Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

Tonight was Jack's first official Halloween.  I knew I wanted him to go trick-or-treating, because I firmly believe every kid should participate such a fun event. {Read - mommy wanted some candy, too} I consulted with Jessica (aka: Sydney's mom) and after a thorough inspection of our neighborhood {lights off, cars gone, DO NOT DISTURB signs out...kidding about the last one}, we decided to call Brooke to see if Jack and Syd could tag along with Molly in her 'hood.
So a cheerleader, a cow, and a ladybug walk into a bar...wait...

As our quest for candy began - Jack was more interested in the airplanes flying overhead.  Sydney and Molly, however, knew what the task was and got right to work. They are good little beggars and they really play up the cute factor.
Syd was a door knocking master.  Molly and Jack stayed close to her because she always managed to get people to answer the door. They were impressed.
Three toddlers - one Radio Flyer wagon. We made it work.  There was minimal crying, only one push (that I saw - and of course it was my son), and lots of happy bellies {mine included}.  For the record - the 2nd to last stop of the night handed out FULL size candy bars to the kids and beer/wine to the parents. Sadly, I had to pass up this "treat" - but I'll remember that house for next year. Those people know what's up!
I think by the end of the night, Jack had figured it out.  This should make for an interesting walk around the block from now on...

Facial Hair...let's discuss

Devin sent us a picture of his Halloween attire. He has been sporting some new facial hair these day and he included it in his costume.  He bought mustache wax and he was an "Old Time Bartender."  To be fair, it was a pretty great costume.  However, my feelings about facial hair haven't changed.  I'm just not a fan.

Devin's picture got me thinking...  He and Kristin are planning a wedding in July. During this planning process, he has grown facial hair.  Which made me remember another Becker boy - in January 2005 - who was newly engaged when he decided to grow some facial hair. Coincidence?

Are there any psychologists out there that can offer an explanation?

3rd Annual Halloween Party

Our family attended the 3rd Annual Halloween Party on Saturday night.  This year it was hosted by Brooke & Mikkel.  It was Jack's 3rd party, but he was in utero for the first he probably doesn't count that one. Brooke always does such a great job decorating and this year we had a WHOLE new demographic to cater to...TODDLERS.
Jack, the cow, sitting down. This is probably the ONLY moment he sat down ALL night. This was also pre-sugar. Although, to be fair, he has oodles of energy - regardless of his sugar intake.
Sydney came to the party dressed as a "Superbowl Cheerleader" - YEAH! She gave me her best cheerleader pose and she brought our Lions some the form of a WIN Sunday! Thanks, Syd!
Once the sugar took hold - there was no going back (or settling down).  Christina (mechanic) brought her cousin, Tina - who was full of energy, too.  She lead the toddlers in songs & dances {bless her!}.  Here you can see Jack & friends doing Ring Around the Rosie.
Lucas, the road, was really into this one! 
Jack and Molly (the ladybug) sing "No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed."  I should mention - Jack has the finger point & "NO" down pat...hmmmmm, I wonder why....
Taking a cookie break. As if he needed more sugar.  He did pass out when we got home and slept from 8:15 - 8:30. I guess he woke up asking for water in the middle of the night - but I was SO tired I didn't even hear him! That NEVER happens.

Needless to say, Sunday was a day of rest in the Becker House. More Halloween festivities tonight.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin - Part 2

We have a busy Halloween weekend ahead of us, so I decided tonight would be the best night to carve Jack's pumpkin.  Honestly, seeing the Friday Flashback picture made me feel guilty that my Dad had carved a pumpkin for me when I was 10 months old...yet I still hadn't carved one for my almost 2 year old. 
Checking out the insides of the pumpkin.  I should note that after watching me with a butcher knife - Tyson has a whole new image of me in his head. I wield a mean knife!
Jack liked scooping through the pumpkin "guts" - but his interest (and Tyson's interest) only lasted about 5 minutes.  I soon found myself carving the pumpkin alone...(maybe our little girl will like "crafty" things like her mommy).
Jack's finished Jack-o-latern...with Baby Sister's pumpkin next to it.
 Daddy and Jack
 Mommy and Jack
We emptied the pumpkin guts outside and Jack left a note.  We hope taking a peaceful (non-threatening) approach will work better this year.  Although Coop & Tuck are on "stand-by" just in case...

Pumpkin - Part 1

This isn't a great picture. But Jack was too busy running away from me to pose for a picture.  We picked out Jack's pumpkin today. After three years here, I've learned my lesson: don't buy pumpkins too early or the Squirrels will feast on them.  We will have to carve it tonight and we'll post pictures of the final product!

