Thursday, July 31, 2014

37 Weeks...and waiting

Unless this baby comes between now & midnight - he will officially be an August Baby. (don't even joke that he might be a September Baby...that's not funny) I'm 37 weeks and feeling like a mean, mean person. I'm just irritable. I guess it's good that I know this about myself right now. It doesn't mean it's okay. Pretty sure Tyson thinks "God, just let her have this baby already..."
I try to get the kids out of the house as much as we can, so they don't feel like they are living in a Pregnant Lady's Prison. We've done pretty well on our Summer Fun List, so far...and we have over a month left of "summer break."
Regardless - people are expected to help out in this "Pregnant Lady Prison." I bought a hand-held Shark vacuum and Jack thinks it's the best "toy" ever! Good! Yes, it IS a toy...and you "play with it" by running it on the couch & in the corners. Annnnnd GO!
Once the cushions are clean...apparently they should be stacked into a "pillow tower." I'm telling house looks "played in" 90% of the time and the couch is currently Jack's favorite toy. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Uncle Jon Visits Michigan

Uncle Jon was in the "North" for a friend's wedding, so he flew out of Detroit and came to Northville for a quick visit. Yesterday, he took on the Hands On Museum with us. It was on our Summer Fun List and I knew it wasn't happening unless I had an extra hand. Jon was awesome!
He and Josie played at the water table for a long time! She couldn't get enough.
 Jack was ALL OVER that place and had SO much fun discovering new things.
 He and Uncle Jon launched a rocket. Jack thought that was pretty great.
He also discovered the hologram of a little boy in an old-time General Store. Jack was so confused why the boy wasn't answering him when he yelled, "Hey BOY - what's your name?"
Before we left - we had one more visit to the water table. Josie was soaked, but she didn't care. She was just happy to be having so much fun with Uncle Jon.
For lunch - we hit up an Ann Arbor favorite, Zingerman's Deli. Holy cow. SO good. But really pricey! In the end, Jon and I agreed it was worth the money. (Please ignore my "man-she-really-looks-pregnant-state")

Uncle Jon read the bedtime stories and it was pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen.
And then he read a funny part of the book, with such enthusiasm - both kids CRACKED up!
Seriously. How great is Josie's belly laugh? We hope Uncle Jon comes back soon! He has a new nephew to meet...any day now...any day...

Friday, July 25, 2014

What's in my bag? Third Baby Version

So some of you may have heard of people doing a "What's in my bag?" on blogs/magazines, etc. If I did this for my purse people would be disgusted. I'll refrain. But I will say that I recently found a half-chewed fruit snack and a semi-rotting banana. See...pretty gross. 

Regardless - I packed up my hospital bag and, while I'm NO expert, I have learned that I don't need to pack my entire bedroom for my stay in the hospital. Since I have a lot of friends getting ready to welcome babies...I thought I'd share what I think should be packed.

My Bag: 1) Toiletries, just the norms (shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc) I also pack an extra toothbrush for Tyson, just in case we are in a late-night delivery; 2) Medela Lanolin Cream (New Moms: EMBRACE it, love it, use it!); 3) Comfy "fat" pants - NEWSFLASH: you won't fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans (and if you do, we can't be friends) after having a baby. After Jack was born I remember looking at my stomach (which still looked 6mth pregnant) and thinking "What the HELL is this?" Trust me, fat pants with optimum comfort are KEY; 4) Bathing Suit top - okay this one is probably a head scratcher...but I plan on laboring and possibly delivering in a tub, so this needs to be included; 5) Nursing tanks - going along with the comfy pants, these are amazing. Nursing is always a big priority for me, so I make sure I have these in my bag. Honestly, I will wear them for MONTHS after this guy arrives 6) Towel - take a towel for yourself (and your hubs, if he is staying). The hospital gives you towels, but so far I believe the ones I've seen would barely cover my right thigh; 7) Feminine Care products - okay, truthfully, the hospital will want you to leave wearing a diaper, like your new baby. I'm not down with I always bring my own "items"

Additional (not pictured): phone charger, magazines (that I have been meaning to read for months), DSLR camera, basic make-up, Oreos - nothing makes me crankier than being denied an oreo after dinner
Baby Boy's Bag: 1) aden & anais Swaddle blankets - I just like how light these are. Aside from swaddling they also make great nursing covers, because they aren't hot; 2) Gifts for siblings - I am taking a couple "presents" from Baby Boy for Jack & Josie for when they come to visit us. Welcoming a new baby into the family can be hard for young kids...and while I truly believe we are giving them the BEST gift of all, a new brother, we will give a "peace offering," too (Josie may need it); 3) Newborn Size Diapers - the hospital usually only carries size 1 diapers, which are usually too big for my smaller babies. I bring NB size along (and steal the size ones for later {this isn't actually "stealing" - you will pay for the diapers in your $10k hospital bill}); 4) Going Home Outfit - baby boy will need an outfit to come home in. I bring a NB size outfit and an outfit that fits babies smaller than 7lb. (if you remember - Jack was tiny and nothing fit him); 5) Extra Onesies - I always have a few extra onesies on hand. Josie had one that announced her name...and this guy may, too - if we ever decide on a name.

