Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Fun

Believe it or not Devin & Kristin are actually around for the week - but you wouldn't know that from the blog because I have taken ZERO pictures of them. I need to get with it! To be fair - they have spent most of this week at the lake and Monday we hosted a party for them at our house…as you know, the hostess rarely has time for photos. Anyway - that's my goal. Pictures of Uncle Devin & Aunt Kristin!
We did spend time at the lake last weekend. Jack wanted to ride in the boat.
And he eventually talked Grandma & Devin into taking him for a ride. 
Josie spent some time chatting with her second cousin, Kinley. I think Kinley was afraid Josie might sit on her. They're only a couple weeks apart in age - so they will have lots of fun together at family gatherings!

I'm still in interview mode! Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Half Birthday, Josephine!

Hard to believe she is half way to one! Guess I better start planning that party. I'm kidding...kind of... Josie hopes her "diet" is lifted by then so she can eat some cake!

Josephine is our perfect, happy girl. And we love her so much.

Interview Day

I have an interview today! But don't worry - I have a great babysitter for Josie. She'll be in good hands.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Water Babies

Josie is a fish, but Jack is a bit more cautious - (which is a nice change of pace). The kids saw ALL of their aunts & uncles today. A rarity that is simply awesome.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Our Pool is OPEN

Yay! Finally! I spent some {more} time with my trusty pool people yesterday…while my toddler ransacked their store - the pool-guy-expert tried to guide me through all of our issues. We still have some "cloudy" water, but all of our levels are fine and no one in the family is turning green after our swim yesterday.
Josie was probably the least excited member of the family. She thinks the pool is nice, but she prefers her whale bathtub. (FYI - I know it looks like she is on the edge of the pool, but she is actually several feet away)
This is Jack's reaction to discovering that his dog likes to swim. He was ALL about throwing the ball for Tucker.
I know it's been a bit of a headache up until now…but I'm looking forward to using it to wear out my busy two year old. AND my busy lab.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

More meals in the ER

This time it's for removal of the stitches. Regardless, I'd like less "meals" in the hospital. Here is a mystery...3 stitches went in, but 2 came out. Where did the 3rd stitch go? Mystery.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm on a Boat…in a garage

We zoomed over to Warsaw last night for dinner with my family. My Grandpa, his girlfriend, Norma, and my Aunt Debbie are all visiting from Madison, IN. We haven't seen them in a long time (too long) - so it was great to spend some time with them. Although - Jack discovered that Uncle Joe keeps a boat in his garage…which is where Jack spent the majority of his time. Luckily, his Am-Pa was willing to hang out with him…in the boat…in the garage…wearing a life jacket. That is dedication.
Look at Jack's face in this picture. Gina captured this one and I thought it was hilarious. It shouts "I'M A TWO YEAR OLD LOOKIN' FOR TROUBLE!"
Aunt Debbie got her baby fix with Miss Josie…
Debbie, Norma, and Josie
My grandpa with his great-granddaughter. Josie has now met all of her great grandparents (within a week) . Lucky girl.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Busy Tuesday

 It's that time of year again...
I'm going to be running on fumes today. I should NEVER be allowed to look at my phone when I get up with Josie at night. Needless to say - I've been awake since 3am (oh, and I went to bed at midnight). Dumb. I'm already looking forward to a few many cups of coffee and nap time.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Weekend: Blood, Sweat, and Tears

I was lying about the blood part…you're probably relieved. The sweat & tears actually happened. When Tyson got home Friday I had just hung up with our pool people - it wasn't a pleasant conversation. Thus, first round of tears goes to ME. Our pool water isn't clear yet and we have no idea what we are doing, as far as adding chemicals, "back washing," filtering, etc. Apparently, people who don't speak "pool" are difficult for people who DO speak "pool" to communicate with. One man told me, "Look, it's basic chemistry." Oh really sir? Because I had to take Chemistry TWICE in high school…and then NEVER again, so please don't tell me "it's basic chemistry" or I will fill it up with cement. Anyway, my smarter-than-me husband was really into adding chemicals. Cross your fingers for good results.

Saturday we received a large pile of wood chips in our driveway…then we headed out to the lake.
Jack and Tyson took a ride on the jet ski. We had a nice lunch…and then both of our children refused to nap. Second & third round of tears go to Jack & Josie. It was a long 2.5 hours. And when Tyson & I waved our white flag in defeat…we packed up our stuff and came home. Because at that moment - a good night's sleep was way too important.
Josie did enjoy a tractor ride at the lake before we left. Just embracing her country roots.

The sweat came yesterday as Tyson, Denny, and I hauled wood chips throughout out landscaping. Holy moly. It was HOT! Nancy helped by taking Jack to the zoo! I think they both had fun!

