Thursday, January 31, 2013

Uncle Jonny

Last week Uncle Jonny came over to pick up my mom & dad. He got in a quick game of baseball with Jack - which made Jack's night! He was hitting some serious "home runs" - right in the living room!
 So focused when he plays baseball...

Uncle Jonny was a good sport and even morphed into a PowerRanger/Hulk combo. Jack thought it was hilarious.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Photo Booth Favs

My school laptop is big. I sorta need a suitcase to haul her around. Once I was taking her on an airplane and Tyson told me the TSA probably wouldn't let me have her in my carry-on because it could be considered a battery-ram/weapon. Not funny.

Fast-forward to my birthday weekend and Tyson came home from Best Buy with a new 11" MacBook Air...pretty much the opposite of my school laptop. It's tiny and awesome and (once I have all my software on it) I *will* use it a lot!

Here are some of my favorites so far in my Photo Booth...Jack LOVES taking his picture, if you can't tell.


 Jack got new play dough for his birthday - a perfect gift for the FREEZING cold temps we've had lately!
 Jack made a snowman and Josie kept busy putting all the play dough away.
Sometimes it's more fun to sit ON the table. (Under adult supervision, of course)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Josie's Favorite Room

You probably won't be too surprised to learn that Josie's favorite "room" in the house is the pantry. Here are a sequence of pictures to prove it:
Josie goes to her favorite room and tries to open the door...
 It's shut and she can't reach the handle. "Hello? Can someone help me, please?"
No one is helping. So she cries - big crocodile tears.
Eventually, I feel bad and open the door. She goes in and looks for her favorite snack.
She comes out HAPPY. And that's proof - Josie loves the pantry more than any other room in the house.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

4 Adults, 4 kids, 3 dogs - One night at the Lake

We spent 22 hours at the Lake with the Jakobsens this weekend! It was SO awesome to see them, meet Baby Louise, and catch up! Jack and Molly picked up right where they left off and got along great…just the normal 3 year old stuff.
 It was relaxing…well, as relaxing as it could be with 4 children under 4…and three large dogs.
The lake was completely frozen. Jack and Molly had a blast running on it, crawling on it, and making snow angels! I think Molly even snuck a few bites of snow...

By 9pm all of the children were asleep - and the adults had a chance to have some fun! Adult beverages and a card game kept us up WAY past our normal bedtime. (the porch was freezing…if you can't tell by our blankets) It was NOT, however, sunny - but Tyson was celebrating the fact that Brooke found his long-lost sunglasses.

We learned (again) that we shouldn't have stayed up so late. The kids didn't have "SLEEP IN" on their agenda for today. Rough.
Lots of rides in the tractor!
And finally, an updated group picture! Last time we took this - Louise was in Brooke's belly. I'm pretty sure she thinks we're all too loud…and a tad crazy. She's right.

Always SO great to see our MI buddies! Jack is already asking, "When can I see Molly, Mom?"

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Man of the Year

Right after my parents went back to Florida (after Christmas) we received an email letting us know that my Dad had been named "Man of the Year" for Kosciusko County. It's a great recognition for all of the time he has dedicated back to the community! Luckily, Dad was already coming back to Warsaw for work - so mom and I concocted a "white lie" to tell him so Mom could come home, too. We told him she was coming to a program for Jack & Josie at their school. Kind of a stretch, but it worked.
Last night we drove to Warsaw to see Dad win the award. He was pretty surprised and it was fun to be there with him!
A fellow Hanover College Alum was in attendance…you may have heard of him - Governor Mike Pence. I really wanted to pull him aside and say, "Hey, Mike - let's talk education…got a minute??" But I'm pretty sure he didn't… He was in and out pretty quickly.
And because I know the real reason you're here - a picture of Jack & Josie. Jack needs a haircut. Never good when you can rock a (TALL) mohawk in the bathtub.

Congrats, again, to my Dad! We are all so proud of you and - although you may not believe it - we know it is VERY much deserved!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Driver's ED

Temperatures on Saturday were in the 40's - and with FREEZING temps looming, we decided to let Jack take his new truck for a spin. It's nice to be on a quiet cul-de-sac for times like this...

Now I know how my parents felt when I was learning to drive. 

