Friday, September 30, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

Jack knows that in order to be the next Miguel Cabrera (minus the drunken outbursts) he will have to practice! We took to the front yard this morning for some "batting practice."  FYI - it's officially fall and it's chilly outside. {I love it!}

Here are some things Jack needs:
 Focus & Determination
 A support system that will encourage him along the way.
 Good form! (for a 20mth old)
"I want to be #1!"

Good luck to the Tigers tonight! Our ACE pitcher, Justin Verlander, will take on former Indian's pitcher, C.C. Sabathia.

Friday Flashback

Today is Jack's Uncle Devin's birthday! So he needed to be in the Friday Flashback.  Here are Tyson and Devin with their cousins: R.J., Beth, Catie, and Brent (apparently Brent was kicked off the "island").  They are pictured with their grandpa Carl (accessorized with a Miller Lite).  I don't want to judge - but I'd say these kiddos needed a bigger kiddie pool!?! They are an adorable group of Beckers, though!

Happy Friday - enjoy a shot of Jack!

We've perfected our "cheesy" smiles! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Hey Idaho - We send birthday wishes to Aunt Kristin (last week) and Uncle Devin (today!!). Hope they have delicious cake out there...XOXOXO

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

Tyson and Jack watched plenty of baseball last night. I think Jack would choose to watch a baseball game over a cartoon/children's show any day.  He gets really excited about them! And - his baseball watching will continue into the post-season as his hometown Detroit Tigers take on those nasty Yankees of NY.  

Please, {Cubs/Sox/Indians fans} join us in cheering for the Tigers!

Sorry for the wonky-eye look - I had to use my back-up camera. And it hates blue eyes.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cooking with Toddler

Today I invited Jack to help me bake.  We were going downtown to have lunch with Tyson and I thought we could take some pumpkin bread to Tyson's co-workers.  I know Molly often helps Brooke bake cookies and I'm pretty sure Sydney is a helper as Jessica whips up her gourmet {by my standards} meals.

It's not entirely ground breaking information...and while I recognize that it isn't the case for ALL males - it is for the ones I'm related to (except Devin - but he's anomaly) - BOYS ARE NOT GOOD HELPERS IN THE KITCHEN!

Here are some of the "obstacles" I faced:

  • lots of fingers flying into and all around the batter. I was a broken record: "Son, it's unsanitary to play in the food. NO TOUCH!"
  • spilling (aka: Nancy's worst nightmare) - let's see...he spilled olive oil, flour, and a half bag of chocolate chips {my patience was running thin}
  • adding "unnecessary" ingredients - namely a dishtowel
  • trying to get his hands INTO the oven as I checked on the progress of our goodies.  You would have thought you were watching Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, as I blocked him out.

The final result was tasty and we successfully delivered two mini-loaves to Tyson at the Ren Cen.  I asked him how they tasted and he didn't have any complaints.  But, he's probably too nice to say, "Well, it tasted like toddler fingers and dishtowels."

Sydney-Roo is TWO!

Yesterday was a special day in our neighborhood. Sydney turned TWO! Jack celebrated with her at "school" and then was her birthday dinner date at Bagger Dave's. There was coloring, a choo-choo, and a toddler dance party! After dinner we stopped by her house for a birthday cupcake (or two)...but bedtime crept up and Jack as on the brink of meltdown. No one likes to ruin a pretty girl's birthday - so we left early. But it was a fun celebration!
 She blew the candle out all by herself!
Dear 16 year old Jack -
Remember when you hijacked Sydney's pink car? No? Well, I do. And I have the pictures to prove it.
Taking a spin on Syd's pink car. As you can see - the Birthday Girl wasn't pleased with him.  Fortunately, this pink car was NOT a birthday gift. Otherwise, there may have been less "stink-eye" and more "right hook!" Don't mess with her, son...her Daddy's a cop!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Can you hear me now?

Jack feels really important these days. He's taking phone calls.  Last night he talked to his Daddy as he drove home from work. Daddy asked Jack about his day and Jack answered with yes's and no's.  He even added some of his favorite animal sounds to spice up the conversation.

Jack is currently deprived of a cell phone...most likely until he starts driving (sorry, kid!) - so if you need to reach him you can call his mom or dad.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Farmer's Market

Yesterday morning we visited the Birmingham Farmer's Market.  I was hunting for a certain kind of apple: honey crisp. More on those in a minute...

