Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Puttin' in the hours...

Tyson's not the only one working hard in Warsaw! Jack made a surprise visit to Clevenger Insurance after library today. He got right to work - answering the phones, checking emails, and taking down important notes. Grandpa, you can go ahead and add him to the payroll.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Just Jos

Josie is a big girl. We aren't exactly sure how big because she hasn't had a check up since she was born (change jobs, change insurance). We will be going soon. But I can tell you, she doesn't miss a meal. Ever.

Am-pa Love

Jack enjoys spending time with his Am-pa Clevenger and his Am-pa Becker.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Flashback

Our flashback is from January 1992 (I think). My best friend Katie and I were celebrating our 9th birthdays with an indoor pool party at the YMCA! We were pretty cool in our matching black & neon sweat suits...or at least we thought so...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

McDonald's Playland: AKA House of Horror

Okay - I will preface this post by saying that there aren't many options in Warsaw for "play" areas. So I had the bright idea to take Jack to the McDonald's Playland. I would like to go back in time two hours and slap myself for thinking this was a good idea.

Let it be known that the McDonald's Playland is DANGEROUS.  We were there for approximately two minutes when I realized that I don't have enough life insurance on my child to allow him to play there.  The other kids were HUGE. So huge, in fact, I wanted to pull them aside and ask, "Why in heavens name aren't you in school, kid???" Jack's eyes were big and he was entranced. Keep in mind, he is not afraid of bigger kids darting around him. At the tender age of two, we are all well aware that he's an adrenaline junkie. (I can already hear the conversation when he's 18 - "guess what, mom? I'm going sky diving!" yay.)

My biggest issue with the Playland was that I was the only adult in the room (and there had to have been 15 other adults there) that was paying any attention to my child.  The rest of the parents were too busy shoveling a BigMac into their mouths. Their kids were climbing UP the slides when other kids were trying to come down them. Fellow teachers will understand why this made my blood pressure rise. YOU DO NOT CLIMB UP THE SLIDES! (I have said this no less than 100 times in my life) They were also throwing their Happy Meal Hot Wheels toys down the slide and at their "friends'" heads. Ay, ay, ay.

The only time I saw the other parents stop eating and pay attention to what was happening was when I was wrestling a screaming Jack to the ground to get his coat on him.

Oh, my bad. SOUND THE ALARM! Bad Mom Alert! I'm taking my overly-tired child home for a nap. Carry on with your Big Mac's, people.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Venturing Out

The nice thing about living in Warsaw (for the moment) is that I know my way around! Whenever we move to a new city -  I've had to rely on my GPS or OnStar for the first few months there. I will admit, my navigational skills are questionable, to say the least.

Today, was my first day venturing out in public with both kids.  Sure, Josie is almost two months old...but with Tyson home for the past month, I haven't had to take both of them at the same time. I decided last night that MILLIONS of other moms do it and the worst that could happen was:

A) a meltdown by Jack which may or may not require physical restraint...but most likely could be resolved with a pack of fruit snacks (bribing? yes!)

Fruits Snacks! Check.

B) a very serious blowout for Josie which may or may not require a full change of clothes...but most likely could be resolved with a quick diaper change

Extra Diapers! Check.

So we headed off to the Warsaw Public Library for story time. I hadn't been to that library since I was really young and it was great to see all of the changes they've made. The theme at story time was "Snowmen." Jack had a great time.  He met a little girl a month older than him - and she smooched him on the lips before we left! (Molly, don't be mad)

Jack also had a chance to show off his mad pitching skills. The librarian created a game with four 2 liter bottles decorated as snowmen and a white ball that she called the "snow ball." The object was to knock the bottles over by throwing the snow ball at them. (AKA: Jack's favorite game EVER!) He stood back and watched some other kids try. They missed...a lot.  When it was his turn, Jack walked up and threw a fast ball (no joke!). He knocked over three of the four bottles with one shot.  Needless to say, his pitch was admired and applauded.

He may not have the patience to sit through stories or have any interest in learning his ABC's...but the kid LOVES baseball. The ABC's will come with time....right?

Just Jos

A Walk on the Wild Side

I attempted to take a walk with Jack, Josie, and Cooper yesterday - IN THE RAIN. I didn't realize it was raining until we were already outside.  Jack LOVED it and didn't want to go back home. Josie HATED it and was screaming. Cooper was just happy to FINALLY get a walk, so he was a running around like a puppy. And I was looking at my clock...wondering how much longer until Tyson got home from work. Wine? Yes, please.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Back to Work

After a little over a month at home with me, Tyson is officially back to work today...as the newest member of Zimmer's Hip Team! He was ready to go back. Apparently, changing dirty diapers, hunting down sippy cups, and a million viewings of Toy Story aren't his "thing". I must say, I'm sad he's going back. I've really enjoyed having him around! He's been a huge help with Jack and getting things prepared for our move. Plus, I just like hanging out with him and having adult conversations!