I was yelling things like:
  • LOOK where you're going!!!
  • BOTH hands on the wheel!!!
  • You almost hit that (fill in the blank: tree, rock, mailbox, car)
  • DO NOT run over your sister. Go THAT way (pointing in opposite direction).
  • Reverse. REVERSE! REVERSE!!
Thank God we have 13 years before we have to deal with him behind the wheel of a real Ford F-150. Although, judging by the way he drives - we may need to buy him a tank.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Secret: TpT

So I have had a Teachers Pay Teachers store since this summer. I figured if I was making things for my own classroom - I'd add it to the site and see what happens.

I sell things here and there…and it's fun. But I was pretty excited this morning when I woke up and saw that one of my products is featured as a FREE DOWNLOAD this week! Made my day. If you are a teacher - check it out! It's a fun "side job" - that I can do easily, since it goes along with what I do everyday - TEACH!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Josie's On the Move

Look out, World. Josie has decided that she's had enough crawling and she's on to bigger & better things - like walking. She's been "practicing" for a while now…but I believe she is finally official. Jack is still SO impressed and always yells, "Yook, Mom, Josie walking!" And then, in typical male fashion - he says, "But I can RUN!" Show off.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Birthday number 31

Ignore my messy desk. Fountas & Pinnell (reading assessment) exploded on it...
Yesterday was my 31st birthday.  Ten years ago - I was having a blast, drinking - legally - for the first time. Actually, to be more specific - I was at DePauw, during Winter Term (aka: no one on campus), at a hole-in-the-wall bar, getting a lap dance from two townies. It was gross. Luckily, my pseudo-boyfriend Tyson was there to rescue me. There were Strawberry Shortcake Shots and eventually some traditional 21st birthday puking. Stellar.

Fast forward TEN whole years and I spent my birthday teaching 5/6 year olds. Let me tell you - if you think birthdays "are just another day" - you need to celebrate with 22 Kindergarteners. They sang to me, gave me hugs ALL day, told me I'm "the bestest teacher EVER," and were well-behaved ALL day. It was awesome! One of my kiddos - who came to me in October and knew 9 letters - read me a (level B) book and I cried (joyful tears).

I cried again when the secretary called to tell me I had flowers waiting for me in the office. It seems my husband thought he should remind me that "birthdays are special." And the card attached was SUPER sweet. (Bonus Points to Tyson)

It was a great day. A day to be thankful for the things I have: a loving husband, healthy children, supportive family, amazing friends, stinky dogs, a job I'm passionate about, a limitless future...and being completely at peace with the fact that I will never again get a lap dance from two townies in a hole-in-the-wall bar, while taking Strawberry Shortcake Shots.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Perspective...

Spider-Man Jack and his new perspective on reading…(Tyson and I have read this book NO LESS than 100 times…each).

Monday, January 14, 2013

24hr in Bloomington

 Tyson and I spent 24 hours in our favorite town - Bloomington, IN. We made it down for the Minnesota vs. IU game at noon and had a chance to watch it with Tyson's Aunt Linda & Uncle Bill. The first half was AMAZING - the second half, not so much. BUT - IU won and a "W" is a "W" - no matter how ugly. After the game we ate lunch with our DePauw friends - Blake and Kate. Always so fun to catch up with old friends.

We stayed at the Grant Street Inn. It's SUPER cute and is located really close to Kirkwood Ave (aka: where the fun happens).
After a nap and some football - we met up with our friends Matt & Julia (who were also down for the game!) at Nick's! Sink the Biz was in order. Julia and I thought our night was over...but the boys had other plans...
We had to make a stop at The Upstairs for a few AMF's. Our DD - Julia - took us out for tacos at 1:30am and we were in bed by 2am. FYI - That's incredibly late for us! We slept in, ate breakfast, and then made our way back to Fort Wayne.

Nancy and Denny were brave gracious enough to babysit for us! We had SO much fun! It's always nice to relive old memories...especially from our days in Btown. Back to reality...

OH - one last thing - The Kings FireCrackers preformed the Halftime Show at the game and they were pretty incredible! They are an elementary school Jump Rope Team from the north side of Cincy (where our friends Blake & Sarah live). Josie may be moving in with them when she's 9, so she can be a Kings FireCracker.

