Friday, October 17, 2014

Similarities in Siblings?

Here they order. What do you think? 
Do you see some similarities? 
I just see three healthy babies. 
Very thankful, very blessed.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Feeding Ducks

Before we get to the ducks...this is Nolan's best Milton impersonation from Office Space. "Ummm, I believe you have my stapler..."
Last Thursday we visited the local cider mill. They give out free day-old-donuts so kids can feed the ducks. I believe this is where the phrase "Lucky Duck" comes from...
Jack and Josie had so much fun feeding the ducks! They came right up to us, begging for donut crumbles.
See - they love each other! It's become more evident since Nolan's arrival! They spend lots of time destroying playing in the basement together and I've adopted the "survival of the fittest" mantra of parenting. Solve your problems, kids...I don't have time to figure out whose turn it is for what. If you hit and get hit back - I don't want to hear any crying. Keep your %&#@ hands to yourself. I rarely get called on to intervene, so I think it's working. Or they're just quietly beating each other up - ninja style...either way...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

8 Weeks

Before I forget - Nolan is 8 weeks old today! And as you can see from the picture, he doesn't miss a meal. I spy arm chub and I love it!

Here are a few things we know about Nolan:
- He has a dimple on his left cheek (adorable)
- He has red/auburn hair (for now)
- His eyes appear to be blue...but sometimes I see hints of brown, so we aren't 100% sure yet
- He wants to be held/cuddled ALL.THE.TIME
- He has a serious...and I mean SERIOUS - temper. You'll know when he's mad. Everyone knows when he's mad.
- He loves his brother & sister. Hearing their voices or seeing their faces makes him happy.
- He's strong. He loves standing up on his legs and gets really proud of himself.
- He will NOT take a pacifier. (sidetone: I never believed moms who said that their babies wouldn't take a paci...until I had a child that refused to take a paci. I've tried every day (for 8 weeks), multiple kinds - NOPE. Seriously frustrating.)
- Despite his anger & stubbornness - He's VERY loved.

Pumpkin Patch

Last week we ventured to the Pumpkin Patch...and when I say "ventured" - we basically turned left out of our neighborhood & we were there. Regardless - we needed pumpkins and George Farm has the best prices in town!
We left Nolan asleep by the barn...yes, there was a person there & no, his stroller was never going to make it into the pumpkin patch. We found some great pumpkins!
Jack really wanted one that was basically a small planet. But I wasn't strong enough to pick it up, so it will stay there until a stronger mommy comes along.
Nolan slept through the entire event. No worries though, he got his very first pumpkin! Stay tuned for our adventures in carving...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Nothing but Noley: 7 Weeks

 Nolan spending some time with Daddy before bed.
 Starting to get some chunky cheeks. 
 This was the look I got when I put him down after carrying him around all morning. 
Not happy. Might be spoiled.
His favorite time...bath time.
Just a dude, some warm water, bubbles, and a view of some pine trees.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fire Station Field Trip

Last Wednesday Josie, Nolan, and I joined Jack and his class for a field trip to the Northville Fire Station. Josie took it upon herself to join the class. She was an active participant.  Jack was, too, for that matter. He was practically giddy (because as you know, he was a fireman for Halloween - TWO years in a row).
The Fire Chief got into all of his gear to show the kids what a fireman looks like when he responds to a fire.
All of the kids got to get into the big fire truck. Josie showed her lack of school-ness, by butting in front of all of Jack's classmates. Big brother set her straight.
See how giddy Jack was - he struck a pose by the fire truck. 

It's Fire Safety Month! Don't forget to talk to your kiddos about two ways out of your house and a family meeting place! Oh - and check your smoke detectors! {that message brought to you by my former Insurance Agent Self}

Friday, October 3, 2014

Let's Celebrate!

