Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Date Night

Tyson and I were able to sneak away on Saturday for an Anniversary DATE! We headed to Fort Wayne for a late lunch at Biaggi's and a movie (Morning Glory, decent, not great). Over lunch we talked about how many times we have been away from Jack. I think we can count on one hand....maybe two...how many "dates" (ie: alone without Jack) we have been on since Jack was born 11 months ago. Being SO far away from our family makes it hard to get out.

But on Saturday - Aunt Gina and Uncle Joe babysat Mr. Jack for us and it was GREAT! THANK YOU, Gina & Joe!!

Fun times, playing with Aunt Gina!
Oh yeah, and Hank helped out too...Thank you, Hank!


The other night, as Tyson and I were eating dinner, Jack was eyeing Tyson's pickle. Jokingly I told Tyson to give Jack a piece. I thought for SURE he would hate it... But much to my surprise, HE LOVED IT!

I was NOT the pregnant woman who craved them. In fact, it was the opposite - the smell made me gag. Even without pregnancy - I hate them! At restaurants I ask if the meal comes with a pickle, so I can specifically ask that they leave it off completely. If the pickle's juice touches my food - I'm done. No, thanks.

But - Tyson, in the past few years, has discovered a new found affinity for them and I guess our son has too.

So now, instead of requesting NO PICKLE, I will ask for my pickle on the side (ie: on it's own plate) - so Jack can enjoy his new favorite food. (Ick!)

Monday, November 29, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Mom & Dad's house was getting the Christmas Makeover while we were visiting. Jack couldn't help but feel a little jolly.
Uncle Jon decked him out in jingle bells - not a bad idea for every day use...the kid can move, quickly.
"Grandma - you look like that Santa character I hear so much about..."
Definitely impressed with his Grandpa's Christmas tree. He wants one...but the jury is still out as to whether or not we will be putting ours up.
Aunt Karley showed him all of the ornaments.
Jack gives it up for this very festive holiday we call - Christmas. Bring on Santa Claus!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Jack woke up from a nap just in time for dinner. He sported a turkey shirt to show his excitement for the meal.
Grandpa cut up the turkey!
Jack ended up deciding he preferred his banana over turkey, stuffing, & greenbeans...however, he did enjoy a few bits of pumpkin pie!
Hank cleaned out the whip cream container. Thanks, Hank!
Then Jack & his Grandpa worked off their Thanksgiving meal (and pie) by climbing up and down the stairs multiple times. Great workout!

The dogs...

Coop helped out in the kitchen, as "clean-up crew," just in case we dropped anything while cooking.
Hunter couldn't be bothered to get up...too much turkey. And he has officially outgrown the chair.
Tuck, Blade, and Hogan napped with my mom.
Blade got into the Christmas spirit.
And Hank officially joined a gang.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Funny Uncle Jon

Crackin' up with his grandpa and Uncle Jon.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pass the (cold) Turkey

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving foods! I love just about all of them, except sweet potatoes (sorry, Jack) and stuffing (gasp!). Seriously, stuffing makes me think of moth balls...and I have NO idea why.

My favorite food is by far - turkey. However, I don't love it fresh out of the oven. I look forward to 4-6 hours AFTER the turkey has been put away - and then I make myself a cold turkey sandwich (with a thin layer of mayo). I'm tellin' ya - it's delicious!

We are packing up and heading back to Indiana for the rest of the week. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! And a successful Black Friday - for those brave enough to participate.

Denny, Nancy, Devin, & Kristin - enjoy the snow in Idaho! And we will Skype with you on Thursday!

Shy Guy

Proof that he does actually have hair...it's just on the back of his head.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cute Sh!t vs. Sh!t

So, I learned a valuable Craft Show lesson today. People like to buy sh!t. Unfortunately for me and my partners in crime...they don't necessarily like to buy cute sh!t. Or perhaps we were a tad on the ritzy side for a "craft show." But seriously, since when did hats for your spare toilet paper roll qualify as a craft? And who buys that?

