Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sleeping Beauty

As mentioned in previous posts - Josie's sleeping habits give Tyson and I a chuckle...almost every night. We find her in some really interesting places.

Basically - if normal people sleep a certain way - Josie would be the opposite of that. Saturday night I was up with Jack for some reason (bad dream?!?) and as I walked by Josie's room I noticed she wasn't in her bed. Panicked for a second, then looked at the floor - and there she was.

And - yes - we do restore her to a normal sleeping position, with covers, etc... AFTER we snap a picture.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Cider Donuts

 There are a lot of great things about Michigan - but FALL has to be top 5 on the list. And with fall - comes CIDER DONUTS. If you don't know what I'm referring to - we can't be friends.
This is a bag of delicious-ness. I sent this picture to Brooke in Denmark...and it might be the ONLY thing that could get her to come back to the US.
We visited Three Cedars after school one day and Nolan had his first experience in the corn pit. Huge fan. And he didn't even try to eat any.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Josie and I used Nolan's nap time to bake some chocolate chip cookies. She LOVES cooking - so this was heaven for her.
 The actual chocolate chips were her favorite part...and she ate plenty as we were cooking.
And once Nolan woke up - we had him taste-test them. Perhaps it was the sugar...but we think he liked them.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Don't mind me...

"Nothing to see here. Keep making my dinner - while I just make a huge mess...right here in the kitchen, under your feet." -Nolan

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Nolan's Riding Shotgun

I have a confession. I love our neighbors. They have two kids - Chase & Ana...and my 3 kids ADORE them. Chase, despite being in 5th grade, will come over and play with my kids if we're outside. The other day we were playing and Nolan wanted to cruise in Jack's police car - Chase took him for a ride.
I wish I would have snapped a picture as they pulled away - because Nolan definitely thought he was one of the "cool kids." Awesome neighbors make all the difference.

Friday, September 18, 2015

3's Preschool

Tuesday was Josie's first day of 3's Preschool. She is SO excited for her school year! This year she will have her teacher from her 2's class - Mrs. Laux and we can't wait. She's going 3 mornings a week. Nolan will sure miss his big sister.
I went with her on Tuesday and it was fun to watch her interacting with her new classmates. Bossy might be a word you could use to describe her. I like to pretend she's just being a "leader" - but she could definitely work on her delivery. She does LOVE playing with other people. Do I think she will have zero problems at school? please. She will definitely put up some battles for Mrs. Laux...but I'm excited for her to find her way.
This is just classic Josephine. "This is my princess pose, mom." It works. I like it.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Soccer Star{let}

We rushed back to Northville on Sunday to watch Josie play her FIRST soccer game. She was PUMPED. This summer I was ready to take her to ballet...and on the day of her first class - she threw a major fit. Wouldn't go. She told me "NO! I don't want to do ballet - I just want to play soccer." I was a little shocked...mainly because she's such a girlie girl, but I didn't push it. (Honestly - I may have been secretly happy about it.)

So Sunday she laced up and went out on the field like she owned it. And she sort of did. The girl has some serious determination. She scored 3 goals. And after the game - Jack asked her who won. I was about to tell him they don't keep score...but Josie piped up "My team won. We had 7 and they had 1." We call her "mini-Nancy"...who, once upon a time, got A LOT of penalties playing field hockey.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Whiffle Ball Champs

Last weekend we were in Fort Wayne for the 10th Annual Whiffle Ball Classic. Tyson has been playing in it for YEARS and it's always fun to see so many of our old friends. The weather was cooler than normal - but nobody was upset about it. It was perfect Whiffle Ball weather (yes, that's a thing).
And we are excited to report Tyson's team WON THE WHOLE TOURNAMENT! Big moment in their lives - to say the least.
Team Concordia...plus some extras.
Josie and Jack loved the trophy. Jack was so mad Tyson didn't bring it home with us. But it's living in Fort Wayne until next year.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Well, it's been a week - but Jack is officially a Kindergartner! I think it's been an adjustment for him. The days are long and he said he misses his friends from preschool.  I know he will have a great year - but it's hard as a parent to wonder what is happening all day at school. He's not big on sharing everything...typical male.
My favorite picture from the first day...a smile for Dad.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Snow Angel

I found Josie like this the other night. I showed her this picture and asked her what she was doing in the morning and she said, "Hmmmm, maybe snow angels?" Yeah, that makes total sense. Especially since it's 90 degrees outside.

I sincerely hope - that when she's 30 and allowed to get married...she finds a husband who respects her need for LOTS of space in bed.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Last Day of Summer

 We spent Labor Day enjoying the end of a seriously GREAT summer. Despite the lack of LAKE in it - we still had a great one! It was the final pool weekend. Always a bittersweet day in Michigan. No one can deny that fall in Michigan is AMAZING...but what comes AFTER fall is just... I can't even talk about it.
And after we grilled out for dinner - we headed to Dairy King (yes, King) and got some celebratory ice cream. We'll miss you, summer.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Better Together

We spent our last week of summer doing lots of activities together. Tyson was traveling for work last week and I was only going SLIGHTLY insane. Some days the laundry, the fighting, the cooking, the whining...it can all make me (and, honestly, any sane human) a little crazy... But then your kids have a moment like this...
Look - we actually DO know how to use civil voices when we talk to each other and we DO know how to share toys. {Praise Jesus.}
Oh - and look at us - playing on a playground together...like we enjoy one another.
It only took an entire summer.
And Mr. Nolan is getting more brave with his standing up. Still not actually walking - which is perfectly okay. Jack and I have made a bet. I say Nolan will be walking by Halloween. There is a candy bar on the line. Make me PROUD, Snickers...I mean, Nolan.

GUESS WHAT - it's the FIRST DAY of Kindergarten. Kindergarten. If you need a moment to process this...let me take you back to THIS. Because holy smokes... Kindergarten.