Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Look Out Florida

The BECKERS are coming. We booked our flight for Spring Break…and although it will be a pretty quick trip south (just 3 full days) we're excited to see my parents and grandparents…and maybe even Mickey!

Tyson and I are actually taking a pre-Spring Break (adults only) trip to Miami next weekend for a friend's wedding. SO PUMPED!

I'm pretty sure we deserve BOTH trips after all the slush, yuck we've been dealing with lately.

Mad Ants

Tuesday night Tyson and Denny took Jack to a Mad Ants game at the Coliseum. Jack was pretty excited to spend a night out with Daddy & Grandpa!
Daddy even gave up watching the IU game live (he recorded it, although I'm not sure it was worth recording).
 Apparently Jack was obsessed with the Mad Ant mascot (imagine LARGE red ant in a basketball jersey & shorts). Sadly, he didn't get to meet the Mad Ant this time.
He came home with some fabulously noisy BOOM BOOM sticks. And - BONUS - a pair for Josie, too.
Oh AND his father bought him cotton candy. JUST what an active 3 year old needs…right before bedtime.

He had a blast and I think Tyson & Denny did, too.  Jack walked into school today and told his teacher, "I watched basketball with my Daddy and Grandpa last night." Too cute.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Jack thought he might have a day at home with Mommy today because of ice. It's coming a little late…so we're heading to school and I guess we'll just have to ice skate home.

Sorry about the chewed up cereal shot (in Jack's mouth). Apparently Tyson snapped this picture at JUST the right moment.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


No one can deny that Josie LOVES to eat. 
And here is a FLASHBACK to another Messy Eater! Mr. Jack when he was about Josie's age now.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lazy Days at Home

This is how Jack was watching the iPad today. Tucker makes a great foot rest. Our dogs are SO good with our kids! We're very lucky. They put up with so much!

Then, again - Jack told me yesterday that Tucker was his "best friend." So at least Tuck has that going for him. When I asked if Cooper was also his best friend he told me, "No, Cooper is Josie's best friend."

Speaking of things Jack has been telling me - here are a few of his most recent one-liners:

- "Mom, you go back in the kitchen and cook dinner." (when I tried to join in a game he was playing with his dad) Too much Leave It to Beaver for that kid…I'm not June Cleaver.

- "Mom? Dad? Grandma? Power Rangers? Time to wake up, guys." (coming down the stairs in the morning)

- "I want a beer." (his drink order at dinner… he actually wanted some Gatorade. Apparently he is confused by his Daddy's two "favorite drinks" - beer & Gatorade) sidenote: I'm really looking forward to his teacher telling me he ordered a beer with his lunch…that day is coming.

- "Mom, you sit down and play on your phone, okay?" (as he negotiated more time in the bathtub)

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Our house has been CRAZY for IU Basketball - of course. Tyson will notify me DAYS in advance when IU games will be on…so I can plan (meals, bath time, travel, etc) accordingly. During games - there is loud cheering, clapping, and occasional shouting.

We are LOVING this Hoosier team and everything Tom Crean has done for the program! Here's to many more wins…and many more years with the Hoosiers on top!

Josie and the vacuums dogs during lunch.

I'm home with Miss Jos this afternoon. Grandpa Jerry did the morning shift.  Another double ear infection for our sweet girl. She's already feeling better.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Lunch in the Summit City

The Becker Family spent Presidents' Day together today. All of us were out of school and we convinced Tyson to play hooky.

When we sat down to decide what we were going to do, however, we decided FW needs more options. No offense, FW - but you don't have a lot going on for young families. (Attention Investors: contact me about some franchise ideas I have to resolve this issue)

I suggested a visit to the Summit Building to see Grandpa Denny and his office. Grandpa Denny agreed to see us - so we packed up the crew and headed downtown.
 The kids had fun checking out Grandpa's office, his desk, and even a picture of Grandma!
Jack was concerned about meeting Grandpa's "teachers and his friends"…
 We ate lunch at the cafeteria on the top floor.

 Booming metropolis.
I was pretty pumped to see the Falcon camera. Here's a secret: I've been mildly obsessed with falcons since I live in Indy in 2006! I look for them when I drive and have watched the Indy falcons on their falcon camera for years. I'm amazed.

Both kids had a blast (which is evident in Josie's expressions).  Grandpa Denny - we hope you enjoyed our visit…we'll be back...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Night and Friday Night

 My dad came over for a Valentine's Day dinner. His Valentine is in Florida, so we thought he could use some LOVE. Jack gave him plenty of it…in the form of incessant playing.
Discussing how Hulk Hands should be used in hand-to-hand combat.
Josie was worried about consuming her Valentine's Day cookie in peace - on the stairs. But I found her.
Last night was Pizza Friday and we spent it with the Carstens. Jace and Maddox really know how to wear Jack out! There were foot races around the house, sword fights, and plenty of "hot lava" to jump over. It's 8:45am and Jack is still asleep. Never.Happens.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Life as a Working Mom

I saw this the other day and laughed. Then I cried. (I may be a bit "emotionally unstable").

