Monday, May 22, 2017


Spring brings SO many activities...we STILL have soccer going on - (aka the sport that never ends) and now we have also added baseball.
 Jack's team is undefeated and he's LOVING playing machine pitch this year!
This picture is call "My Parents Won't Buy My Picture for $33 - So Mom Snapped This By a Tree...For FREE." Seriously. I need a time machine to go back, open a sports photography company in a HSE community and I'll be all set. Sorry, photogs - this mama ain't playing your game.
Spring also means approx. 3465 end of the year activities. Above was Jack's Author's Cafe. He wrote a book about Snakes. Not my favorite subject - but definitely my favorite author.
Nolan ended his 2's class on a FUN note...nothing like picking your nose in the class picture. This is SO Nolan. If you don't know him - this is just how he is... "Oh, you're going to take our picture? You want us to look cute? Hmmm - I'm not down with that. But I will stick my finger in my nostril for you."  Believe it or not - he's heading to PRESCHOOL next year! If I'm a bit obsessed with getting this kid potty trained - it's because I already have 26 of my 3 "free mornings"a week -  planned and he needs to get to school....
And then we have sweet Josephine. She ended her gymnastics career (perhaps permanently?!?) and is in the midst of her own soccer season. She is our free spirit - happy on the soccer field or picking flowers or painting a picture. In the above picture she was NOT happy that it started pouring rain as her game was starting. Dancing in the rain? YES. Playing soccer in the rain. No.
And today Josie celebrated the END OF PRESCHOOL with a picnic in the park. She had a super awesome, small class...and she LOVED everything about her school year. We are so lucky to send her off to such a fun and loving school.

I know I say I'll be a better blogger. But every time I sit down at my computer - I'm working and hoping to be done as fast as possible...because I'm probably late to a soccer practice.

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