Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Morning

Josie enjoyed her new bed and her new room. Although she got a bit lonely at 5am and then again at 6:30. I'm pretty sure I heard her yell: WHERE IS EVERYBODY?????
Jack found some of my foam hair rollers. He was intrigued and they held his attention for about 20 minutes. Like his boots? He loves them. Unfortunately they impair his ability to walk down stairs. He took a tumble last night while his Aunt Gina, Uncle Joe, Grandma Nancy, Grandpa Denny, and Grandpa Jerry were visiting. Didn't phase him one bit. First of all, he's from DETROIT. Secondly, he has fallen down stairs before - hardwood ones. 
I demonstrated how the rollers work. Jack begged to differ. Way more fun to stick in your mouth, Mom!

Friday, March 30, 2012


Some of you may be wondering how the unpacking process is going. Two words come to mind... Garage Sale. Pretty much sums it up.

Friday Flashback

Flashing back to 2000! Tyson was a new graduate of Concordia Lutheran High School - (nice maroon cap & gown). Here is Ty with Nancy's sisters - his Aunt Sally & Aunt Kim. I swear the look exactly the same 12 years later. Love this picture.
Love this picture, too! Nancy jumped in a photo with Ty and two of his best friends - Das & Remo. The three of them could cause some mischief (and they still can).
Sweet hair, Aaron.

Four months

Happy 4 Month birthday (if such a thing existed) to Miss Josie! I can't believe how time flies.

Josie, for your "birthday" we got you your very own room & crib - plus a walk-in closet that you will appreciate in 10-14 years. If you knew that your clothes have been kept in a suitcase & plastic storage containers for the majority of your'd appreciate the closet that much more.

For now, keep enjoying those fingers kid.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

That's Pin-teresting...

So last week I talked dessert...this week it's veggies. And here's a little secret - I like them. Most of them, anyway.  And I'd like to thank Devin & Kristin for re-introducing me to brussels sprouts. The grown up version of me LOVED them (kid version? not so much)!

So I was excited to find this recipe on Pinterest! I know what many of you may be thinking (Dad, I know you're thinking this) - "Brussels Sprouts?!? EWWWWW. No thanks!"

Try them. They're delicious. I promise.

Just Jos

 And her Daddy...
The moving truck arrives today! If you don't hear from us for a few days...we're buried under boxes. Or we're without internet. Or both. (actually- internet, cable, and PHONE - yes, a land line - will get installed tomorrow. You know Tyson can't wait that long for his technology to be hooked up!)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Final Four

The Big Handsome - Cody Zeller
So our Hoosiers couldn't do it again. They couldn't beat Kentucky. It was sad, but not disappointing. They had a great year - WAY better than anyone expected. And with next year's recruiting class coming in - it's only going to get better! I know our household is already looking forward to next season! YOGI!

In the meantime, we have a Final Four to watch. I'm glad there is at least one team from the Big Ten playing.  During conference play, Ohio State isn't my favorite team to play against. But I have a mini-crush on Aaron Craft. Especially because he can sing SO well! So I'll be cheering for Aaron and the Buckeyes!

One of my favorite You Tube Videos...

Monday, March 26, 2012

One word.

1 Stick Chasing Dog + 1 Throwing Obsessed Toddler = Both Happy

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Guess where we are today!?!

At 4pm yesterday we GOT THE KEYS to our house! Of course, we drove over there right away. We are heading back today with the dogs in tow. They need to check out their new digs!
First family photo in the new house. Two tired kids and zero furniture - except for this new chair we bought for Josie's room.
"Wait, I live HERE now?"

Jack discovered all the new "toys."
 Jos and her grandma Nancy sitting by the hot tub
Josie lounged in the hammock. But didn't like it one bit.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Flashback(s)

It's all about IU! Go HOOSIERS!!!

and for your viewing pleasure:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Naptime - Update

I wish I could explain the events that led up to this picture. Let's just say they involved thumb tacks, markers, and Jack falling off a desk. He was deliriously tired and I knew it. I eventually won the battle.

