dull Moment

My children provide endless entertainment...even in moments when I'm ready to not be entertained. They're still there...entertaining. Sometimes it's in the form of play, or pretending to feed me ice cream...or all out fist fights. There is never a dull moment if they're awake.
And then - there are the after-dinner Dance Parties. Jack really shines during those! See for yourself:
{FYI: the song Gangnam Style is about a wealthy area of Seoul, Korea - the singer, Psy, talks about how this area is classy during the day, but can get crazy at night. There aren't any bad words in the song, unless you count the word "sexy"...which we don't...because we have plenty of REAL bad words to worry about instead.}

And for the record - Jack's teachers informed me that he sings this song at school...when it's time to line up to leave. That was slightly embarrassing. Sometimes, however, he sings Europe's "The Final Countdown"...which is actually very appropriate. Luckily, his teachers find his musical talents, well...entertaining!