 Jack enjoyed the stroll in his Radio Flyer. For the record - BEST.PURCHASE.OF.THE.SUMMER!
 Hey - look who was there! Molly & her Baby! Jack was excited to see his buddy.
Blog readers, meet Honey Crisp apples. Pure deliciousness! Cravings or no cravings - these apples are amazing. They came recommended by my friend, Carrie, and her Mom, Jan. Good call, ladies. I'm hooked.
Someone else enjoyed the apples, too! "Miiiiiiiiiine."

Saturday, September 24, 2011


These are Jack's rules. You've been warned.

We have reached the "egocentric" stage of toddler-hood.  Where anything and everything is "miiiiiiiiine."  Molly and Brooke stopped by yesterday for a visit. (Sadly, it was close to 11am and we were all still in our pajamas - remember, it was "Cleaning Day" - so no judging.)  Anyway, Jack was on a roll with his "No, miiiiiine"  comments. I'm not exactly sure where this possessiveness comes from, but it seems to be ingrained in all children. This will be something we "work" on - because  "sharing is caring" and I'm not going to deal with a stingy child.

Happy's "cleaning" day

It's Cleaning Day at the Becker house. We are taking it easy after yesterday.  Jack is reading some books - which is always a welcome activity on Cleaning Day!

 And the dogs' take on days like this . . .

Friday, September 23, 2011


We are home. All went well. Just trying to help Jack come out of his anesthesia. He's crying & grumpy. . .and unsure of what he wants. It may be a long day. The Dr. said both ears had nasty infections - YET AGAIN. No doubt we would have been back at our pediatrician's office next week with a fever. Glad that is behind us. Thanks for the prayers & words of encouragement!

Good news - Jack's prayers to St. Anthony must have worked. When we pulled into the surgery center - I got out and as I was shutting the passenger side door - guess what I found tucked under the seat . . . NIGH NIGH! Just in time!

Friday Flashback

I'm not exactly sure what Tyson was doing in this picture - but I find it hilarious! He is giving someone (or something), the side-eye . . . yet his mouth looks like he's perplexed. 

He's sitting in a carseat, which explains why he is sitting still for the picture.  

When Tyson and I were dating, I attended a "Becker Family Christmas" and I was told to have a seat in front of the TV, because "there was something I needed to watch."  That "something" was a series of old videos showing my {future} husband running around like a wild man, jumping off the bed, and shoving his face into the camera lens - while his brother, Devin, sat quietly and patiently in the background.  The family staged a very subtle intervention, to make sure I was aware of Tyson's "over-activity" before I procreated with him.  I now understand that the "over-activity" gene can - indeed - be transferred to offspring. Jack is a miniature version of his father.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

5am Wake-up Call

Think of Jack at 5:45am tomorrow - if you're unlucky enough to be awake. Tyson and I will be awake.  We have to report to the Surgical Center at 5:45 and I bet his surgery will be around 6:30am.  Ty and I are anxious, as expected. Jack is running around, giving great book reviews - as expected.

I'll post an update when we get home tomorrow morning . . . probably around the time most of you will be waking up.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jack's Book Review

I would say he was a fan of this book: The Science of Success.  You can get your own copy HERE.

Fine Print: If you become really successful after reading this book, please remember who suggested it. College in 2028 isn't paying for itself, people....

Elmo Shirt

Before I had Jack - I was adamant that my children would not wear "character clothing" in public.  However, that was before I witnessed Jack's excitement for a little furry monster named Elmo. So yesterday when I saw this shirt - on DEEP DISCOUNT ($1.75) - at Target, I knew Jack would love it. With a sigh - I bought the shirt.  Sure enough, as he was getting dressed today - he pointed at his new shirt and said, "Elmo?" Guess what he's wearing today...
 I laughed last night when I checked out the blog: The Heir to Blair.  I've been following her for a few years and I think she's hilarious! See her take on character clothing HERE.
Because he can't get close enough to his toys...

Bad hair days have been more frequent. A haircut may be necessary.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lack of Brain Cells

"It's official - my mom has lost it."
As you may or may not know, babies "steal" various things from their mothers while in utero.  Calcium, nutrients, sleep, and apparently - brain cells.  I'm pretty sure I've lost my mind.

I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for 8:30am today. I was up early, showered, dressed, with Jack's lunch packed, and the little man was ready to go to school.  As you can see above - he was also fed. {Bonus!}

We walked out to the car and I realized I didn't have my key fab (no actual keys for my car, the fab unlocks & starts it).  I ran back inside and looked in the "key drawer." Nothing. I scoured the kitchen countertop, dining room table, then ran up the stairs to my closet to check my pants pockets from yesterday. I started to feel the panic. I called my doctor's office and rescheduled my appointment. Then I called Brooke to see if she could take Jack to school. "Sure! Then I'll come back and help you look for your keys. I can bend down to look under the couch better than you can," she said.