Tyson & I agree - he will only have books in his room. Nothing but books. And I've considered making his walls padded.

That's Pin-teresting...

This week - I'm introducing you to a dessert. I'll admit, I'm not always a fan of fruity desserts. Dessert, in my book, is delicious and unhealthy (otherwise it's not really dessert, duh.)

So I kind of surprised myself when I found a Blueberry Dump Cake on Pinterest. Not only is it delicious (and not healthy) - it's also SUPER easy! Super easy. We had ours with some vanilla ice cream.

You can see the recipe HERE. And you can feel free to make it for me anytime you want. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I'm at my wits end with Jack. He woke up today around 6am and made his way downstairs... So that's problem #1. A toddler roaming through the house unattended - never good. A Jack roaming through the house unattended - HORRIBLE! So I put a childproof door handle on the inside of his room.

As I type - he is rattling the handle. He won't stay in his crib and I've had enough.  Tyson seems to think he is ready for a toddler bed/twin bed - but I'm not so sure. I have a feeling he will never stay in bed and everyone will lose sleep.

We ordered a new video monitor - that we will be able to view through our iPhones. Awesome technology, but still not a solution to keeping him IN his bed.

I found this on Amazon:
...and I am seriously considering ordering it. It's not safe for him to be able to climb out of the crib all the time. And it's especially not safe for him to be out of the crib unattended. Moms - PLEASE HELP! Your advice is welcome...because I'm not sure how to deal with him. And he definitely needs his sleep.

Mr. Independent

We've entered a new phase in toddlerhood. Jack has become Mr. Independent. This past weekend he decided he didn't need any naps. So he climbed out of bed and refused to sleep.  And for the past few nights he has decided that HE will determine when he should go to bed. Last night Tyson put him down at 7:45, but he snuck out of his bed and down the back stairs...we heard the pitter-patter of Jack feet through the kitchen and there he was...joining us for the newest episode of Modern Family. I'm not sure how we will solve this new "issue" - but it will be solved.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Outdoor Fun

After dinner last night we loaded up the kids and went to Joe & Gina's for a visit. (for those wondering, they live 5 minutes from my mom & dad)  Anyway, it was 80 degrees yesterday - and as you can see from these pictures we are not prepared for the hot weather. Who thinks, "Yeah, I'll probably need my flip flops & shorts in March."??? Not me. So all of our "summer" clothes are sitting in boxes in a warehouse in Michigan.
We raided Joe & Gina's neighbor's playset. Josie enjoyed a swing ride. Judging by the face she is making, you may disagree that she "enjoyed" it. What's up, grump?
Jack cruised around in a Little Tikes car.
And solidified my belief that he will someday embrace extreme sports. This mini rock wall was no obstacle.
And then he discovered another neighbor's trampoline. They kindly agreed to let him jump on it. No one is allowed to tell Jack that our house had a trampoline, but we told the sellers to take it with them. Despite the fact that it would be great is a bit too dangerous for a daredevil like Jack. 

And also, our insurance agent {aka: Jack's Am-Pa"} said "NO TRAMPOLINE!"

Friday, March 16, 2012


This week's YOU Decide will be postponed due to my inability to focus. I've been hunting. Hunting for "stuff" to put in our house. The "internets" have been helpful and I have some packages arriving soon... but a local antique store has been my favorite place to shop.
These little gems will have a prominent place in two of our rooms... Which ones? Well, you'll have to wait and see.
No more blankets thrown behind a chair. I love this old trunk and I have to decide if it will live in the upstairs family room or the basement family room. Decisions, decisions.

My antique shop {yes, it is mine} is called Indiana Antique Company. They have a great website and they are always adding fun things. But don't get any ideas...I have dibs on all the cool stuff.

"Like" them on Facebook for sales & the latest additions to their store! Stop in  - tell them Josie & I sent you. How do they know Josie? Well, aside from being my shopping sidekick...she also blew out her britches last time we were there. Classy.