Then the Carstens came over for some sprinkler fun & dinner. Jack was excited to see his buddies…considering last time he saw them he was waving goodbye and heading to the ER.

Jack & Maddox

Josie was the center of Jace and Maddox's attention. She was loving it! When she's 16, she will look back at these pictures and swoon.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! We have a busy week, as we prepare for the arrival of Uncle Devin & Aunt Kristin!! Yay!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Special Visitors

My Grandparents came over yesterday to meet Josie, watch Jack be crazy, and see our new house. We loved having them! 
 Gigi and Jos bonded over their love for donuts. Sadly, Josie can't eat them for a while.
Happy Friday!!!

Friday Flashback

This is from my Senior Year at DePauw with two of my best friends - Kelly & Georgianne! They both celebrated (3-0) birthdays this month! Happy birthday, friends!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pictures for Daddy

Tyson was traveling again this week… So we made sure to send him lots of pictures to let him know what we were up to. Here are some pictures from Tuesday night's bedtime routine.
Having lots of fun in the bathtub. But Josie's Whale Tub takes up SO much room!
After the bath it was time to read some bedtime books. Jack "read" a Scooby Doo book about sports and Josie got super excited to "read" Richard Scarry's What Do People Do All Day? . I like her enthusiasm.
Then both kids listened to my Dad read them Guess How Much I Love You. It's one of those record-your-own books from Hallmark! Amazing. (teachers, please note how Josie is using her finger to point to the words as she reads…she might just be a Reading Specialist's dream come true)

Small Print: I realize that my daughter is not actually pointing to the words in this book. While I believe she will be intelligent, I am in no way implying that she should be booked for the Ellen Degeneres show because she is a baby genius. (However, Ellen, if you would like to book us - please send me an email.)

Smaller Print: I know Ellen doesn't really read my blog. A girl can dream.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lunch in the E.R.

Jack had a play date at the park with the Carsten boys today. Julia wrote me this morning and said she was packing a lunch, because her boys get hungry early. I decided that I would do the same, so I threw together some things for Jack. I also threw in a bottle for Josie. Good thing I did!

We got to the park and I realized that I had forgotten Jack's shoes. (Let's just say it's been a LONG week…Tyson's traveling, Jack isn't sleeping well at night, and then there are the early morning feedings for Josie.) Anyway - NO SHOES. I thought about running home, but Jack was anxious to play. In my mind I rationalized…"they have to wear their socks at indoor play areas…he'll be fine." We hadn't been there 5 minutes and Jack fell while climbing up a structure. He was crying…and then I realized he was bleeding under his chin, so I called Julia over to take a look. We agreed he would probably need stitches. So I loaded the kids back in the car and left the park for the hospital.

Ironically, as we pulled out of the park I could see a billboard on I-69 that said "Lutheran Hospital ER Wait Time: 2 minutes." They weren't too far off, actually. It took me longer to find a parking spot & walk in, than it took to get into a room.

(Sidenote: as we were in triage a woman came in with a lawn mower injury to her foot…yikes!)

The nurses and staff were super nice. Jack ate his lunch while we waited. Then he watched some Curious George on my phone…and then he got three stitches. Poor guy. He cried and it broke my heart. But he was brave (like "Spiderman").

And when he was all done he ate a cherry popsicle…and fell asleep in the car. He's napping now. I think I might take a nap, too. That's a lot of unwelcome excitement for one morning.

Fine Motor Skills

When I taught first grade I was always amazed at how many kids hadn't developed their fine motor skills. Cutting with scissors is always a tough one at the beginning of the year. With that in mind I decided to give Jack a little fine motor activity - stringing noodles. Here is what happened:

10:05am - We start Operation Fine Motor Development
10:08am - Jack is pretending to take part in the activity…but only because mom acts like it's really fun.
10:11am - Jack is obviously bored and has dumped the noodles on the table. Waaay more fun this way.
10:13am - Forget stringing noodles, Mom. I can wear this container as a hat. Look! Look, mom!
10:16am - Operation Fine Motor Development is complete. Jack has declared a pillow war on Tucker.

We did enjoy the beautiful afternoon yesterday. Josie was loving her swing! She is such a happy girl.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Howdy, pard.

This is how Jack ate his lunch on Saturday. He was sporting his Crean & Crimson shirt with cowboy boots that are a size too small. He managed to squeeze his large feet into them and went about his day. Totally normal attire…when you're two.

These were a good investment. I paid $8 for them, but I think Josie will be able to wear them someday…if Jack ever gives them up.

