Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Last Friday - Nolan and I enjoyed his Mommy & Me 2's class....well, we enjoyed MOST of it. He had a little issue with sitting quietly for the story. After a few outbursts - he was removed from class (by me). He can be sweet as can be...or downright ornery. Friday he was a little of both.
Friday night Tyson had promised Jack he would have a sleepover with him in the guest room. That turned into a sleepover for ALL three of them (plus Tucker). After a few attempts to get Nolan to stay in one spot - he was removed from the sleepover (lots of removal for Nolan Friday) and Josie & Jack were left to have a sleepover together. Needless to say, it was a late night for them and everyone was a tad more grumpy on Saturday.
Saturday morning we headed off to the lake for some quiet time. Nancy & Denny joined us and it was nice to just sit in the house and relax. Sunday night - when we got home - it was everyone's FAVORITE time: HOMEWORK TIME! (Totally sarcastic) No one enjoys homework time. Jack was NOT feeling it, as you can see... The struggle on Sunday nights is SO real.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Gym Rats

Last week - the flu had settled into my head - which lead to ear pain and stuffiness. By Thursday I was just ready to NOT be sick anymore. We headed off to a local Gymnastics gym for some fun. Josie has really been excited to do gymnastics and I wanted to see her in action.
She did the high beam - no problem. I don't think Olympic Gold medalist is in her future - but she has decent balance and upper body strength. It was fun to see her excited about it.
 Nolan did some balancing, too.
And spent some time jumping into the foam pit.
It was a fun-filled morning! I left with two tired kids - who somehow still refused to take naps.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Flu

Thursday afternoon I started to feel a sore throat coming on...
By the time Tyson got home from work - I was full-on sick and heading to bed.
I ran a fever all night, body aches - absolutely MISERABLE. Friday morning - Tyson took the older two kids to school and I got to stay in bed with my buddy, Nolan. If you've ever felt like death AND been responsible for a bouncing-off-the-walls (literally) two year old...then I am TRULY sorry for you. I used the iPad as much as was humanly possible. TV? sure. Snacks in bed? fine. At some point I probably would have handed him a crayon and let him go crazy...

Again, by the time Tyson came home - I was buried in my bed. I knew it was the actual flu...because the ONE year I don't get a flu shot...I'll surely get the flu.
These two loyal boys were HAPPY as can be to spend hours in bed with me. Cooper never left my side, because he refuses to pass up any opportunity to nap.  Fortunately - I am feeling a ton better today...still not 100% - but SO much better than Friday. And I'm praying that NO ONE else in the family gets it.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Happy Birthday - School is CANCELLED

So - Tuesdays are MY days. They are the ONLY day, all week, when I have a few hours alone. Not even a lot...just a few. I love Tuesdays. And I was SUPER excited that my birthday fell on a TUESDAY this year - because what says "YAY, 35!" more than a pedicure and a solo stroll through Target with a coffee? Nothing.

So at 5:45AM - when I got a phone call...(and then no one was there)...followed by a SECOND phone call at 5:50 tell me that school was CANCELLED - I felt a tinge of "SERIOUSLY, UNIVERSE?!?!?"

We had freezing rain. Yes, the roads were slick...but...ugh. Don't get me wrong - I love my kids. I do. But we had a 3 day weekend. And...well, solo shopping...

I decided I would still go to Target - because I had limited choices. So we ALL went and it was NOT peaceful or enjoyable. But Jack & Josie had some gift cards to use...and I may have found a couple things for myself. Not all bad.
For dinner - we used a Christmas gift from my parents - and ate out as a family at Center Street Grill. We are always the "party" table...and often NOT in a good way. But we had plenty of cheers-ing (yes, I made that a verb) and my kitchen - at home - remained clean.
After dinner - we picked up some mini cupcakes for everyone...including two "pupcakes" for the dogs.

Thankful for this beautiful life or 35 years. Planning on CRUSHING the next 35! Watch out, world.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ice Walking

We had a 3 day weekend (that turned into a 4 day weekend) this past week and we took that opportunity to head to the lake for some R&R. The lake is 1hr 40ish minutes - door to door - which makes it a perfect weekend get away. We feel like it's a vacation - even in the dead of winter.
Things started off rough - when I realized we left BOTH Josie & Nolan's coats at home. Who does that? Rookies.  I remedied the situation with a trip to the outlets. I may have also done some personal shopping for MYSELF - but whatever... Above you can see Josie acting like a dog. Not sure.
We didn't have sleds, so we used a float and some dog leashes... You do what you gotta do.
Tyson didn't enjoy the ice walking as much as the rest of us. Maybe it's because he forgot his boots.
See Tucker's pouty face? He's thinking: "Damnit - where did the water go? I wanna swim. The lake is NO FUN in the winter." {Cooper & Tucker cuss a lot - in case you're wondering.}
After dinner - we had some leftover birthday cake and these two got CRAZY! Why we have so many wig options at the lake - is a mystery...but I renamed them Willie & Wanda. Everyone slept well that night.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

It's SNOW...no, It's RAIN...No, It's ICE.

