Monday, May 16, 2016

Nolan Never Stops...

Kid can find food all day long. He has learned that mom says he goes and asks Josie. 
 On this particular night...Crying.
We have had two really, really, really awful nights at the lake with him. Up-all-night...In-Yo-Face nights. And they broke me.
 Getting his way.
He's a demanding kid. He knows what he wants and he expects you to get it for him...yesterday.
{side note: This is the classic lemon water from Costco...or otherwise known as 1/4 lemonade, 3/4 water. He thinks it's a super special drink.}
 Being cute.
I mean...seriously...even when he makes me crazy - he doesn't stop being cute.
 oh wait...
Maybe this qualifies as "not cute" - this is his "I'm so ticked at you, mom" face. Had to capture it. Even though I feel like I'll see it a lot in my life.

 Wanting to GO.
He is a man on the move. Always moving. Unless he's sleeping or watching a few minutes of Mickey...he is moving. Which explains why my blog has suffered. I'm NOT blaming him...I'm just saying, three kids has me like...Zzzz.

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