Also - I have about 4 types of beer that Tyson has been instructed to buy for me once I'm home. If you are thinking, "maybe someone will take Kady a meal..." NO! Bring me a beer. It's what I miss the most when I'm pregnant. AND - for those concerned about the baby - I drink ONE beer after I nurse...and for the record, a Lactation Consultant once told me it helped with your milk supply. I believe her.

Finally - save some room in those bags to "steal" all the things the hospital provides! Pacifiers, diapers (as mentioned before), creams, etc. Seriously, YOU are paying for those things. Take them with you!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Last Weekend at the Lake

First - a quick Baby Boy update...still cooking, but things are "moving." He's dropped down, making walking and sleeping (and living) uncomfortable. I did, however, pack the hospital bags...because every single day I think "TODAY COULD BE THE DAY" and then immediately think, "God, I hope it's not today...I'm not ready."
Last weekend we ventured to the lake. It's a "safe place" mainly because it is about an hour and a half from the hospital. Jack and Josie were excited for a weekend away.
We had a fun time. Saw some friends and enjoyed time with Nancy & Denny. Uncle Devin & Aunt Kristin on making a long trek from Idaho this week...and Uncle Jon is coming for a visit early next week, too! So much family time coming up! We are very excited!
When we're at the lake - Cooper just likes sleeping. I woke up to him, instead of Tyson, on Sunday morning. He's such a momma's boy.

Sunday before we left for Northville - we had quite the scare. Tyson was emptying the kiddie pool and some water ran down into a yellow jacket nest (in the ground). We had no idea it was there. Jack was running by the lake and the next thing we knew he was screaming and running full speed, swatting at his head. He got attacked by the yellow jackets. It was definitely scary, since he'd never been stung before...and he got stung EIGHT times! We watched him for swelling.  After a bit we decided to go to an Urgent Care just to make sure things were okay. The wait at Urgent Care was over an hour. Jack was acting/feeling fine, so we stopped at Walgreens for some cortisone cream, benedryl, and a cherry Ring Pop. He reported that the Ring Pop was what made him feel all better. Phew!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Fun List: The Zoo

On Wednesday the "polar vortex" had settled into Michigan and I, along with every other VERY pregnant woman, was THRILLED. Polar Vortex in the Winter = BAD. Polar Vortex in the Summer = glorious relief. So I told the kids it was a ZOO day. We loaded up and headed back to good ol' Royal Oak. Before the zoo we had to say HI to our old house and then I needed a Sonic fix.
The zoo was great! Busy, but great! Because the weather was cooler - the animals were all more active, which is always fun. The Grizzly Bears were hilarious. Let's just say they gave Jack some new "potty talk" material (what is it with boys and their obsession with poop??).
I was hauling 70+ pounds of children in the wagon, so when I saw an opening for some Soft Serve ice cream - I ordered it!
We took a carousel ride before leaving for the day. Of course, no visit to the zoo is complete without a Zoo Tantrum. (Previously seen HERE and HERE.) Josie threw quite the fit getting off her Nemo Fish. Lots of stares and head turns...but I just smiled, because I know the truth. Zoo Fits are in our DNA. Good thing we have Baby #3 coming along to carry on the tradition.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

What's Been Going On?

Since my blogging has been slacking a bit lately...I thought I share what's been going on in the Becker House lately...
Josie is obsessed with tutus (her addiction is currently being filled by BOTH of her grandmas). She also received a "princess" nightgown from Greta and it must be worn EVERY night. Above you can see her reaction to learning it was in the wash. She wasn't happy.

