Monday, December 30, 2013

So Much Christmas

We're back. And I'll be honest - we've had SO much Christmas it's hard to know where to start. Which is exactly how I'm feeling as I try to put gifts away.  Where do I start? 

For blogging purposes - I'm starting with Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. We enjoyed time with Nancy & Denny. They joined us for potato soup, Christmas PJs, and a drive around Northville to look at lights. OnStar told us Santa was in Spain, so we hurried home and got the kids to bed.

 The kids left some cookies & milk for Santa...and, of course, carrots for the reindeer.
Then Santa (& his helpers) got busy putting gifts under the tree. See why I'm having trouble putting things away. Holy geez, Santa.
Christmas morning I awoke to a trumpet sound. I ran from my bed and peered over the stairs to see Mr. Jack jumping on a trampoline Santa left. I hurried him back upstairs for the obligatory Christmas Morning on the Stairs picture (and he was saying, "but Santa came and I've been playing with my all my new toys, Mom.") Yes, well, you broke Christmas get on the stairs for a picture.

 Jack found that the big man must have been in a hurry. He left the fireplace open.

It was a fun Christmas. We enjoyed a big meal and spent the day playing with all of the new toys.

Don't worry...there is plenty more "Christmas" to come...

Friday, December 20, 2013

Bart meets Josie

The other day I caught Josie really giving it to Bart. Well, when I say "giving it to him" - I mean she was slapping at him around with the force of a small winged bird. And she was smiling. Not intimidating in the least.
She also talked to him the whole time and helped him up (without adding the extra "ha! take that!" that's he's used to).
The gentle push over was also very brutal. I think it's safe to say Josie isn't cut out for hand-to-hand combat - which is actually a good thing.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Baby Jesus...and the Dog

Yesterday our family watched Jack & his class perform a live nativity scene and some fabulous Christmas Carols.  Jack was a donkey...but here is how that went down:

His teachers asked him what he wanted to be - he answered: "A cow."
However, under the pressure of the part - he decided he couldn't be a cow and wanted to be something different. He wanted to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. His teachers informed him that the TMNT weren't at the birth of Jesus. His next best option was a donkey.
Or if you ask Jack - a dog.

Somehow he managed to look embarrassed. He yelled "Daddy" and ran to Tyson before being sent to the "stage."
Oh look - a shot of Jack standing nicely. Rarity. He was usually waving at everyone or making silly faces. Yes, my child was the one ruining everyone's pictures with his tongue out.
He also spent a lot of time playing with his "dog ears." What he didn't spend a lot of time doing was singing. He didn't sing one single word. Guess we'll start practicing for next year...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Book Worms in a Bed

The other day I was working in the kitchen and the kids escaped upstairs. After a while it got quiet and I got worried. So I ran up to check on them and this is what I found:

Who are these children??

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sonny Brought a Gift

Last week our friend, Sonny the Elf, brought a Gingerbread House for us to eat decorate.
Jack was ALL about it. Josie was all about eating the candy. And that she did. So much so that she was removed from her decorating duties.
Jack proceeded and did a nice job.
FYI - I'm a fairly crafty person, but seriously - Gingerbread Houses are really hard to decorate. Ours definitely looked like a pack of 4 year olds did it...despite the adult help.
Josie was reinstated as a decorator...which, as you can see, made her a very happy girl.
But she proved that she didn't learn her lesson. See the nibbles? Those are thanks to Josie. Not sure what I expected so close to dinner time.
Here is the box. Jack wanted ours to look like the top you can tell, it did not. Seriously! Who decorated those? I call BS, Wilton.
Whatever. The end result was lots of smiles and a mild sugar high for the 2 year old.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snow Day

 The snow has arrived in Northville and we decided to play outside today. Josie thought it might be fun.
 Jack knew it was fun! This kid needs a snowboard - STAT.
Then Josie took a few falls into the white stuff and gave me a look like - "Are you kidding me with this S*%#???"
And then she did a lot of this. We told her to suck it up. We are in Michigan for the long haul. Better get used to the snow.
Even Tucker got to come out and play. He loves running in the snow...and getting tackled by Tyson & Jack. Such a dude.
OH - and the infamous PowerShovel made it's winter debut. Which means you should definitely review the PowerShovel video from 2008! It's always worth a watch.

Friday, December 13, 2013

It's Syd!

Wednesday we skipped playgroup to meet up with our old neighbors, the Nanna girls. Jack and Sydney were buddies back in Royal Oak. They ruled West Street. Now neither of them live on West Street.

You may remember Sydney from her FULL head of hair from birth. Now, as a 4 year old, she still has beautiful hair! It is safe to say that Josie had some serious hair envy.

It was fun meeting up! Hope we can see more of the Nannas now that we are back in the Mitten.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hey, kids don't like you.

Northville has a cute little house set up in the center of town for Santa. We paid him a visit on Sunday and, well, it didn't go that well. We stopped in first on our way to lunch. Neither kid wanted anything to do with Mr. Claus. Jack wouldn't even look at him.

So we went to lunch at a little homestyle discuss & regroup.

At lunch, Jack decided he might sit on Santa's lap if we went back.
So we went back.

