Thursday, March 31, 2011

Princess Karley needs your HELP!

Princess Karley needs your help! She is featured on today and she needs people to click on her profile! It's a little contest for the Princesses! You don't have to do anything special...just take a look at her pretty face and read through her profile.

Go HERE to see her profile and make sure you take a look at her "Greatest 33 Line-Up."

Here is a little hint:


Thanks to a child that varies his sleeping pattern based on the changing of the moon...I haven't had much trouble sleeping since his birth. I'm usually pretty tired. However, the past few nights have been a struggle.

Last night was the worst weirdest. I had been up with Jack two times 1:00am and know, just to say "HEY". At 5:00am I shot out of bed for no reason. Jack wasn't crying. The dogs weren't barking. Tyson wasn't stealing all of the covers. I just needed to CLEAN. Why?

Oh, because I had a dream that my son was throwing poo all over my house. Yes, POO. I can't be sure who the poo belonged dream wasn't that detailed. For some reason I remember thinking it was horse poo. (you know, because we live so close to horses)

Luckily, before I could grab my Lysol, I looked at the clock and realized that I had been dreaming. And then I tossed and turned until 6:30am. I'm tired today. But I still made time to Lysol the floor, just in case.

**Fine Print (that is not "fine" because the person that needs to read this has terrible eyes)
Mother, I know I once had a real-life incident with poo, as a bored infant in my crib. Let's remember these are the inter-webs and keep that story under wraps.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hey, can I see your ID?

This post is probably illegal in 48 states.
(considering Michigan allows you to have babies in bars, I'm probably okay).

Let me preface this by saying that the state of Michigan charges a deposit for cans & bottles. Therefore, we collect them in a trash can by our back door and we cash them in once a month year. We currently have quite a collection.
Jack was really excited about his find. He brought them to the coffee table for a more thorough examination. Blue Moon, huh? Nice!
He quickly discovered that they made an interesting sound when he hit them together.
Double fisting. Just practicing for college, Mom.
And then my 15 month old smelled like a fraternity house on a Sunday morning.

Time to find a new place for our recycling.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Change is Good

As you can see - there are some changes to our blog! I know how people feel about "change" - (especially my father after the 2008 Presidential Campaign) but take a minute to look around. Give it a chance. It may grow on you.

Good news -
I discovered how to allow ANYONE to post a comment. You don't have to have a Gmail or Blogger Account. (I'm looking at YOU, Peggy Jo!) So comment away...

You can also sign up for automatic updates from the blog. This is especially important for our friends at Clevenger Insurance - as I know they always like to be "the first to know." I suggest Jack's Uncle Jon sign up for this feature, since he sometimes goes WEEKS without updates on his nephew.

Finally, I love keeping up on the blog. I love giving our friends and family a peek into our lives. And I love that people we only see a few times a year, feel like they know Jack.

Much Love
from Michigan

Shots of Jack

Open mouth kisses, from my favorite little man.
Love this kid.
I wonder where he gets those blue eyes?

Vote for Tony!

Show some love for our favorite Indy 500 driver! Lauren's (aka: Boh) fiance is in a contest on and he needs some votes! I know how awesome our blog followers are at -

1. Go HERE.

2. Scroll down to the bottom right - the Firestone Tire-ific Award.

3. Vote for TONY KANAAN.

You have until MIDNIGHT tonight!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy Morning

I think it is safe to say that Jack has learned a few things from his Grandpa Jerry & his Uncles (all three of them). He had a busy morning this morning.
First, he pitched some ideas in a meeting with Tucker. Tucker listened, but said they needed more data. A follow-up meeting is scheduled for tomorrow.
Then, Jack checked his emails and made some important phone calls. Fortunately, he did not make any calls to China. That gets pricey!
And finally, after a busy morning, it was time to hit the links! Golf is definitely his favorite thing to play right now. He is looking forward to putting on a real green this summer!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Undercover Bully

We are starting an Anti-Bullying Campaign in our household today. Seems that Jack thinks he can push other people around...(wonder where he gets that?!). I'm 100% sure his grandparents & great-grandparents will not believe me, so this is the proof:
Here he is posing with his friends...acting all innocent.
This is a picture that catches him in the act of smacking Jace in the head.
Jace crawls away in tears...(notice Jack's face in the background - no remorse).
Jace runs into his Daddy's arms. Jack sends a "warning" to Maddox - "you're next, buddy."

It is actually REALLY embarrassing when your child hits another kid. I am really dreading the biting stage!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sleepover with Buddies

Jack has two of his buddies up for the night. Maddox and Jace came to visit for a Sleepover Party...and they brought their parents, too! After lots of playing and periodic naps throughout the day - we ended the night with a Toddler Dance Party courtesy of Justin Bieber.
As you can see - these two were REALLY into it!
Jack gives the Biebs a standing ovation.
So enthralled.
Dancin' around the block. Literally.
And then three tired boys took a bath together and headed off to bed.
Night Night.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lunch with Daddy

Jack and I ventured downtown Detroit today for lunch with Tyson. Jack met all of his daddy's co-workers and proudly showed off his walking skills - everyone was impressed. We ended up having lunch in Mexicantown. I had never been there before. The food was authentic and delicious!

Jack has his first sleepover tomorrow night. His buddies Maddox and Jace Carsten are coming into town. Should be a fun time!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shot of Jack

Winner, winner - ravioli dinner.

The Art of Not Waking a Sleeping Child

Today Jack & I were up and out early for some serious "treasure hunting" (as my friend, Sarah, calls it). I am SO sick of looking at my house...but more on that later.

On our way home, Jack fell asleep. I knew I was pushing was too close to nap time and I needed to make ONE more stop. Two minutes from our house, I turned around to see my baby boy sound asleep in his car seat. Nooooo!

