Sunday, May 3, 2015

Shame Shame

In case you haven't heard the AWESOME news - Uncle Devin is an AUTHOR! His book - Shame Shame was published and is available on Amazon. We got our copy!
Jack and Josie were excited to see a familiar face on the back of the book. Jack wanted me to read some of the poems to him. I told him we'd hold onto the book and he could read it when he's a little older.
Agnes posed with her Daddy's book, too.
NOTE: Reading the book did NOT put her to sleep. She was already tired...

Saturday, May 2, 2015

An Apple A Day

It's feeling like spring in Michigan. We celebrate by playing outside...and snacking on apples.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Baseball Season has begun

Jack's baseball season is underway. He had his first game on Tuesday night and despite the fact it started AFTER our normal bedtime (7:15!!) - we all went. Safe to say everyone was a HOT MESS once it was over...but I wasn't missing his first game ever.
He's probably the youngest on his team and looks like a shrimp out there. But it's SO cute. His first position on the field was catcher. Hilarious.

Here is his first hit EVER...because, you know, ESPN might need this someday. ;)

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Family Dinner in Milford

Nancy and Denny came for a visit last weekend. Saturday night we took them to the little town of Milford, MI for dinner and some ice cream.
Josie went for the "superman" ice cream...and I cringed because she was wearing cream pants. Mom fail.
Nolan may have had a few licks of vanilla ice cream. He *MAY* also eat other things that I NEVER would have handed Jack at 8 months old. Pretty sure he's fine.

 It was a gorgeous night and we had a fun time sitting outside.
"Do I have something on my face?"

It was a great time! We had dinner and drinks at Palate. One of our new favorites - because its great for date night and is also family friendly. Hey, Milford - two thumbs up for you!
 Sunday morning - Tyson and Nancy hashed out some lake house details.
And Denny busied himself with coloring...Josie was eager to get her "papa" involved in her art.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nolan is 8 months

Well - like the MOM OF THE YEAR - that I am...I have missed Nolan's 8 month birthday. So - here it is...a few days {or a week} late.

Nolan is Mr. Personality. He loves people - especially his brother & sister. He is always very happy...unless he's hungry, tired, or if he feels like he's being rejected. He wants to establish his place in our family and would prefer if he could have a permanent place on my hip.

Here is a little clip of our Noley. He's well loved...and well fed.

A Visit to the RenCen

Last Tuesday the kids and I visited Tyson at work. We always have a fun time when we go for a visit. Josie and Jack were most impressed with the Palm Trees that live in the Winter Garden there. Josie was hugging them - in true Tree Hugger fashion.

We tested out some cars. All of them got HIGH ratings from the kids. They were both BIG fans of the Lime Green Chevy Spark...and - when I pointed at a beautiful blue Corvette and asked Jack which one he would want...he chose the Spark. Fine. But I have a feeling he'll be changing his tune over the next few years. {Also, for the record, NO BECKER CHILD - in this family - will ever drive a Corvette on their parents' dime}
 After the car testing - we enjoyed lunch in the food court. Big stuff for the kids!
 Then we jumped on the elevator and went to meet Tyson's "work friends" (as Jack calls them). Josie worked on some Excel Spreadsheets...
 And Jack caught up on some light some barges passed on the Detroit River.
 Nolan was just happy to be along for the ride {literally}.

Little tidbit - I have never been to Canada. And every time I'm downtown Detroit I think "I'm just going to grab my passport and drive over there." But I still haven't done it.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Sleep Training

Excuse the absence. We've been undergoing some "changes" around here lately - starting with sleeping habits. Nolan - has been unofficially kicked out of our bed and into his crib. He thinks this is a terrible idea and disapproves from 7:30-9:30pm...and at other points in the night. Usually by 3am I'm done fighting it and just cave...because he's the third child and those are the rules (RULE: parents cave for the 3rd child).
In other amazing sleep news - Josie has started this really awesome "phase" where she wakes up screaming because she's "afraid of the dark time." These are difficult times. Coffee is good.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Nolan and Evie

This is Nolan's girlfriend, Evelyn. She's a couple weeks younger than him. They meet on Wednesdays for playgroup.
This week Evie had a secret for Nolan, she learned how to crawl. I saw them whispering and I think I heard him say, "teach me what you know." I immediately picked him up and moved him away...because we can't have that. Too soon. Not ready. {Me, not him}

Friday, April 17, 2015

Front Yard Shenanigans

We've been spending a lot of time outside! Finally.
It might be baseball season...because this kid is geared up and ready! Baseball season starts on Sunday. FACT: Tyson is MOST excited.
My kids fight. It's exhausting. So I gave them both pool noodles and said HAVE AT IT. And they did. Don't be fooled by Josie's sweet little voice. That chick can pack a punch. She's feisty. And I love it {most of the time}.
Nolan is happy just watching...for now. He's taking notes and will surely be part of ALL the action soon enough.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Vitamin Z

We made our way through the Detroit Zoo for the first time this year! It was Nolan's first out-of-belly trip...and he was a fan.
We met up with my friend, Erin, and her baby girl, Clara. It was Clara's first trip, too. The zoo made her sleepy.
This is us feeling sorry for the polar bears because - duh - they prefer our hella cold winters.
Saying HI to the mama giraffe and her baby - who is one month YOUNGER than Nolan. He's a big dude.
Obligatory Rhino pic for Josie's Papa Denny. One of them was scratching his belly on a rock.
And because they were all good - we got to ride the carousel before we left. Ironically, this was a fit-free trip to the zoo. Give us a year or two and Nolan will be primed and ready.