We waited and waited for Detroit's version of Nancy Becker to come walking in the door. (aka: the Grandma who can't get enough of all things "CUTE!")...however, she never showed. I know there have to be other Nancy's out there... :)

Soooo, not an overly successful day. However, as I told Tyson, I do my crafting for my own enjoyment. I honestly find stress-relief in crafting...so for me, it isn't a total bust.

However, I will take a moment to "push" my friends' crafts, because I think they are utterly adorable and my blog followers tend to have really good taste. If you are searching for GREAT Christmas/Hanukkah/Birthday gifts for a little girl in your life...check the posts below (and tell them Jack sent you).

I also want to remind shoppers that Etsy offers REALLY unique and cute (there I said it) items that are HANDMADE! You can even "shop local" - which I love. If you haven't taken time to browse around this site, I definitely recommend it...but be warned, it's addicting!

SIDENOTE: When selling at a craft show - always choose a space in the gym. The cafeteria and/or hallway do not get good traffic. (that was a free tip, you're welcome)

Rockin' Roo

Jessica made TO DIE FOR tu-tus for little girls! She made one for Sydney's newborn pictures (beyond precious) and then made a customized one for Molly for her first birthday (which is coming up fast). 99% of the little girls that walked by our booth wanted one of their own...but sadly, most mommy's didn't cave. If I ever have a girl - (yes, Shirlee & Nancy, I know you really want a granddaughter) - I will definitely be having Jessica make her a tu-tu!
Winter Wonderland
Steelers Tu-Tu
Birthday Tu-tu - with removable bow that can also go in the hair! Brillant!

Contact Jessica:

Molly Dolly

Brooke made SUPER cute Felt hair bows...as modeled below by me (excuse the ratty hair, it's been a long day!). She added a little foam to the clip, which helps them stay, even in ultra fine hair. Molly sports these on a regular basis and Jack finds her very attractive.
And she also made these HOT headbands - which are totally adult friendly and will be worn by ME on numerous occasions. Karley and Gina have also scored themselves one of these as belated birthday gifts from Jack!

Ummm...seriously CUTE!

Contact Brooke: bmjakobsen@gmail.com

Get Your Craft On!

If you are in the Metro Detroit area (which most of you PROBABLY are not) or know someone who lives here - you/they should come to Royal Oak High School TODAY! Jessica, Brooke, and I are selling our baby goods at a local craft show and we are hoping for a good turn out!

Here is why you should come:
1. We are nice.
2. We sell cute things and our booth is cute.
3. We are set-up next to the Cookie Table. Who doesn't love a good cookie?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Smooches All Around

Happy to be home. Happy weekend, everyone!

Rough Night

Jack was a mess all night. I'm pretty sure we got about 3.5 hours of sleep. Not a fan of teething. So, today...since I'm Working Mom, caffeine is my drink of choice. Cheers.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Update on the Mama:

She is HOME! I'm sure she is so happy to be back in the comfort of her own bed. And I know she arrived home to wagging tails, who missed her! She will be resting and getting stronger. She has a Turkey to cook next week.

(Kidding. We aren't making her cook anything for Thanksgiving. That job is being left to Gina, Karley, and me - hope McDonalds is open, just in case)

Shots of Jack

After nap snacks...while mom makes some dinner.

Happy to report, after a rough evening last night and a trip to Urgent Care - the Becker Household is feeling MUCH better! Fortunately, Jack doesn't seem to be getting sick. Those breast milk antibodies are doing their job!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Feliz CumpleaƱos

The Cheese Stands Alone

Much to our surprise, Jack has discovered that he doesn't need to hold on to things when he stands up. He has been practicing his standing and is becoming quite proud of his efforts. He pulls himself up on things and then lets go. He can usually stand for a few seconds before plopping down on his rearend - thankfully the diaper is great cushion. A couple nights ago he was sitting on the floor, got himself into a squat, and then stood up. I have been saying, "He could be walking by Christmas." But deep down, I didn't think it was possible. Now, I think it could be.