We pulled into the garage and I decided to try to keep him asleep. My Dad did this ALL the time when I was little. How hard can it be??

This is how it went down:
...pull him out of carseat, shut car door (*eyes flutter*)
...up porch stairs and open back door, dogs bark (*more eye flutters*)
...walk inside, shoo dogs out the door (he's still sound asleep...YESSS!)
...walk through kitchen, dodge one of Tucker's bones on the floor (phew)
...trip over baby gate, recover from near fall (*eyes open...I FREEZE...eyes close again* those yoga classes are finally paying off! my balance is amazing!)
...up the stairs, stepping in all of the quiet places (why did I insist on an old house???)
...down the hall, into Jack's room
...lean into crib to lay him down as softly as humanly possible, car alarm starts to go off (ARE YOU SERIOUS?)
...realize it is my car (I leaned on my keys and hit the alarm button), search for keys in pocket with my one free hand, purse slips off shoulder and hits Jack in the head (*eyes fly open & he gives me a "What the heck, MOM?" look*)


It is now 2:15pm and guess who still hasn't taken a nap today??

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hurry up already, Spring!

Since Spring is taking her sweet time getting here... I decided to hurry her up a bit. I was perusing some blogs and saw this little project. Here's the "How To" version:
This is a Spring Wreath...that magically lures warm weather, flowers, and green grass.
Here is what you need: foam wreath, felt, yarn, and a glue gun (not pictured)
Wrap the foam wreath in the yarn. Use some glue to keep the yarn in place. This does not take as long as you would think.
Create felt flowers in whatever colors you like. I was going for BRIGHT and BOLD.
Add some buttons to the flowers, add a ribbon for hanging, and make a wish for a speedy spring! Hurry up already, Mother Nature!

Goin' on a Bear Hunt

Yesterday was Library Day! That meant Jack got to see his buddies - Molly & Lucas. Jack was hoping it would be "Goin' on a Bear Hunt" theme day, but it wasn't. It was a Rubber Ducky theme. And we all know how he feels about Rubber Ducky's! Remember?

Jack, Lucas, and Molly would like to know if Jack's Uncle Devin would be willing to move to Royal Oak and be their Librarian?! Miss Melissa (aka: Grumpy Library Lady or G.L.L.) is just not cutting it. The kiddos think she hates babies. The mommies (Christina, Brooke, and I) think maybe she just hates her job. Whatever the case, she is rude and she makes Library Day - not very fun. Who gets mad at toddlers for walking around...during the LIBRARY?!?!?

Anyway, enough about G.L.L. Jack still can't believe he wasted his hunting outfit on Rubber Ducky Day! Dang!

Here is the art project Jack & I made...proudly displayed on the refrigerator...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

He's Lovin' It.

I would like to formally remove myself from the "Mom of the Year" competition. I believe the committee may have actually removed me on May 5, 2010 - when THIS little incident occurred.

Anyway - I fed my son a Happy Meal today. Whatever. I'm not ashamed of it. I haven't been to the grocery store in a week (lazy? yes! actually, I'm ashamed of that.) and I knew whatever food I had at home would not satisfy my suddenly picky eater. So I went through the drive-thru, ordered him some nuggets, and he ate EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of them. In case you missed it, he is not over weight (23%). He actually has some weight to gain. We won't be making a habit of this, but I'm perfectly fine with a Happy Meal every once in a while. Shirlee fed them to me when I was little and I think I turned out...well, decent...

By the way - the Happy Meal cookies were also a HUGE hit! Jack is currently napping with a very full belly.

Playing in Puddles

Last week - when I was working Parent Teacher Conferences - Tyson taught Jack how to splash in puddles. It is his new favorite hobby!

Here is video of the night Jack discovered what water does when you stomp your feet in it:

And here are some pictures I took yesterday. He likes to practice his technique! I will be investing in some new rainboots!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Picky Eater

I need help. My once "I'll eat anything" son - has become a picky eater! I can't seem to find ANYTHING (halfway decent) that he will agree to eat. Is this a stage?

Today he refused to eat a PB&J sandwich (is he even human?)...instead he opted for mandarin oranges and three different types of crackers. Cheese? Nope. Chicken? No, thanks. Veggies? Ummm...NO!

Now accepting:
Suggestions, words of wisdom, and applications for chefs (preferably someone with experience serving toddlers)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

BBFF (Basset Best Friends Forever)

We spent the weekend in Cincinnati - visiting Blake & Sarah...and Floyd. Floyd and Jack really bonded throughout the weekend. They left as BBFF's (Basset Best Friends Forever).
Floyd is a good boy. He's sweet and gentle with his buddy, Jack.
They enjoyed exploring Floyd's backyard together.

They told the neighbor dog - Holly, to STOP barking. Jack actually said, "wuf, wuf" to Holly.
Floyd showed his love with lots of basset kisses.
Jack showed his love by sneaking his buddy some tasty toddler foods.
And this morning - we made our way back to Detroit. I didn't need the four hour drive, road signs, or landmarks to tell me I was home. I saw 6 Azteks within the first hour of being back. Nothing says "welcome back" like 6 Pontiac Azteks! (that is an actual picture of one of the six)

Thanks for a fun weekend, Thomas'! Great food, great friends, and plenty of March Madness!
(and a trip to their local Hobby Lobby!)

Friday, March 18, 2011

On the Streets of Royal Oak

...two tot neighbors stop for a chat.

Apparently Jack was tapping into his inner-guido (definition? click here). The track suit really brings that out in him. I apologize to Syd for his rough/brash attitude. That's IT! No more Jersey Shore for him!**

FINE PRINT: **That is a joke. Jack does not watch (much) TV - if any, at all. And we definitely do not allow him to watch Jersey Shore. Sorry, Snookie fans.