Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Back to School Blues

Jack started 1st grade the Tuesday after labor Day. We are SO excited for an exciting year ahead. He has lots of friends in his class and has been VERY positive coming home every day after school. He has Mrs. Harris this year.
Miss Josie started her year in Pre-K with Mrs. Bugar. She has a super small class - but equal number of boys vs girls. If you know Josie - you know that the start of the school year means we are now having fights every morning about clothes. So every MWF - you can just send up a patience prayer for me around 8am. Because Lord knows - we're fighting.
Oh and then this happened. NOLAN is going to school, too. He's doing the 2's program with Mrs. Laux. He's actually repeating this class because he already did it once as a newborn (with Josie). I can say - when Josie did it she turned 3 soon after the start. She was totally independent. TOTALLY different experience this time! {patience prayer, again} Nolan is personable and funny...but he's also STUBBORN and ORNERY.

So - there you have it - back to school...

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  1. Um, preschool and Josie: Word of advice as I hit this double time. Clothes are picked out the night beforehand. Either mom picks three outfits to choose from, or you let her go at it on her own. I let my kids choose. While I did not like what they choose, or it did not match, or whatever, it saved the 8am nightmare! Good Luck, Marianne


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