The couch. Hmmmmm. Haven't looked there. Couch cushions and dog hair flew.  Nothing. I grabbed Jack's plastic putter - and start taking swoops underneath the couch. {plastic golf ball, plastic golf ball, plastic easter egg, stale Nilla wafer} On my last swoop - out flew -  MY CAR KEY!!! (and another plastic golf ball)

It's a good thing I rescheduled my appointment! I surely would have been admitted for "high blood pressure." And thanks to Brooke for the couch suggestion . . . otherwise I'd still be looking . . .

Monday, September 19, 2011

Shot of Jack

Reading with Daddy.


Jack has his "surgery" scheduled for Friday morning. We won't find out the exact time until Thursday, but I know it should be a fairly quick procedure.  Regardless, I'm still nervous - and I tear up just thinking about the fact he'll be put under. . .  Like cleaning up puke, this may be an area better reserved for Daddy. My hormones/emotions run too high.  Positive thoughts & prayers are appreciated.

The "nigh-nigh" is still missing. I'll be back-tracking our steps on Friday - because there is a chance we left it somewhere. How embarrassing! I may have to go back to a store to retrieve a "dirty" blankie...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shot of Jack

Someone is happy with the Lions' dominance over the KC Chiefs today! Matthew Stafford, we love your more and more each day!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Jack's beloved blankie (affectionately known as: "nigh-nigh") is MISSING.

Last seen: in Jack's hands, wandering around the house

Colors: blue, green, white, dirt

Other info: it has a giraffe on the label, it's small & silky & falling apart in some areas

If found, please return it to Jack's hands. He's a sad boy without it - and "back-up nigh nigh" isn't going to cut it...

Shot of Jack

Have a nice weekend.

Friday Flashback

Last weekend Nancy hooked me up with some pictures for my Friday Flashbacks. This one is a gem! Apparently the Becker Brothers had a "thing" for Bart Simpson back in the day. Tyson also rocked some short-shorts and Devin was looking' HOT in his shades.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hey HOOSIERS - Gunner is COMING...

Are you ready? Well, I'm pretty sure you're NOT! Because you don't have one of these:

But don't worry - we can HOOK YOU UP! If you are interested in a shirt just click HERE.  And since you're all loyal blog followers and LOVERS of IU sports (well, most of you, anyway) - Jack is offering you an exclusive deal! Enter the coupon code: ILOVEJACK at check-out and you'll get a special SURPRISE!

For Non-IU fans: Gunner Kiel is a 5-star QB who has verbally committed to IU for next year. It's a pretty big deal - considering his other choices were Alabama and Oklahoma. Oh, and because IU Football is still *trying* to establish a name for themselves.


Shots of Jack

Last night I felt like a viewer of an Animal Planet show. You know, the ones where a man with an English accent describes the behaviors of wild animals, as viewers see the animals in their natural habitat. In my head, it sounded like this: (make sure you use the man's voice - english accent)
"In the evenings, it is rare to catch this child sitting and reading a book to himself. How magnificent that we are able to see this in his natural habitat."
"Oh no! I think he sees us. We'll have to back away very quietly, as his breed has been known to charge when they feel threatened."

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Special Day

Twenty-five years ago today I sat in my Grandma & Grandpa Clevenger's family room crying.  Why? Because my Dad had just called with news that my Baby Brother had been born. Despite knowing beforehand that he was a BOY - it came as a shock. Apparently, at that point in my life, I thought God could still make some changes as long as the baby was still "cooking." Today, I am thankful to have him as my baby brother! Happy 25th Birthday - all the way in Australia, Jonny!

Today is also Cooper's 6th (Adoptive) Birthday! Extra treats for him today.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

6th Annual Whiffleball Classic

We were back in Fort Wayne last weekend for the 6th Annual Whiffleball Classic.  Tyson always puts together a "Concordia Cadets" team and for the past two years, his good friend, Blake, has driven up from Cincy to join in the fun.  This year he brought Sarah and Floyd along - which made Jack REALLY happy! Floyd is one of his favorite "woof-woofs."  

The Cadet team finished third this year, out of 16 teams. Not too shabby!
Tyson and Blake
 The Concordia Cadets (plus Blake)
Look who wants to play whiffleball! Jack showed up at the fields with his Grandma & Grandpa.  He is already looking forward to taking part in the 25th Annual Whiffleball Classic!

I missed the event this year. It was Girl's Weekend in Indy and I drove down to spend some time with my friends from Alpha Phi. It was great to catch up and treat myself to a (much needed) pedicure!