Friday Flashback

A flashback in honor of Halloween. I was 9 months old and I had NO hair!  It was around this time that my poor mother was beside herself.  Despite dressing me in pink and piercing my ears - people would still say "Isn't HE cute?"

Dear Baby Becker Girl -
This is your future - I hope you like bows and headbands.
Love, Your Momma

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I would like to officially welcome prunes into my diet.

I will not elaborate.

However - to the men out there, please take a moment to thank the mother of your child/children. Seriously. Thank them. Pregnancy is not easy. Having children is worth every ache & pain...but women sacrifice so much of themselves (and their bodies) to have babies.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Zooooo Booooooo

Jack and I took a morning "stroll" through the zoo today. Actually, if I'm being honest - I waddled and Jack ran.  I had read in the Detroit Free Press that the animals were getting some pumpkins to eat & play with today.  So I thought it would be fun to see them with their new "toys."
The bears were awake and fun to watch - but they didn't have any interest in their pumpkins.  The monkeys, however, were eating and throwing pumpkin pieces all over! Silly monkeys!
We literally walked ALL over the zoo to see the new Lion Exhibit! When we got there - all of the Lions were resting.  But they are BIG and BEAUTIFUL creatures! It was interesting to read about how they arrived at our zoo.  Two were found in basements in Detroit (one was in a "crack house").  Three of the lions were found at a junkyard in Kansas. Unreal.  After the tragic events in Zanesville, OH last week - it was a sad reminder that people in this world are crazy.

Jack - running away from me.  He knows I can't run after him.  And then he hijacked my Sonic water. You know how much I love my ice waters from Sonic.
A final pose in front of the GIANT pumpkin.  It took a lot of strength, on my part, to get Jack back into his wagon.  Yes, we definitely had another ZOO BOO-HOO moment when it was time to leave.

{Sidenote: every visit to the zoo is also a sad reminder that many parents have zero control over their children. I know mine isn't perfect...but you will not see him harassing the peacocks & walking on top of railings (with 5ft drop offs). I just about broke out my teacher voice. The teacher death stare, well, that's a little harder to control.}

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mall Rats

Jack and Molly met at Oakland Mall on Monday morning for some playtime.  Jack refused to stay in the Kid's Play section - because there were cars and trucks to play in.  Fortunately for me, he didn't care for them when they moved - which saved me a boatload in quarters.

The first of three time-outs for the day.  I believe it is safe to say that my son has entered the "Terrible Twos."  Pair that with a very pregnant, very tired Mommy - and it's NOT good. My patience is thin and he knows all the right buttons to push.
We decided to let the kiddos take a ride on the Halloween Train before we left.  Jack is ALL about Choo-Choos - so I figured he would LOVE it.
 Here they come....
Jack hated it.  But Molly seemed to enjoy it... Two laps around the track and I told the conductor to stop.  Did I feel bad that I was snapping pictures and laughing? {Mom of the Year!} Not at all.  Be prepared for a similar situation when Jack meets Santa. I'm sorry, but it's funny. And these are the things we will tell his future wife.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Lunch with the Carsten Boys

Look who Jack had lunch with on Saturday - his buddies Maddox and Jace! Tyson made a surprise visit to the Carsten House (during the baby shower) and Julia was nice enough to prepare a plate for Jack, too.  Rumor has it - my son ate HIS hotdog AND Maddox's hotdog. How do you spell pig? J-A-C-K

Bath time with Grandma

Grandma Nancy gave Jack a bath in the sink on Saturday night.  He may be outgrowing this tradition (literally) in a few months - but he definitely enjoyed it this time! There were lots of he could turn the faucet on and off - so fun!

One more trip back to Indiana (hopefully) for Jeff & Marie's wedding...then we are on lockdown in Royal Oak for a few months.

Pinwheels, Pennants, and Poms

Nancy hosted a Baby Shower at her house this past weekend for Tyson's cousin Brent's wife - Bille (aka: Billie, the girl).  She is due two weeks after me - December 27 and is having a Baby Girl, as well. Two Baby Beckers in the same month!?!? Craziness. We can't wait to meet Brent & Billie's baby and look forward to letting our babies splash around on Lake George & Lake James in the future!
 I made all of the decorations - which was SO much fun! Lots of pink, green, and orange!  Tyson's soon-to-be Aunt, Marie, made the delicious cupcakes! Yumm!

It was a great time and Billie's Baby Girl was definitely SHOWERED with lots of beautiful gifts (and gorgeous dresses)...some of which Nancy wanted to steal for her own granddaughter.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Jack was excited to build a zoo with his legos last night...
Until he got bored and used them to practice his fastball.

