Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Celebrating 10 years in Cancun!

Once upon a time - two boys with backpacks met on a bus in Bloomington... They were Kelley MBA students. They both loved sports. They were both married to teachers. And the rest is history. 

We met our friends Jeff & Jaime in 2006 while we were in Bloomington. We shared lots of fun times. Lots. Then we parted ways. They were off to NYC, then Miami. We were off to Detroit, then Fort Wayne...and then back to Detroit. But they're life-long friends and we do our best to see them as often as we can...preferably in tropical locations.

Between us - we have 19 years of marriage (9 for them, 10 for us) and FIVE kids (4 boys and Josie). We had a good reason to plan a vacation to Cancun, so we did.
Jaime and I started the vacation off right. Our first time flying First Class. (Thanks, Jeff!)
Once we arrived - we ate some lunch, enjoyed some drinks, lounged by the pool, and enjoyed the ocean. Then we pretty much just repeated that for 3 days in a row...
The "dads" looking out over the infinity pool into the Caribbean Sea.

Happy 10 years...or close enough...to us! I had a "bucket list" moment - when we went to the beach one night after dinner and a baby sea turtle was hanging out in the oceanside shower. It's hatching season and some babies were being held in a crate (to be released)...and this one happened to escape the crate. I picked him up. I touched a sea turtle!!!
This was an intense game of Backgammon. And also a drink called a "Barney" - not recommended.
The "moms" - right after about 12 banana-coladas...and before our mid-afternoon cabana nap, poolside. It was an AMAZING time. Always fun to get away, enjoy some adult conversation, adult beverages, great food, and peace.

We are home again now. Thankful to Grandma Nancy & Grandma Shirlee - who took care of the kids while we were gone.  We are already planning another trip...but this time I think the GRANDPAS will be on duty.


  1. SO glad you guys were able to get away!!

  2. Looks like heaven! Where did you stay? Wes and I are wanting to plan a getaway to Mexico!

    1. We were at a resort called Live Aqua. Very nice! Some of our friends have stayed at Secrets and really liked the nightly entertainment. My brother & SIL have stayed at Sandals & Excellence - they liked both of those places, too. TripAdvisor would be a good place to look!


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