But - I know he will doing amazing things in his new role and we are so proud of him!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

This Old House

Our house officially went on the market yesterday and our realtor held an Open House there today. He reported that about 30 people walked through it and there was a couple that was "interested in knowing what our utilities were." So I'm SUPER excited and optimistic that good things will happen...and happen soon. I forgot to bury a St. Joseph statue in the yard - but I'll drive back up there and do it - if I have to.

Growing up, I lived in four different houses (one was a rental, while my parents built). Sometimes I can remember different parts of the first three houses I lived in...but I can never remember the whole house. Before we left, I decided to walk through our house and take pictures, so I never forget 416 N. West - AND so I can show the pictures to Jack and Josie when they grow up. As you can tell, I'm super sentimental about this house. I literally cry when I look through these pictures (yep, real tears). I've had to convince myself that it was the perfect house for us as we started our family. And I tell myself that it will be the perfect house for another young couple, like us, as they are starting their family.

You can see our listing by clicking HERE .  Feel free to send it along to someone who may be interested. Once we have an accepted offer, we can put an offer on a house in Fort Wayne. Time's a tickin'. 

Shots of Jack

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just Jos

Happy Birthday to me...

 My Chocolate cake with white frosting - from Betty's Cake Shop. Delicious.
Jack somehow managed to get in almost EVERY picture... I guess when you're a blog star, you just know how to do that. Also - if you look at him in the top right picture - check out his expression. He thought everyone was singing "Happy Birthday" to him.
With my Mama - who doesn't look old enough to have a 30 year old! 
And my Dad - who has a special knack for getting Josie to sleep.

416 N West

As promised, our last family photo from our house.

The flashing and beeping of the self-timer got the attention of our children and our dogs! Well done, Nikon! Surprisingly, we captured this picture on our very first try!

Friday, January 20, 2012


We are taking my parents to Fort Wayne to fly back to Florida today. We will also spend some time on our house hunt.

Our house in Royal Oak is ready for listing and that should happen TODAY! So once the dust settles and we get our lives back in order... I swear I will be a better blogger!

Friday Flashback

This Friday Flashback takes us back to Tyson's elementary school days at Unity.  His younger cousin, Billy, was at Central Lutheran.  This is also probably the last time Tyson was taller than Billy in a picture.  Billy now stands (well) over 6 feet tall... Proof that Beckers DO have "tall genes." We pray Jack & Josie get some of them.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The big 3-0

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. I put a period after that sentence because it's not that exciting to turn 30. "I'm 16!" deserves an exclamation point...not 30.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not sad to turn 30 or scared. I know I have SO much to be thankful for and SO much to look forward to in my 30th year of life. There is still a lot I hope to accomplish...and I feel like it may take the next 30 years to get it all done.

My apologies for the lack of pictures! We have lots to share - but I left my camera cord in Royal Oak. Good news - we are heading there now to clean and list the house...so I will post some pictures once we get back to Warsaw tomorrow!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Apple Family

Just a lazy Sunday morning in the Clevenger House - sponsored by Apple.


Uncle Joe fed Jack's truck addiction yesterday by taking him to Crouse Body Shop to see some really BIG trucks! Joe is friends with the owners, which meant Jack got a "backstage pass" to the fun.  Okay, actually, they just honked the horn for him...but in a  two year old's world - that's HUGE! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Flashback

Our flashback today is from June 2008 and our first night in our house.  We had to spend a week without furniture - as we waited for the moving truck to arrive, so we slept on an air mattress and sat in lawn chairs.  Our "table" was a flipped over laundry basket. Obviously, on this particular night - McDonalds was our meal of choice.

The thing that's crazy is -  three and a half years ago, we started our new life in Royal Oak as a family of three. Now we are leaving and we've added a Tucker, a Jack, and a Josie (in that order).  Our little family has grown and our "last day" picture will most certainly be more difficult to take...

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I don't do them. Or at least, I don't do them well. I tend to pretend its not happening...which is what I've been doing for weeks now. But time has run out. We are leaving. Leaving the first home we bought together. Leaving the little town that we've explored and grown to love. Leaving our dear friends that have become our "Michigan family." Goodbyes like this aren't forever. So instead I say, "See you soon, friends!"

