Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Memorial Day

We spent Memorial Day at the lake and it was AMAZING. Everything. We got to spend the whole weekend with family and friends...which is pretty much the best case scenario. There were a couple games of chess...

Lots of swimming in the {just a tad cool} lake. Both Jack & Josie will pretty much be fish this summer.

We took plenty of boat rides. Nolan decided he likes the boat.

 ...and taking baths in the sink.
 ...and reading the newspaper with Papa Denny.
 We got to hang out and play with the Dixon/Wright clan. Jack is the oldest at 6...Maddie is two weeks older than Josie (peas in a pod) and Will is two weeks older than Nolan. This is a crazy crew.
 Grandma Shirlee and Grandpa Jerry stopped by Sunday for a boat ride, lunch, and the Indy 500.

 Oh - and there was plenty of desserts. Cake & ice cream. Jack was in heaven. Looking forward to MANY more weekends at the lake!

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