GO HERE and just watch the first video from their performance at a Wisconsin game. A-MAZING!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A SUPER 3rd Birthday

We celebrated Jack's 3rd birthday with some of Jack's best buddies on Friday night. I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking...working all week and having a party on a Friday night, but it worked out great. Of course, it was a SuperHero all of Jack's SUPER friends came to celebrate.
Josie and Greta discussed world politics and Indiana Hoosier Basketball. Jack had a blast opening his presents - and then playing with all of them (thanks to Julia for opening them). Maddox and Jace helped Jack figure them all out.
It was a FUN night! Jack was so tired - Tyson and I had to wake him up on Saturday morning to say "good-bye" before we left for Bloomington. 

Looking forward to watching my little man grow during his third year! Hey, maybe he'll get on board with potty training, too. Maybe.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Toddler Art - Couch Edition

I mentioned the other day - Jack's affinity for "ink." Well, he decided to make some "art" on our couch a few weekends ago. I was NOT a happy mommy. Thankfully, the internet AND my Aunt Suzie came to the rescue. Both said that rubbing alcohol would take ink off micro-fiber. 
Jack's "tool" of choice was a ball-point pen - but my Aunt Suzie recently had her couch vandalized decorated by my cousin's son, Elliott (aka: an older version of Jack), with a SHARPIE! And she said rubbing alcohol took it out perfectly.
So - if you have a toddler, know a toddler, or think a toddler may try to "spruce up" your couch someday - go ahead and invest (a whole dollar) in some rubbing alcohol! I'm telling you… IT'S MAGIC!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Shot of Jack

Why are you smiling like that?
I just like to smile. Smiling's my favorite.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jack, what did you do at school today?

When I picked Jack up from school the other day - his teacher "Ms. Jaci" told me that he "had a little fun with markers when he was supposed to be napping." I thought she meant he drew on the wall…again.

That night Tyson went to put his PJ's on him - and had quite a surprise! Let's hope this obsession with ink ends soon…because at this rate he'll be wanting a tattoo sleeve by the time he's 5.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Birthday…before THE Birthday

Last night we celebrated Jack's birthday with Grandma Nancy & Grandpa Denny…and Joe, Gina, Grandma Shirlee, & Grandpa Jerry via Skype. Jack was beside himself with excitement! Pioneer Woman provided the dinner (I wish) the recipe for dinner - Lasagna. Yum! Both of my kids ate every bite - so thumbs up to Pioneer Woman & her rockin' lasagna.
Jack insisted on having a Power Ranger birthday. Very hard for me to do. But I caved and bought some Power Ranger candles to go on his cupcakes - and he was THRILLED. 
Josie thinks Birthday Parties are amazing. She loves singing Happy Birthday - and always assumes it's for her. We let her believe it...
 Jack's goal for his 3rd year of life: to learn to blow out candles. Dear.Lord. He can't blow air out through his mouth. Finally, after a few minutes of trying - Tyson had to come through with a candle-blowing assist.

I think he liked the cupcakes! And the presents! Thanks for all of the texts, phone/Skype calls, emails, messages, etc. Jack is very loved - and Tyson & I couldn't feel more blessed to have him in our lives.

And now we prepare for Round 2 - the SUPERHERO party with Jack's buddies on Friday. Let the craziness continue...

Yipeeeee! Jack is 3!

Hard to believe we have a 3 year old! But today is our little man's birthday! He is funny, strong-willed, and most definitely - energetic. He keeps us laughing. He keeps us guessing. He will ALWAYS keep us on our toes. We can't imagine our lives without him.

Happy 3rd birthday to our very own SUPERHERO, Jack! We love you!
XOXO, Mommy, Daddy, & Jos

(can you guess what his birthday party theme is?!?!)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Feeling Better

Josie is on a new medicine for another ear infection…and I'm happy to say she's feeling better! She's back to being her ornery self!

We had a low key weekend and tomorrow - it's back to work. I can't say I'm anxious to get back - but I do miss my students! Tomorrow is a "Teacher Work Day" - which will help ease back into our normal routine.

Have a great week! Look for some pictures of our SUPER 3 year old on Tuesday!