We went back to Warsaw last weekend to CELEBRATE the the ADOPTION of Joe & Gina's kiddos. They had a BIG party downtown Warsaw and it was so much fun! The food was catered by a food truck - AMAZING. And then, there were Betty's Cupcakes and Cookies. I'm pretty sure 5/6 children in the family were on a sugar high for most of the night. But, just as adults can "over-consume" on adult beverages - the kids can party with sugar.
 Walker is newly one and he's a man on a mission. For those who know how busy Jack was at one - I can tell you, I think Walker is MORE active. Hard to believe, I know.
Jack and Grandma Shirlee waiting by the food truck. Jack looks exhausted. And he was.
My Aunt Sue was showing my Great Aunts their newest GREAT GREAT NEPHEW, Nolan. Doesn't Nolan's face look hilarious?!? He definitely had some WTF moments, as he was passed around that night.
Nancy and Denny came for the party, too! They were two extra sets of hands and all of the kids were ready to wreak havoc on the city of Warsaw.
Josie - BIG fan of the Photo Booth. Huge. I'm pretty sure I never saw her without a prop.
Jack loved the props too - especially the "MusTake" (great combo of mustache and mistake). The only problem is he's not exactly sure where the mustake should go on the face...
Gina's dad (that's not her dad above) provided a party bus and a carriage for rides around town. I have to admit, it was great entertainment for the kiddos. Jack and Josie took a carriage ride with my Aunt Suzie. Oh look - Jack was eating something other than cookies & cupcakes...DORITOS. Nice. Well, we can pretend the cheese was giving him a serving of calcium. #momoftheyear
My brothers and I have been blessed with some wonderful Great Aunts in our lives. Here we are pictured with my Great Aunt Mary.  She's 98 and still amazing. Also - because we rarely have all three of us together - please note the Clevenger Blue Eyes in full force! Those genes are STRONG, I tell you! I have three blue-eyed kids to prove it.

More pictures to come...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Josie's First Trip to the Salon

Literally FOR MONTHS - I've been telling Josie she needs a haircut. So I finally took her on Monday morning after we dropped Jack off at school. Let's just say - she was a HOT MESS.
She cried through the whole thing. She also claimed that "it hurrrrrts" - which was news to me. I've had hundreds of haircuts and not one of them have hurt. The lady cutting her hair was nice...but I could tell she was annoyed. Sorry, lady.
The end result was a cute little bob haircut and a pink sucker! Everyone was happy.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

All Over the Place

That's the answer to the question: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???

A couple weekends ago - my entire family (parents, grandparents, Joe, Jon, Gina, & kiddos) all met in Grand Haven for a long-weekend. We rented a house and it was a BLAST! All of the kids are so close in age, it was non-stop action.

Jack went to school on the following Monday and reported to his teacher that he had a lot of fun on his "occasion."  But he quickly followed that up with "but my mommy didn't have fun, because she was feeding the baby." At least he's observant.

Nolan spent the weekend being held and spoiled. He loved every minute of it. We celebrated Jon's 28th birthday with a Kosciusko County favorite - Betty's Cake. It was awesome.
Speaking of awesome - Jack caught his very FIRST fish!! Uncle Joe is quite the fisherman (like a real one, that wins tournaments) and he introduced Jack to the sport. Jack used a pink princess fishing pole (that he borrowed from his cousin, Emma) and caught a little bluegill. He was pretty proud of himself!
In case you missed it - which we did not - IU beat Missouri that weekend. Good thing, too. We had LOTS of IU fans on the edges of their seats as they watched the game on Tyson's iPad. Lots of cheering and fist pumping...

After we left Grand Haven, we made a stop in Ypsilanti to celebrate Nuala's 5th birthday! It was a LONG, but super fun weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nolan's One Month Stats

Believe it or not (I prefer not to) - this little guy is already a month old! He had his one month check up yesterday and he's already a WHOPPING 10lb 14oz. So - yeah... I'd say he's well on his way to being a chunk like his sister.  He grew an inch, too!

Jack had a check up, too! He's healthy and growing well! Don't ask him about his visit though...he was NOT happy about getting his vaccinations. Luckily, he's all set for Kindergarten next fall!