Friday Flashback

Flashback to Easter 2010. Jack was a few months old and he was visiting his Grandma Nancy - who just happens to be celebrating a birthday TODAY! We can't wait to celebrate with you!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

32 Weeks

When I arrived at my appointment today, the girl behind the desk greeted me - "Oh hey, can head back for your ultrasound." I'm on a first name basis with the doctors and nurses at my OB office.  Does this mean I'm there too much? Give me a few years {and a couple more kids} and I'll be kicking it in the break room during their lunch!

My ultrasound went well. Our little girl is in the 40% for size - which everyone seemed happy about {me included}.

I was also happy to hear the following: "She has a little head." {Awesome!} "She has some chubby cheeks!" {Mama eats well.} "She has A LOT of hair!" {EXCUSE ME? Hold the phone!} Clevenger babies do not have "a lot of hair."  But Becker babies do...  Could it be? Could Jack's sister have Tyson's thick, brown hair and big brown eyes? {My mother can only hope.}

When I met with my no-nonsense doctor she gave me some more information about this baby...
Kady: Sometimes I feel light-headed.
Doctor: When?
Kady: Ummmm...after I eat donuts.
(my doctor laughs)
Doctor: Well, maybe you should have some protein with those donuts from now on.

Kady: I feel like she's really low and I always have to pee.
Doctor: Yeah, just wait until you have #4. I swore my last one was falling out...and I regularly peed my pants.

Checking heartbeat:
Doctor: She's in the 150's {baby moves around, my stomach looks like it's inhabited by an alien}
Doctor: HOLY COW! She's really active! Now it's in the 160's...170's...Whoa!
Kady: {slaps forehead} Here we go again...another Jack.

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{A note from Kady: In a rare moment of brilliance, Jack sat down Tuesday night and penned an incredibly moving post. We think you will enjoy it. This may or may not have been a tired mommy's last minute effort to entertain a busy toddler - just before bedtime...}

Dear Blog Readers,

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7Y''MFGGGEggk         hi ``1 M ::ZCUUA8 NG FMZXNJKKLDD.9LO÷÷÷÷≥÷ÒˆˆˆME,M22MDMJ

Anything my mommy says about me is only half true. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Speed Demon

It's not just Tyson and me that understand how quickly Jack can move...

Today when I picked Jack up from school his teacher reported that he was {and I quote} "really fast, like REALLY fast."  Yes, we know this. I learned this when I set him down {thinking he would walk beside me} at Target. False. He ran as fast as he could in the other direction and I had to abandon cart/purse/phone to chase him down.

We attribute his "speed" to his constant movement and love for sports.  We hope this "speed" pays off in 16 years - in the form of a college scholarship.

A Visit with Molly

Molly came over yesterday while her mommy had a conference call.  She brought her baby.
This was a rare moment when Jack was being {somewhat} kind to the baby. He spent 99% of the time harassing the baby and making Molly seriously question his "parenting skills."
We had a nice "lunch date." I learned that Molly is 100% European in her eating...she takes her time and enjoys each bite. Jack, on the other hand, is 100% Becker. If you don't know what I mean by that - you've never eaten with a Becker. Let's just say, I'm ALWAYS the last person finished at Becker Family meals. Always.
Molly sporting a fire fighter's hat from Jack's Grandpa Jerry. Last week was fire safety week. Message for toddler: some things are HOT, don't touch!
Jack sported a hat too...  I guess we will save the "Stop, Drop, & Roll" speech for next year!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Baby Benjamin

A big part of our trip home was to meet a special baby boy who was born in August. Mr. Benjamin Maile! My best friend, Katie, is the proud momma of little Benjamin and I was afraid if we didn't get back to Warsaw to meet him - I wouldn't see him until he was practically a toddler. (okay, maybe just bigger baby)
Jack was his usual "busy" self. He was a little rough with the baby - which has me concerned for his sister's safety... But overall he found other things to do.  Here is a picture of him bonding with Benjamin's Daddy, Max.  Max and Jack are fellow Michiganians. Jack impressed Max with his knowledge of Tiger's baseball and Lions football.
Benjamin and me! He is still a tiny little guy (who looks a lot like his mommy). I loved snuggling him and remembering what it's like to hold a tiny baby.
Benjamin's proud Grandpa Steve. He was a sleepy boy - pretty content snoozing with anyone lucky enough to hold him.
It's hard to believe that Kate and I are mommies. Tyson, Jack, and I really enjoyed our visit to the Maile's and look forward to some fun play dates in the future (maybe when Benjamin can defend himself against Jack). I think we should also consider family vacations to Wolf Lake Ranch. (where the Beehlers & Clevengers vacationed together every summer for YEARS)