Sunday, August 29, 2010

Go Lions!

Last night we enjoyed a pre-season Lions game against the Cleveland Browns. Jack got a Matthew Stafford jersey, because Stafford is his daddy's "man-crush" and he lives in our hood. (We know the Mosi do not approve since they are Gators and Stafford was a Bulldog) Anyway, we had AWESOME seats - in the Club area...which meant padded chairs, lots of space, great food, and super-clean bathrooms. We were pampered.

Right before we headed out at half-time. Jack was getting tired and the starters were just about finished. The Lions ended up WINNING! Woo Hoo.

NOTE: For those wondering...YES we are Colts fans. However, I think there is a new law in Michigan stating that ALL residents must support the Lions, because they have been SO terrible. We were just doing our part.


  1. Jack is so cute in his Lions jersey... just imagine how great he would look in a #15 Broncos jersey. :)

  2. Hope Tyson doesn't put this on his facebook account.... did you not notice the Ford logo in the window? Jack looks so big and so cute... we will forget about the Ford thing.


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