Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween Christmas in Indiana

Last weekend we headed south to Indiana for some family time. My grandparents are heading to Florida soon and we got together for a Halloween Christmas gathering at their house. My kids get SO excited for these get togethers...for a lot of reasons: 1) there are always so many kids to play with 2) Gigi always has plenty of sweets
We did some family pumpkin carving. Uncle Jon helped Josie gut her pumpkin...but somehow I ended up carving 3 pumpkins (one for each kid).
Josie had a blast with her cousins Amelia & Emma. And they all LOVED playing with my cousin Justin's daughter, Ada. Josie had her first "unofficial" sleepover with Millie & Emma. We went over after she was asleep to hang out with Joe & Gina...and then brought her home with us at 11pm. But she has made it very clear that she would like to move to Warsaw to live with them.
Nolan pretty much ate the entire time we were home. Here he was eyeing my pumpkin roll. He may have had a bite...or three.
 Hanging with Connor - Justin's oldest - and, yes, still eating...
Walking it off, playing some soccer with the big kids....exercising.
 Oh, wait, nope - never mind ...more eating. Grass anyone?!?

My three, plus Ada's twin - Owen. He and Jack did some wrestling in the yard. Jack was in heaven.
Of course, having Uncle Jon home from Florida was a highlight. He brought Cassie, he was even more popular than usual.

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