Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer Mode...almost

 I've been spending lots of time with these two. Josie is out of school and our days are filled with...well, each other. Lots of time with each other.
 I've been keeping some crafts around for Josie. She's a crafty girl...must be in the blood.
The pool opened - which means we are ALL happy. Nolan is quite the swimmer! Swim lessons for everyone this summer!
 Oh - and Snapchat...when we're bored. It's so ridiculous, but so funny.
Josie is realizing how boring my "day to day" life is while she's at school I'm pretty sure she thinks I have dance parties at Chuck-E-Cheese... False. It's grocery shopping, and Costco, and laundry. Never grow up.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Memorial Day

We spent Memorial Day at the lake and it was AMAZING. Everything. We got to spend the whole weekend with family and friends...which is pretty much the best case scenario. There were a couple games of chess...

Lots of swimming in the {just a tad cool} lake. Both Jack & Josie will pretty much be fish this summer.

We took plenty of boat rides. Nolan decided he likes the boat.

 ...and taking baths in the sink.
 ...and reading the newspaper with Papa Denny.
 We got to hang out and play with the Dixon/Wright clan. Jack is the oldest at 6...Maddie is two weeks older than Josie (peas in a pod) and Will is two weeks older than Nolan. This is a crazy crew.
 Grandma Shirlee and Grandpa Jerry stopped by Sunday for a boat ride, lunch, and the Indy 500.

 Oh - and there was plenty of desserts. Cake & ice cream. Jack was in heaven. Looking forward to MANY more weekends at the lake!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Pre-School 3's in the books...

Josie's days in 3's Preschool have come to an end. She had a great year...loved going to school and spending time with her new friends. We have been blessed with the best teachers at that school. Very thankful for their love and guidance. Josie is in full "summer mode" now. You can find her at the pool.

Jack has been playing two baseball games a week. It keeps us busy.  A couple weeks ago he played against his buddy, Ainslie. They've been friends since they were 3.

Sunday, May 22, 2016


On any given day - you can find us at Starbucks. It's sad when your kids "know their order" there. And mind do.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Jack the Quarterback

A few months ago Jack came home from school with a paper about flag football. Tyson and I have always been on the same page about football....NO. We have always told Jack that we love his brain too much for him to play football. BUT - Jack was SO excited about flag football and really wanted to play.  We heard him out...he made some good points...and we decided to let him try it out for the spring.  He got "drafted" to the that was a WIN. And in his first game scored two TDs. 
He likes it. I'm not convinced that he LOVES it...but it's still early in the season.  I have a feeling he will be paying closer attention to the Lions this year...lets hope they're good.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mother's Day with Josie

A couple weeks ago - Josie's school celebrated Mother's Day with all the moms. It was a super fun, super special day with my favorite girl.  She performed a few songs and showered me with gifts. We had tea & snacks together...and she discovered she likes bagels. BIG DAY.  Can't believe her first year of preschool is almost over!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Nolan Never Stops...

Kid can find food all day long. He has learned that mom says he goes and asks Josie. 
 On this particular night...Crying.
We have had two really, really, really awful nights at the lake with him. Up-all-night...In-Yo-Face nights. And they broke me.
 Getting his way.
He's a demanding kid. He knows what he wants and he expects you to get it for him...yesterday.
{side note: This is the classic lemon water from Costco...or otherwise known as 1/4 lemonade, 3/4 water. He thinks it's a super special drink.}
 Being cute.
I mean...seriously...even when he makes me crazy - he doesn't stop being cute.
 oh wait...
Maybe this qualifies as "not cute" - this is his "I'm so ticked at you, mom" face. Had to capture it. Even though I feel like I'll see it a lot in my life.

 Wanting to GO.
He is a man on the move. Always moving. Unless he's sleeping or watching a few minutes of Mickey...he is moving. Which explains why my blog has suffered. I'm NOT blaming him...I'm just saying, three kids has me like...Zzzz.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Pinkalicious the Musical came to Detroit last weekend and some of the moms from our playgroup came with us to see it! The girls all got pink (of course) lollipops before the performance...which they licked (or in Josie's case - chomped on) throughout the show. They were so fun to watch as they watched the play!
The show took place downtown Detroit in Jos took a picture with a Red Wings bobble head.  The state of Michigan is pretty pumped for Red Wings playoffs....a parade would be fun.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


 It FINALLY feels like spring around here! Actually - it's borderline "summer" weather - but you won't hear us complaining. Unless we are walking home from school - then EVERYBODY'S complaining. It's a real treat.
We have been taking some time after we pick up Jack to play outside or at a local park. We can't wait for the pool to open (literally, someone has asked since it closed in September...I'm not even kidding).
And how about Nolan's redhead bedhead? His hair has a mind of it's own....kind of like him, now that I think about it. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

90th Birthday

Last weekend Josie and I took a quick trip over to Jackson to see Grandpa Jerry and Great Aunt Sue. They were visiting the mitten to celebrate THEIR aunt's 90th birthday! My Great Aunt Jean (my Grandpa Clev's sister) tunred 90! Josie was excited to see "the birthday girl" wearing a tiara. 

Oh...and it had SNOWED to our west...kind of a lot that day. Josie acted like she was happy to see it. I refuse to claim her when she pulls that nonsense.