Question: How did someone so ANTI-pink, ANTI-princess end up with a daughter who loves both?? Funny joke, Universe.
We've been playing outside...unless I'm on the brink of a pregnant-woman-meltdown (Tyson knows all about these) and then we stay in the A/C. On this day - Jack was hitching a ride with Josie - who is a terrible driver, I should add.
Tucker is tired. He dreams of living at the lake...where someone is 100% dedicated to throwing his ball for him.
Nancy and Denny came up for a Jack & Josie fix. Josie accompanied Grandpa to buy a new car, while Jack went to Flint with Grandma to pick up some of Aunt Kristin's art.
I was told - about 6 months ago - about a local grocery store that allows customers to shop online and then pick up their groceries curbside at a set time. I held off...until Monday. I decided on our menu for the week, placed my order Sunday night, and arrived at the store at my set time. I called the number and told them I was there for a pick-up. The man came out to check my ID - because I bought beer for Tyson. Then returned a few minutes later to load my order in my car. This is a $7 service...and worth every single penny. I spent less (because I wasn't tempted to throw stuff in the cart) and I left with my sanity (because I wasn't forced to grocery shop with two children). Win - Win. Also - dangerous and borderline lazy.
Finally - I'm pretty excited that one of my wine cup designs has hit the shelves in Winona Lake! My "sales rep" (aka: Jerry) took a cup into Eagle Creek Farms Market and she decided to sell them in her store! She is the woman who sells Rise n' Roll donuts...and I've considered getting paid in donuts. However, my CFO (aka: Tyson) thinks that's a bad idea.

Baby Update:
- Braxton Hicks contractions are still strong & often.
- I have my hospital bag 50% packed
- Baby Boy has some clean clothes & diapers all set
- He is still un-named
- I still haven't put clean towels in the car

Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Fun List: A Morning at the Farm

We spent a day at the Domino's Farm in Ann Arbor. It's on our Summer Fun List and it's a great way to spend a morning. Tyson was working from home that day - so it was also a way to give him some "quiet."
The kids fed some pigs, goats, horses, and a donkey.
It was a little overcast, but it wasn't busy. We had fun running around. Jack asked approximately 175 questions while we were there. He's in a very inquisitive stage.
We sat down for a snack, said goodbye to our farm friends, and headed back to Northville.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fourth of July

We had a great 4th of July on Lake George! The weather was perfect and it was nice to spend some time on the lake.
We also got to see friends and family - which is always fun! Josie ran into Uncle Devin's friend, Michael (aka: Bubba, Super Fat Mikey {from his Indy radios days}). She was smitten. We enjoyed dinner and catching up with family at Aunt Linda & Uncle Bill's, too.
On Saturday - Joe, Gina, and their 3 kiddos came to visit us! 5 kids under 5...with #6 on the way is 100% chaotic. It's also SO fun! There was plenty of swimming, snacking, playing, and pillow jumping.  Tyson took Joe out on the Sea Doo for a pre-dinner ride (I hear it was fast). Later that night we watched the Boat Parade and the fireworks - firework viewing from the porch of the cottage because my kids hate loud noises.
Cooper and Tucker were dreaming of the pork Joe made in his Big Green Egg. I'll be honest - I don't really like pork...but they was REALLY delicious and I believe I may have had dreams about it that night, too.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Detroit: more than what you hear in the news...

My mom mentioned that she had never seen downtown Detroit (random fact: her mom, my Grandma Walker, was born in Detroit). So, we packed everyone up and headed downtown.  My parents got to see the building where Tyson works. And the kids discovered the Splash Pad along the River Walk.
Despite being fully dressed...and lacking towels - we went ahead and told them they could run through the water. A) It was hot. B) They're kids & you're only a kid once. C) If I didn't despise clingy wet clothes - I would have been in the water, too.
Because it was so hot - we squeezed out the excess water from shirts & shorts/tutus...and let the kids air dry with a stroll down the River.
Grandpa Jerry treated us to a pre-lunch ice cream treat (we were breaking all the rules that day) and then a carousel ride. After filling our bellies with a DELICIOUS lunch from the famous Slows Bar BQ Restaurant, we headed back to Northville for naps.

It was a fun day and it was great to show my parents a different side of Detroit.  Our home is open to visitors who want to experience Detroit for themselves. Free room & board in exchange for childcare & laundry. (kidding. kinda.)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Soccer Season Wrap Up

Blogging has taken a backseat to pregnancy...which is sad. My apologies. Between heartburn, leg cramps, and some pretty strong Braxton Hicks two kids and my Etsy shop...this mama is reaching her limit. If I make it to August, it will be a minor miracle.
My parents came a couple weekends ago for Jack's last soccer game. They brought these donuts with them...they're called Rise n Roll donuts. The are AMAZING. You can trust me, I know donuts. They literally melt in your mouth. My family refers to them as "crack." So, we may be under surveillance by the FBI... {NSA/FBI - again, just so we are clear, these donuts are addictive and unreal. I've never done crack - because Whitney told me it's whack... When I refer to "crack" it's either in reference to these donuts or my child's pants falling off}
 Moving on...Jack had his last soccer game and he was SO proud of his trophy. He had a great season and learned a lot about the game of soccer. He will play in a fall league starting in September.
Grandpa Jerry & Grandma Shirlee came for Jack's last game. He LOVES having an audience.
After soccer and the pool - we enjoyed lunch out in Northville, followed by ice cream.
Josie was just super pumped about her rainbow ice cream...because she's the girliest girlie girl I know.