Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bedding and Belly

Getting Ready

I have officially entered the 3rd Trimester and I am SO happy! I remember in May, seeing when each trimester would begin and thinking "Oh my gosh - October is SO far away." What do you know - time has flown by! I know I am so blessed to be enjoying my pregnancy. (despite the tear-inducing leg cramps at night)

Last weekend we had THE GREAT BECKER PURGE. We went through boxes, cleaned out closets, and re-organized our newly built storage area in the garage. I made a trip to the Salvation Army and tonight Tyson made several trips to the curb for Trash Day tomorrow. It feels good to get rid of some things we've been hoarding since college! Plus, Baby Becker is already acquiring his fair share of "stuff" and he needs closet space too...

After a serious meltdown (or three) about baby bedding - I settled on one Sunday night. Grandma Shirlee couldn't wait for it to be ON the crib, so she ordered it Monday and it arrived today. I guess impatience is inherited, because it was ON the crib less than 10 minutes after I arrived home from work. I absolutely LOVE it and can't wait to get everything finished up this weekend.

Look for Halloween pictures this weekend. Tyson insists that I need to "take advantage" of my bump - "because I may never be pregnant at Halloween again." So - I will be taking advantage of the bump. Off to make my costume!! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I have been QUITE the slacker lately...with updating this and getting things ready for the baby. Tyson worked hard to get the crib put together and then called to ask where the mattress was...OOPS! His reply to me telling him that I haven't bought one yet was - "Aren't you supposed to be nesting or something?!?!" Ummmm, yes, I do believe that will come eventually.

Right now, I am swamped with things at school. First graders (and reading assessments) keep a woman BUSY!

We have also been doing our fair share of traveling too! Two weekends ago we visited our old stomping ground - Cleveland, OH - for a friend's wedding. This past weekend we were in Indianapolis for another friend's wedding and then traveled down to Bloomington to see Devin. Along the way we were able to see a lot of great friends and I was able to indulge in some of my favorite foods. We had so much fun - but we are looking forward to a weekend at home this weekend! And I might just decide to "nest" a little...maybe...

Donut Day

It was Donut Day at school today. The kids were allowed to bring $.50 and get a donut to help support a local foundation. Anyone that knows me, knows that I inherited my Grandma Peg's LOVE for donuts. Pregnancy has only amplified this love and donuts were a regular in my diet during my first trimester (thanks to Tim Hortons, Donut Cutter, and Tom's Donuts).

So, needless to say - I was PUMPED for Donut Day. I took a class order yesterday and 14 kids requested a donut. On my sheet - I wrote down 15, because of course - Baby Checker needs his fill too. The lady showed up in my classroom this morning with 15 freshly baked, Krispy Kreme donuts. They smelled like heaven. Like my first graders, I had my $.50 ready. I had also left plenty of room in my morning appetite (less Life cereal) for my donut. As the donuts were being passed out - I realized that someone who had not requested a donut yesterday, had brought their money and was buying MY donut. Of course, I couldn't be THAT pregnant despite having an unfulfilled craving and a growling belly - I let MY donut be sold to one of my six year olds. (I hope God was watching)

I spent the next 10 minutes watching 15 kids eat donuts. One little girl kept saying, "Mrs. Becker - this is the BEST donut ever! It's so yummy. Mmmmm." I wanted to smack her. It was definitely not a proud moment. My inner dialogue was saying - "Listen kid, you stole MY donut and I'm why don't you eat and shut up about it already!" Of course - instead, I smiled and said, "Yeah, it looks really good. Hurry and finish it so you can do your handwriting."

Apparently, it was my LUCKY DAY because when I went to the Teacher's Lounge for lunch - there was a box of extra donuts. You know I had one. And that little girl was right - it was very "yummy." Craving: fulfilled.

Monday, October 12, 2009


So I fell this past weekend. It was the most bizarre thing ever. I was lying in bed, with a Tucker on my left leg. I stood up - right foot first - and when I shifted my weight to my left leg, I tumbled to the ground. I had a severe case of "dead leg." Basically Tucker had made my leg fall SO asleep, I didn't realize it and it just wouldn't work. I landed on my back/right butt cheek. At first, I was scared, so I started to cry. Immediately, I thought "OH NO - the baby!" However, I soon realized he was VERY well padded. Then I thought, "Did I break my leg and not realize it?" After about 30 seconds of inner dialogue - I looked at the bed and saw Cooper and Tucker staring down at me like, "Mom, what are you doing down there?"

I realized it was okay to laugh. I started calling for Tyson, because I knew I wouldn't be able to stand up on my own. He came running, very concerned and then half-annoyed that I was laughing. Needless to say, I am finding it difficult to sit on the right side of my "tush" (as my 1st graders call it).

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Checker has a CRIB!

Checker is happy. Tyson is happy. And I saved 20% on the crib - so you KNOW I'm happy! I decided TODAY was the DAY and I made my way to Babies-R-Us after school. The crib is white and cute...and everything we need in a crib. It should be in later this week! Phew. Glad that is over on to bedding. Oy vey!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I am the QUEEN of procrastination and I absolutely HATE making decisions. The fact that we still don't have a crib is weighing heavily on my mind - yet you would never know it, because I find a million different ways to procrastinate and a million different excuses to NOT make a decision. This was my outlet this weekend - along with MANY loaves of pumpkin bread.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Things I Love...

Here are some things that can be found in our nursery and I LOVE them. I find myself spending more and more time in that room, after over a year of barely noticing it even existed. We are getting closer to a suitable nursery.

Friday, October 2, 2009

23 Week Picture

Nancy, prepare the manual!

I have requested that my mother-in-law forward me the manual she used to raise Tyson - especially as a toddler. Before we were married his family enjoyed popping in old holiday movies - mainly to point out JUST how "active" Tyson was as a child. It seems we could be in for the same "active" Baby Boy.

Yesterday was my 23 week appointment. It was quick and easy - except when it came to finding Checker's heartbeat. I didn't panic - as I would have a couple months ago - because ALL day I had felt him squirming around in there. My doctor searched for a good 5 minutes...periodically coming across his heartbeat, only to lose it a second later when he decided to MOVE. This happened 4 or 5 times. Finally she got him to hold still long enough to get the rate and said, "Well, he's in the high 150's/low 160's." Having a thorough Google education on baby's heart rates - I asked if that was "normal" for a boy. She laughed and said, "Well - ummm, it's normal for a very ACTIVE boy." I laughed, but in the back of my mind all I could see were the videos of Tyson jumping off beds and putting his head into the camera lens to make a face.

Then again - maybe he is the next Michael Phelps - just swimming some laps in his pool of amniotic fluid.