 Jack was brave and talked to the Big Man this time. It was awkward toddler talk though:

Santa: What did you have for lunch?
Jack: Cheeseburger (said really fast)
Me: No, you didn't have a cheeseburger...
Jack: HOTDOG (again, said really fast)
Santa: Well, what do you want for Christmas?
Jack: A white talking cat.
Santa: {totally perplexed} Ohhhh, ok, well...

Meanwhile, Josie did a lot of crying. Someone please explain how my children are OBSESSED with a giant, creepy bunny... But afraid of a jolly old man who brings them presents?!?!
Look at Josie - she was practically RUNNING away from Santa. Can you see him waving to her from his house? She wasn't interested in waving back.

Monday, December 9, 2013

A Time for Giving

Jack's school has been collecting items for a Detroit Homeless Shelter. Jack and I have talked about how we can give things to people we don't know - to help them. Tyson and I want to teach the kids to give back and be compassionate. It's a tricky thing when you're working with toddlers - who tend to be a little self-interested.

Aside from the donations to the Homeless Shelter - we also decided to donate to a local Dog Rescue on behalf of our pups.

 Target has great prices on dog treats & toys. We packed up a bag and will deliver it today.
 Our dogs have no idea how lucky they are...well, our street dog, Cooper might...
Tucker wasn't sure he wanted to give all those toys away...He's hoping Santa brings him something special, too.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Meet our Elf - Sonny

We have an Elf this year and Jack has named him Sonny. Sonny isn't the typical "Elf on the Shelf." We don't talk about how he flies to Santa to report on behavior - because, well, that would be tattle-telling...which I'm trying to avoid (a few years in 1st/K reminded me, it's not a good habit to start). So, instead, Sonny just hangs around our house. He's fun for the parents...not to mention, Jack & Josie both LOVE looking for him every morning.

Here is where Sonny was this week:
1. Reading his book
2. Swinging from the ceiling fan with Tink
3. Riding a Rhino
4. Chilling with his bros - Woody & Buzz
5. Eating marshmallows
6. Cheering for the Hoosiers
7. Hanging with the Big Man, Santa

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Instagram Pics

If you follow me on Instagram - sorry for the repeats...
On Thursday my kids were literally bouncing off the walls. I was trying to convince them to eat lunch - but they were wired. So Friday, we bundled up and went to a park near our house. It was 26 degrees outside...but that didn't stop Jack. He saw a "baseball field" (actually a softball field) and convinced me that we should play "pretend baseball." So I threw some pretend pitches {think the female version of Justin Verlander} and Jack hit some bombs {think a pint-sized version of Miguel Cabrera}. After 4 innings, I was frozen and declared him the winner. He did a victory lap...and we headed for the car.

Where was Josie? She was tromping around the bases at her own pace {think David Ortiz}.

The other day, while Jack was at school - Josie and I visited Panera for a cinnamon roll the size of our heads. In this picture - she believes she will get to eat the whole thing by herself. But a few minutes later I broke the news we were sharing. If you know or have known a 2 year old, you can imagine how that news was taken. She scowled at me from across the booth as I took bites.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Special Visitor

We had a special visitor last weekend! Our friend, Brooke, was in town for a business trip and stayed at the Becker Hotel.
Saturday night Brooke and I caught up over a nice dinner out and some drinks. Then Sunday we made a trip to Ikea for some lamps and other totally necessary unnecessary items. Brooke requested the Ikea meatballs during her visit - so we made that happen.
We even got to Skype with Molly, Mikkel, and Louise back in Iowa - so we could sing Happy Birthday to Molly! She turned 4 on December 2nd!

It was so great having Brooke here, even if it was a quick trip. We miss the Jakobsens and hope they will keep Metro Detroit on their radar in the future (since we all love moving...).

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

J is for Josie, C is for Cookie...{A party that was cancelled TWICE}

Josie may be the only two year have a birthday party cancelled TWICE. We originally cancelled her birthday party when we knew she was sick. But by Thursday she was doing great...and based on what the doctor had told me, she wasn't contagious. So Nancy & I decided we'd have the party. Insert a couple hours of crafting {me} and baking {Nancy}...Jack had been out with Tyson and returned with a rash near his mouth. Fearing the worst - the party was cancelled AGAIN. Luckily, Jack's rash wasn't anything to fear, just a rash...and also, Josie is 2 - so she doesn't really understand that her party was cancelled.
Josie and I made a pact - 19 years from now, we'll celebrate in Vegas...which will be WAY more exciting than a Cookie Monster birthday. {Mark your calendars if you're coming with us}
We did have a "virtual" party - and had Uncle Jon, Grandma Shirlee, and Grandpa Jerry in for some singing.
 Josie kindly offered them cookies...and Uncle Jon ate one {virtually}.
Before you go feeling sorry for lil Miss Josie - take a look at her birthday loot! Grandma Nancy was a little excited. {yes, 80% of those are from Grandma Nancy}
 Josie had a fun time with her new double baby stroller. Plenty of room for Minnie {all 8 of them}.
And as the adults chatted in the sitting room...the kids played in the family room and then it got quiet. Too quiet. We found them having a little party of their own. And helping themselves to the leftover cookies.