Last Christmas he was still cooking in my belly. This Christmas he will be into EVERYTHING. No wrapping paper under the tree for us this year!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Paging Dr. Jack Becker

Tyson and I both have a touch of something that's going around. I was up all night with chills & sweats. He came home at 1pm with the same thing. Not fun being sick, when you have a very active 10 month old. (Days like today make me want to be closer to home.) Jack is trying to help. He took two 2hr naps (thank you, Jack!) and he tried to help diagnose his dad.
"Your heart is still beating."
"Your hand looks normal."
"Does it hurt here?"

Surgery Day

Here is the email I just got from my dad.
"Okay. She is in her room and in bed. She looks good and is currently speaking Spanish with a resident doctor. Her mouth is dry but she was told she can eat whatever she wants. As of this moment she is getting a lot of attention. More to follow - still the same nose on her face."

Surgery is complete! Mom is still "out" but dad is waiting for her in her recovery room. Hopefully she will get there soon. Dad has not spoken to Dr. Sood, the plastic surgeon, yet. We should know more once he talks to him. The procedure seemed to have taken longer than expected and Dad wondered if mom got a nose job too. :) We are excited to head down the road to recovery! Thanks, again, for your thoughts & prayers!

Since so many have asked - she is at University Hospital in downtown Indy. Her room will be 2832. Our home address is: 1706 S St Andrews Road Winona Lake, IN 46590

Stage one is complete and Dr. Rager was pleased with everything. She said the pathology report will be back next week and then we should know if radiation will be in order. Dr. Sood, the plastic surgeon, is in the OR now and is doing the re-construction.

The "reporting nurse" said that both breast have been removed and they are working on removing some nodes. Her oncologist, Dr. Rager, should be finishing up soon and will give a full report to Dad. Her plastic surgeon will then take over. Victoria Secret models will have nothing on Mom...(the doctor didn't say that, I did.)

9:35 am
My dad called and mom is in surgery. Her doctors expected it to last 4-5hrs. I will post updates as I hear from my dad.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Mama

Tomorrow morning at 9am - the Mama is going into surgery. She will have a double mastectomy with re-construction. Her birthday is Wednesday, so the poor woman isn't getting any Betty's Cake. (I actually think Karley is more disappointed about that than mom)

Anyway, I will post an update when I have one tomorrow. In the meantime, please keep her in your thoughts, prayers, and positive energy vibes! My mom and my family appreciate ALL of you - friends & family - who have been our support system during all of this! Mom is SO close to being cancer-free and we looking forward to many more (healthy) birthdays with her!


Jack's in the...SINK??

Jack enjoyed two bubble baths in the sink while visiting his Grandma & Grandpa Becker in Fort Wayne. He LOVED splashing and got his Grandma VERY wet!

He also slept ALL night both nights, which was AWESOME! We discovered tooth #3 popped through - which explains the string of sleepless nights. (if we looked tired in the Bloomington pictures - we were) Jack may have his two front teeth by Christmas!

Beautiful Bloomington

Before we left Bloomington, we had to take Jack to Sample Gates to have his picture taken! It was a beautiful fall day! I think he was really impressed.

I will say, it was refreshing to be back. I loved seeing all the students waiting for the bus - decked out in IU gear. (no maize & blue or green & white) I didn't get my Aver's pizza...but we're going down for New Years - so I will DEFINITELY have some then!

Lunch Date

Jack had a lunch date last Friday with his Great Aunt Debbie, Great Grandpa Walt, and Norma. He got LOTS of smooches (the evidence is on his cheek). He hopes to see them for Thanksgiving!! (was that a subtle hint?!?)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Casa pasta and baths in the sink

Jack enjoyed his first taste of Casa pasta last night. He loved it! He had it all over himself...which meant he needed a bath. Grandma Nancy gave him one in the sink. So much fun!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Assembly Hall

Jack was great at his first IU game! We enjoyed Uncle Bill's great seats and the company of DePauw friends, Blake and Kate. It was fun and IU won!! (and that rhymed)