Anyway - life as a working mom can be such a difficult balance. It's hard to balance life at home and life at work - and then limiting work from home.

Some days I wonder if I'm cheating my own kids to be with other people's kids. Other days I know that I'm doing exactly what I was put on this Earth to do.

Overall, I'm thankful for a job and daycare teachers that love my children.

Just don't let me see my pay stub. Because I'll probably cry again.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

What food do you love? Everything. Anything and everything.
What show do you love? I don't watch shows…but Curious George okay.
Who do you love? Anyone who smiles at me and gives me food. 
What place do you love the most? The pantry and my bed.

What food do you love? cookies and chocolate
What show do you love? Power Rangers
Who do you love? my Mommy and Daddy
What place do you love the most? a choo choo train

What food do you love? Easy - OREOS.
What show do you love? New Girl
Who do you love? My family & friends
What place do you love the most? Scotland
What food do you love? Chicken Burritos
What show do you love? New Girl
Who do you love? Kady, Jack, Josie
What place do you love the most? Assembly Hall

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Josie in the Morning

Josie LOVES to eat! And breakfast is one of her favorite meals. She's well rested, changed, and happy. And SOMETIMES she even shares some of her food with her buddy, Cooper. Sometimes.

Oh, and sometimes Cooper shares his food with Josie.

Our dogs have ZERO food aggression issues. Since day one (with both of them) I have given and taken food away…put my hand in their bowls, put my face by their bowls, etc. They wouldn't think twice if one of the kids took something from them. Jack has been giving them treats since he was a little guy. The only fear I have is that one of them could mistake a Josie finger for a piece of hotdog. It could happen.

Also - Josie isn't usually allowed to play/harass the dogs while they're eating…I just happened to catch her in the act. And YES - she most certainly tried to eat the dog food.

Monday, February 11, 2013


We celebrated the Grammys with a Impromptu Dance Party before bed. Josie rocked out on the microphone and Jack busted some sweet dance moves on the couch.

It is safe to assume all of the dogs (Blade is visiting) were traumatized.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mr. Independence

Jack has recently learned how to put his coat on by himself. A small step in toddler independence. As a teacher, I learned that if parents DO everything for their child (because I know it's just easier to do it yourself) then the child is completely dependent on the parent…even when he/she is 5, 6, 7…10.

It's always funny when I have a parent in my classroom and their child says, "Mom, can you zip my coat…" And mean Mrs. Becker says, "OH, no, no, no…you zip your own coat EVERY day. Don't make your mom do that for you."

Jack seems to like learning new things that make him more independent. I just wish he'd take an interest in using the potty.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quick Trip to See Benjamin

Tyson is traveling (again) all weekend…so I ventured to Warsaw today to see Katie (Beehler) Maile and her little guy, Benjamin. Josie was smitten. Or maybe Benjamin was...

 It's so fun to see each other and catch up (in between discipling children and preventing injuries).
We tried to get a group shot from the coffee table…and it made our legs look huge. At least we're all looking at the camera!

Friday, February 8, 2013


 (Not sure why this is so dark. I'll blame my flash.) Regardless - Josie is showing how proud she was of herself for "spelling" words on the wall during bath time. It's her favorite thing to do.

 Didn't I just post about how nice Jack is to Josie?!?! Well, here he is caught red-handed pouring water over her head. She thought it was hilarious.

Happy Friday, everyone!

I'd like to talk about IU basketball, but I'll throw up…so let's move on and focus on those Buckeyes.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Little Sister

I used to worry about "poor little Josie" with a big brother as active as Jack. My worries have been put to rest lately for two reasons:

1. Jack is incredibly sweet and gentle with his baby sister! He really is! I'm surprised by his kindness toward her and also relieved. 

2. Josie can hold her own! She's not tiny…and she doesn't put up with being pushed around (at home or at school). I've seen her give a pretty intense stare down and I've seen the fight she puts up when someone (mainly Tucker) tries to steal food from her. If looks could kill…(we would be down to one dog…maybe zero)

And the other night she had Jack pinned to the ground. 

PS: Notice the sweet marker tattoos on Jack's hands…yet again.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Moooo Mooooo

Here is news you may not know…Jack & Josie each have their own cow! It's true. No, we don't have them in our backyard - they actually live down on my Aunt Debbie's farm in Madison, IN. 
This is Josie's cow - "Josie."  She was born close to Josie's birthday in November. It has been reported that she "likes to eat." Hmmmm - must come with the name! Josie (the child version) thinks this cow is the CUTEST! She kissed her picture tonight.
Meet Jack. Well, actually - Aunt Debbie THOUGHT this was Jack. Turns out it's actually "Jackie." I've never studied cow anatomy, but apparently this "mix up" can happen. Anyway - Jackie is reportedly "a little spitfire" (again, must come with the name).

Jack saw his cow in a picture and proclaimed "I WANT IT! I want it, mommy. Where is my cow?"

Hopefully Uncle Larry spares Josie (cow) and Jackie (cow) from the Doomsday Trailer that visits their farm every once in a while….