Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tyson's Birthday

Tyson turned 34 on the 19th. We celebrated his birthday with cupcakes, singing, and the kids picked out his gifts at Five Below. I handed them both $5 and they shopped. Josie bought him some Detroit Tigers flip flops and Jack bought him a portable table tennis set for the dining room table.
 Nolan MAY have gotten a taste of cake. And he liked loved it. Bring on the smash cake!
I decided to give Tyson the gift of "adult only time." I hired a babysitter for the afternoon & evening. we went out for coffee, then drove to our favorite mall and spent THOUSANDS of dollars {in our heads} at Restoration Hardware. You'll all love our new furniture. ..just as soon as we win the lottery.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Nolan is 10 months old. How is that possible? He had his 6mth plus 9mth checkup (combined bc I'm a slacker). He's a healthy 21.5lb and 28.5in long. His head is in the 90%...which makes him a true Becker.

He's a future Beta Social Chair! He loves a good party and he doesn't require a lot of sleep. He's vocal. He says mama, dada, and "Tucker" (I swear!). He can clap, wave, and throw his hands up to raise the roof. Just kidding. He throws his hands up for "soooo big!"

He has all four of his front teeth and loves food. All of it. 

Nolan is a versatile crawler. He can regular crawl and when he doesn't want to hurt his knees or he needs warp speed - he bear crawls. Fancy.

He's still a fan favorite among the siblings. Although he is getting into things now...but Jack has been able to problem solve for that.
Overall - he's a healthy, happy, mother-loving boy...

Friday, June 19, 2015


We have a family camping trip on the calendar. If you know me you're probably laughing right now - but once upon a time in 2008, my friend Jaime and I used our mad skills to put up a tent. And we camped. So there.

Last weekend some good friends invited us over for a BBQ and campfire. It was our trial run...minus the whole sleeping outside thing.
The s'mores and the sparklers were big hits!
Go ahead and say a little prayer for my sanity...and for no rain.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Around Northville

We are happy to report that Cooper is back to acting & feeling like himself! He immediately took up residence on his couch. Poor dude.
We thought everything was on the up & up...but then Tucker was showing signs of the same illness - so we headed back to the vet. Wanted to make sure the Beckers covered the full mortgage payment for them this month. Mission accomplished.
Other than sick dogs - we've been enjoying the summer days! 
Pool time. This kid thinks he's a mer-man.
Lunch dates. PBJ's all around. Okay, not for Nolan...yet.
Sweet potato eyebrows. Just seeing what he'll look like when that red hair comes in more.

Friday, June 5, 2015


Prayers for our Coop - who is one sick pup. He spent the night at the vet's office last night. He has inflamed intestines and all the jazz that comes with "stomach issues." Poor guy. His mama may have cried a lot last night...

Celebrating 100 years of Kate

My great Aunt Kate turned 100 on May 27th. She has always been a part of my life... I can remember getting perms from her in the kitchen sink, spending Holidays eating in her basement, and she has made all three of my kids gorgeous baby blankets. She's a special lady.
Kate's party was very nice! It was great to see members of my extended family...including 4 of my grandma's sisters.

There were favors on the tables...Hershey kisses. Miss Josephine decided she wanted to eat hers in peace - out of view from her parents and her tattle-tale brother:
I was telling Nancy about this...and she is claiming responsibility - apparently this is something little Nancy would have done when she was 3! 

We had a very nice afternoon in Plymouth! Looking forward to more 100 year celebrations!