A few days ago we woke up to a few inches of snow. Tyson had to be at work early for a meeting - so I trusted Jack to "babysit" and ran out to shovel the driveway.
By the time school was out - the temps had melted quite a bit of the snow...but my kids still wanted to play in it. Good thing they got their fix! We've had SO much rain and now it's starting to ice. This is PURE MICHIGAN.
Nolan tried on Jack's fake glasses the other morning and thought he looked pretty smart. He's a funny kid. Ask him to tell you a knock-knock joke.
Tyson was traveling for work this week...and it was our turn to carpool for soccer. I filled the Suburban up! And also reminded myself that I'm OKAY with my 3 kids. I believe carpool is a great form of birth control. We were a walking circus.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy 7th Birthday, Jack!

Dear Jack,
Yesterday you turned 7! And I need to be honest...we did not come through with a party...or even a cake...and this morning you told me that we forgot to sing "happy birthday" to you. I felt like a terrible mom. Holy cow. Who does that?

First of all, I am sorry that you were born so close to the holidays. I feel your pain. January birthdays get the raw end of the deal...mainly because everyone is on a "holiday hangover" and no one wants to have yet ANOTHER party. :(

But - we did celebrate you! We went to see the movie SING! as a family...then for dinner we took everyone, plus your friend, Connor, to Dave & Busters. You guys played games, ate dinner, and drank the most sugary drink EVER. We also had presents for you...so I wasn't a COMPLETE parent failure. And I'm making up for it tonight with your favorite meal: Chicken tacos & a guilt-cake from Costco. We.Will.Sing.

Jack - at 7 - you are funny and kind. You love being with family and friends...yet you definitely crave some quiet time to recharge alone. You love a good joke or a prank. Your favorite shows are America's Funniest Home Videos or any prank show that we deem "age appropriate."  You are SUPER creative. You love drawing and singing...but you especially love RAPPING. Straight up, Detroit style.  For Christmas you got a microphone and you use your iPad to create beats...and then make up songs. You have talent and I hope you keep working hard.

On the soccer field you are the BEST teammate! You are encouraging and upbeat...although we've had to tone down the "bossiness" in your voice. You just really LOVE TO WIN. You play hard and you never give up...which is my favorite part of watching you play. You are a natural athlete, but you will be successful because of your innate WANT to do your best. You love ALL sports...especially soccer, baseball, football, and basketball (because deep down you're a Hoosier).

You love your dad SO much. And you watch out for your little sister and your little brother. You are becoming more responsible...and I appreciate your help.

Jack, you have a HUGE heart and a love for animals. I love your inquisitive nature...even though I sometimes feel like the questions will never end.  I hope you always have a need to find out new information and learn new things. It's one of the BEST qualities you can possess as a person.

Happy birthday to the boy who made me a mom. I love you more than words.


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Are you still here?

I've been a terrible blogger. Apologies. Things got CRAZY at the end of 2016. We have 3 busy kids and I'm running a side-business that feels like a full-time job {at times}. So - I swear, this time I mean it - I will do a better job! Nolan is going to have a huge gap in his "life events" and it's all my fault.

Recap of the end of 2016:

Teeth were lost! Jack has now lost 4 and Josie has lost 2. Nolan has come close to getting a few knocked out...

Fall happened and it was unseasonably warm...which made all of us HAPPY!
For Halloween we had a Kylo Ren, a Snow White, and her side-kick Dopey (sorry, teenage Nolan...I thought it was cute).

After a low-key Thanksgiving - we helped Josie celebrate her 5th birthday! She's a WHOLE HAND now! She had a Tea Party with some friends and it was a very fun time! (See previous post)

For our 11th Anniversary - Tyson and I took a parental time out and flew down to Key West for a long weekend. We had SO much fun...eating, drinking, and honestly, sleeping!!! Yes, I took many naps and slept past 9am. Uncle Bill has a few condos down there and was gracious enough to let us stay in one. He also took us on a bar-hopping tour of Key West and it took me a full day to recover.  Our friends, Jeff & Jaime, came down from Miami too! It was SO much fun! Oh, and we took a very adventurous jet ski tour.

We prepped for Christmas with Josie's Live Nativity program and then SANTA came! His BIG gift this year was a bounce house for our basement! Nolan is one happy kid.

For Christmas we spent time in Fort Wayne, with Agnes (visiting from Idaho) and in Warsaw with Uncle Jon, Cassie, Uncle Joe, Aunt Gina, and all the cousins. Too much fun was had! It is always great to see the kids playing and spending time with their cousins. We wish we were closer to everyone!

So - that's the wrap on 2016. Lame, I know. But I really will be better. 2017 will be an EXCITING year in the Becker house!