Who loves IU?

Jack does!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It has already begun...

When Jack goes to bed - his friends stay up to hit on his sister. Not cool.
Look at Woody! I'm pretty sure I saw him yawn and stretch before he slipped his arm around her.
And then Buzz showed up, flashing his cheesy smile!  I'm not sure how Jack will feel about this.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Miss Josie

Because she doesn't get as much Blog-attention as her brother...
I love her chubby cheeks, her big blue eyes, and her fat rolls.
Focused on her neck workout. She's always so tired after a few minutes on her tummy. I only wish this worked for Jack...

Jos Bunny

Some bunny loves her bath...and her bunny towel (thanks to Ethan & Maddie's grandma, Karen).

Four 4am Ruminations

1. Things change so quickly! If someone would have told me ONE YEAR ago today that I'd have a 6 week old daughter, be in the process of moving back to Fort Wayne, and IU's basketball team would be ranked in the Top 10 - I wouldn't have believed ANY of it!

2. Apparently Ben Roethlisberger needed to spend less time hitting on the ladies and more time "Tebowing." Timmy came up big again. We all know he's a 'believer' - but everyone else is starting to believe in him, too. He's impressive and I like him. Go Timmy!

3. I'm kind of in love with the "This American Life" (TAL) app on my iPhone! For those who don't know - TAL is a radio show on NPR that focuses on human interest stories...some are serious, some are funny...most have a liberal undertone (just a fair warning to our conservative followers). Tyson and I started listening when we were living in Cleveland and making frequent drives to Indiana. The app has every show since 1995! But shows are also available for free on iTunes. Highly recommend them!

4. My best friend Katie turned 30 yesterday. (Happy birthday!!) My turn is coming up in a few days. Seriously?!?! How can I be 30? How can I have a 2 year old? Time is going by so quickly! I feel like I might blink and Jack will be driving. Or worse Josie will be getting married. I don't like it.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bad News

Apparently being two isn't setting too well with Jack. He aged significantly overnight. He really does have "Clevenger genes."

(yes, Dad, I paid a dollar for this app)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jack's Two...Time Flew!

Last weekend I started feeling guilty that Jack wasn't having a birthday celebration with his Royal Oak friends.  So I decided to put together a little "something." The invitations were hand-delivered...except Lucas didn't get a balloon because Jack popped it. (Sorry, Lucas)
The "theme" was Jack is TWO...Time flew! And I incorporated airplanes into it...simple and easy. (although I did have to Google how to fold different types of paper airplanes)
All of Jack's best buddies came! You know it's a fun party when the drink of choice is apple juice and the adults in the room also serve as referees.
Josie was happy to be passed around to anyone willing to hold her...which was just about everyone.

 Our new "family of four" photo! Doesn't Jos look thrilled?
We had no problem convincing the toddlers to eat the cupcakes. The pizza and fruit was a different story...
 Jack and Molly - having a "moment." I think this is a frameable photo! It's too cute!
Jack got SO many fun new presents! Tyson and I got him a Buzz Lightyear and a Woody doll (from Toy Story)...he also got a new choo-choo, two books about trucks, a matching game, a new car (the toy kind), a new boat, and (in order to help him with his New Year's resolution) a POTTY book!! Fingers crossed.

Tyson and I can't believe our little guy is already two. Time really does FLY by! I vividly remember this day, two years ago, as if it were yesterday.

We (all four of us) feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends here in Michigan.  Jack has spent two years with three kiddos that are sweet, funny, and adorable.  Yes, they may have their differences...especially when they all want to play with the same toy...but we couldn't ask for better friends, neighbors, and playmates.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jack Dyer! You are loved.


Today is a special day in our house! Jack turns TWO today. We had a wild & crazy party with his best buddies earlier today. Now we are recovering resting...but we will get lots of pictures up soon!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gettin' Nerdy

Yesterday, Brooke, Christina, and I braved the Cranbrook Museum with four kiddos (and one in the oven, Lucas' baby brother or sister). It was an adventure!
First, Josie stared down a bear! She must have her momma's "mean look," because the bear was scared stiff!
Jack interacted with a lizard and a penguin. Now there's a combination you don't hear too often.
Molly and Jack hung out with a really mean tiger, but they weren't afraid!
And then Molly, Lucas, and Jack got a head start on their Ichthyology. They were all - "Look at the ornate colors of that sea anemone....Ohhh, that Tang Fish is gorgeous."  


Just another day in the life of a toddler.