Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Fall

 The grass is dying, the leaves are falling, and the air in Michigan is cool & crisp.
Despite the cooler temps - we are still trying to spend some time outside. Because soon - it will be freezing and we will be inside for the winter.
 Josie is officially a tree hugger. I'm guessing she will be a tree hugger both literally (as shown) and figuratively.
And in case you missed it - Nolan is walking like crazy these days. He's starting to look more sober when he walks - which is nice. And he is getting faster. Time for momma to lace up the running shoes.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Flashback: Halloween

Throwing it back to Halloween 1988 or 1989?!? I was a Warsaw cheerleader, Joe was a robot, and Jon was a pumpkin. Good times.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Birthday, Grandma Nancy!

Happy birthday today - to Grandma Nancy! We hope you have a GREAT day...after work is over.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Muffin as big as your Head

While we were at my parents' house - Nolan discovered Martin's muffins. He insisted on having one and eating it like a big boy. I eventually made him share with his sister - but he wasn't happy about it.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween Christmas in Indiana

Last weekend we headed south to Indiana for some family time. My grandparents are heading to Florida soon and we got together for a Halloween Christmas gathering at their house. My kids get SO excited for these get togethers...for a lot of reasons: 1) there are always so many kids to play with 2) Gigi always has plenty of sweets
We did some family pumpkin carving. Uncle Jon helped Josie gut her pumpkin...but somehow I ended up carving 3 pumpkins (one for each kid).
Josie had a blast with her cousins Amelia & Emma. And they all LOVED playing with my cousin Justin's daughter, Ada. Josie had her first "unofficial" sleepover with Millie & Emma. We went over after she was asleep to hang out with Joe & Gina...and then brought her home with us at 11pm. But she has made it very clear that she would like to move to Warsaw to live with them.
Nolan pretty much ate the entire time we were home. Here he was eyeing my pumpkin roll. He may have had a bite...or three.
 Hanging with Connor - Justin's oldest - and, yes, still eating...
Walking it off, playing some soccer with the big kids....exercising.
 Oh, wait, nope - never mind ...more eating. Grass anyone?!?

My three, plus Ada's twin - Owen. He and Jack did some wrestling in the yard. Jack was in heaven.
Of course, having Uncle Jon home from Florida was a highlight. He brought Cassie, he was even more popular than usual.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Welcome Fall.

The skeletons have arrived in Downtown Northville. We haven't walked around to say HI to them yet - that will come...but we did snap a quick picture by Edgar Allan Poe for Uncle Devin.
Fall also means it's soccer season and we spend a few hours every weekend OUTSIDE watching kids kick a ball into a goal. Good thing they are both good at scoring goals. Nolan doesn't care. A few weekends ago - he weighed in on his attendance requirements: Nope. At least we haven't had to break out the snow pants. Yet.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ohhhh Lions.

See this. It's called - being hardcore fans. Even in the face of perpetual LOSING...we still watch. We still cheer. We still believe that one day...SOMEDAY...the Lions will win again.

If you don't believe me - ask a Cubs fan.

Congrats to the diehards on your team's advancement to the NLCS. Jerry Clevenger is one happy man tonight. Go Cubs, go.

Celebrating 10 years in Cancun!

Once upon a time - two boys with backpacks met on a bus in Bloomington... They were Kelley MBA students. They both loved sports. They were both married to teachers. And the rest is history. 

We met our friends Jeff & Jaime in 2006 while we were in Bloomington. We shared lots of fun times. Lots. Then we parted ways. They were off to NYC, then Miami. We were off to Detroit, then Fort Wayne...and then back to Detroit. But they're life-long friends and we do our best to see them as often as we can...preferably in tropical locations.

Between us - we have 19 years of marriage (9 for them, 10 for us) and FIVE kids (4 boys and Josie). We had a good reason to plan a vacation to Cancun, so we did.
Jaime and I started the vacation off right. Our first time flying First Class. (Thanks, Jeff!)
Once we arrived - we ate some lunch, enjoyed some drinks, lounged by the pool, and enjoyed the ocean. Then we pretty much just repeated that for 3 days in a row...
The "dads" looking out over the infinity pool into the Caribbean Sea.

Happy 10 years...or close us! I had a "bucket list" moment - when we went to the beach one night after dinner and a baby sea turtle was hanging out in the oceanside shower. It's hatching season and some babies were being held in a crate (to be released)...and this one happened to escape the crate. I picked him up. I touched a sea turtle!!!
This was an intense game of Backgammon. And also a drink called a "Barney" - not recommended.
The "moms" - right after about 12 banana-coladas...and before our mid-afternoon cabana nap, poolside. It was an AMAZING time. Always fun to get away, enjoy some adult conversation, adult beverages, great food, and peace.

We are home again now. Thankful to Grandma Nancy & Grandma Shirlee - who took care of the kids while we were gone.  We are already planning another trip...but this time I think the GRANDPAS will be on duty.