Josie did some cuddling with her daddy. Tyson has been traveling a lot for work - so we are always happy to have him around on the weekends!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Etsy Shop - HELP!

My Etsy Shop has been on "vacation" since a week before Josie was born - that was cutting it close! I'm anxious to open shop again - because its a fun hobby for me and I find it relaxing. When I opened my Etsy account WAAAAY back in the day I just chose a name that I often use for various logins. I never imagined I would have a store. Well, Etsy's rules were that you couldn't change the name of your store once it was opened. So Kabe7 was it. Boo.

Recently they said store owners could make ONE name change. And here's my chance! But I need some help. I have gotten some suggestions from friends and family…but, as you know, my decision making skills for things like this - leave a lot to be desired. So vote and help me choose a new shop name. You can vote for TWO of your favorites and then I will make the final choice.

Here are the options:

15 oh TWO  -  our address #…I don't know why I like this, but it's kind of catchy

kady Q - this is what my Grandma Walker (my Mom's mom) called me. I know I got my love for crafting from her, so it seems like a good fit.

the Careful Dresser - submitted by my Brother-in-law, Devin. I make onesie's & shirts - so this seems fitting

The Nesting Doll - submitted by my friend, Brooke. I think she envisioned a logo with a crazy nest & Tiffany Blue eggs.

KB Joys - submitted by my Dad. He was playing off the old "KB Toys" idea.

print & poppy - I love poppy flowers & I actually "print" my shirts…

Once I have a new shop name, I will get a professional logo made so you can see my choice! I'm excited!

Thanks, in advance, for helping me make - yet another - important decision!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Weekend

 Just catching up on the "important" news this week - the Comics.
This is message to all the single men out there - Josie has two HOT (& single) great aunts! ;)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Flashback

Last year at this time was was newly (8-9 weeks) pregnant with Miss Josie! You all didn't know this. But Tyson & I did. See that picture up there? I was just about to go in for my first ultrasound. I was usually feeling pretty terrible. And I threw up *just about* every single morning. (Josie - you were worth every agonizing moment hanging over the toilet, every dry heave, and every lost breakfast!)
This is not the best picture of me…or Jack (seriously, get that kid a haircut!)…but it kind of shows how terrible I felt. It was taken last Mother's Day. Tyson wanted to take me out for a "nice" lunch. Royal Oak and the surrounding area have all kinds of cute cafes & diners. Where did I choose to go? Bob Evans. What did I order? Fried Chicken, with mashed potatoes, and green beans. That pretty much screams "pregnant lady." This year - pass me a Mimosa!

Happy Mother's Day weekend! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Josephine Elizabeth has an announcement to make:
"I ROLLED OVER. Enough already. Moving on..."

Jack did some coaching in the morning yesterday and Josie worked hard. She put in a good 5 minutes before she fell, face down - completely exhausted.
Here she is giving herself the "I think I can, I think I can" speech. It worked. Around 8pm she was lying on the floor  and decided she wanted to play with a package of pampers wipes…so she rolled herself over to get them! Hooray!
Also - this happened yesterday. Our pool is officially opened…yet not officially working properly. Remember when I said I was going to have a love/hate relationship with it? Yeah…so far lots of hate and not a lot of love. I was also hoping my pool guy looked a little more like Paul Walker and a little less like Peter Griffin. Bummer.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I saw this on the Today Show this morning and it made me cry. It's a great video. And a perfect reminder to thank God for my healthy children. Bless these sweet kids, their families, and the medical staff that works to make them better.

More Parks & Rec

Jack, Josie, and I ventured to - yet another - park in Fort Wayne. This one is called "Three Rivers Junction" in Indian Trails Park. And it is REALLY nice! It was also REALLY busy! But since it's huge - it didn't seem that crowded.
 Jack wasn't sure about this "tree house" type structure…until he started running with the "Big Boys" (aka: 4 year olds. Then he was leading the pack. I'm dead serious. There were about 3-4 four year olds running around and following Jack. He is 100% a miniature version of his father (who was constantly keeping up with Devin & his friends).
You can see Jack running…he's the speck in blue. The kid in orange was one of his four year old friends. See the tower with the windows? Jack was sticking his head out of those before we left. He climbed up the side of the wall to do it. Even the four year olds thought THAT was crazy. And that was my cue…time to leave.
Josie thought the park was nice. But it could have been more "infant friendly." Give her a few more months...
When we came home it was time for Josie to do some "exercises." She thought it was pretty fun. So it's probably like Zumba for babies. Tummy-time…not a fan. That's more like a brutal Spin Class. Yuck!

PS: DePauw friends - Josie & Jack's pediatrician is Andy Cohen's dad (SAE). Just a little tidbit of information on this Wednesday morning. :)