Happy Friday!

Have a good day, everyone!


Who watched the game?? After four long years, Hoosiers are happy to be back in the Big Dance!

I know this guy is happy.

VCU - you had your Cinderella Story last year. The Hoosiers are back and we want to see Kentucky again. We need another win. For Verdell.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

That's Pin-teresting...

So I'm kind of in love with Pinterest (as most of you know). My friend, Sarah, shares some of her favorite "pins" each Thursday and I thought I would start sharing one that I have tried (and loved).

This week it's a cleaning tip - since it's spring and cleaning seems to be popular.

Combine Dawn dish soap with vinegar for a stellar shower/bathtub cleaner! You can see the full instructions by clicking HERE. I have used this for the past few weeks and it's great at getting soap scum and rust out! I sprayed the showers and then left them for about 40 minutes. Then I came back and wiped them down and rinsed. Two thumbs up!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Life with Kids: Late

I am always late. It's horrible to admit, but I have never been one to be on time. Terrible flaw, I know. Tyson hates it. My dad hated it when I was in high school and had an eleven o'clock curfew. My internal clock is broken.

It has gotten worse with kids. I try to be on time (I really do) but for some reason it never rarely happens.  Today I assessed what it takes to get out of the house and I think I found the culprit for my tardiness (80% of the time).  One or both of my children poop JUST before I walk out the door. I swear. Today I put Jack in his carseat only to discover he had "poot-ed" (as he says). It was too late. I was already running behind getting him to "school" - Josie was in her carseat and in the car...the "poot" would have to wait the 10 minute drive to school.

So next time I am meeting you somewhere and I'm running behind - don't think "Damn Kady and her inability to be on time..." Instead think, "Damn, Kady's probably changing a poot-y diaper right now..."

Closing Time!

Seems like a good day to buy a house! Or a least we think so... We close on the house today and we are VERY excited! Too bad we have to wait a couple weeks to move in. 

The weather here has been gorgeous! Today it is supposed to be in the 70's. (Take THAT, Florida!) Jack, Josie, and I visited Center Lake Park yesterday morning for a little bit.
I liked this sign because I think it sends a clear message to the creep-o's that linger around the park. Didn't seem to stop them though.
Jack had fun "driving" and running and climbing and sliding. Oh, and darting toward the lake.
Yesterday afternoon we played on the 16th fairway - aka: the "park" in the backyard. Jack loves to run down the hills as fast as he can. I snapped this picture as he was running and I laughed so hard when I looked at it. The G-forces on his face are awesome.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just Jos

Just in case the coffee doesn't do it...Josie is starting your day off right.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Thanks for your help decorating! I think we have one more YOU Decide and it might be the most important (at least for some of you) because it's the Guest Room.

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun...

Tyson worked almost all day on Saturday - apparently hips must be sold, even on the weekends. Luckily, Daddy was replaced by our friend, Mr. Sun. Man we've missed him. Jack and I put Josie down for a morning nap and then went outside to play!
This child is dependent on outdoor activity for his personal well-being (and my personal sanity). If he can run & kick & tumble to the ground - he's one happy kid!
 Jack & his shadow 
Nice form! Tyson said he thinks Jack can kick a ball better than some 7th & 8th grade PE students playing kickball. I've only really seen 4th graders...but I happen to agree.
Apparently Jack has watched one too many Pixar movies. His discussion with the ball was one-sided...or perhaps the ball just had no idea what he was saying... (and in that case, I know the feeling).
And finally, on Sunday we spent a couple hours with Grandma & Grandpa Becker. Josie enjoyed some hugs & kisses - and some new additions to her wardrobe. Jack played baseball and showed off his crib-escaping abilities. And Tyson & I stalked our soon-to-be house. Yes, we drive by it every.single.time we are in Fort Wayne.

We close on Wednesday - so our stalking will become a little less creepy. And we take possession on March 25th! Beyond excited.