Monday, November 2, 2015

Buh Bye, Halloween

I don't want to hate on Halloween - because we do enjoy it. But holy cow - this year - I feel like it lasted FOREVER. It was a LONG month. Last week alone - we had 3 different Halloween celebrations...all leading up to Halloween Night. Phew.
 Wonder Woman had a party on Thursday. She was rocking her costume like a true super hero.
Friday - Nolan, Josie, and I went to Jack's school to watch him walk in the school parade. He walked with his teacher, who dressed like a hotdog. Classic.
 Jack walked the whole way saluting people. It was hilarious.
 Then - finally - Saturday night it was GO time. It was also rainy and cold...which basically has come to mean HALLOWEEN in Michigan. (3/3 for COLD & WET.) As you can see - Charlie Brown was bundled WAY up. And please excuse the placement of Snoopy. Typical dog. Nolan was also the keeper of the Bud Lights. He got a pack of M&Ms from the first house we stopped at and ate them in the wagon for the rest of the trip. Easiest trick or treating participant ever.
Here is the Trick or Treating crew before we left. As you can see - Wonder Woman was upset. "Wonder Woman DOESN'T WEAR A COAT!!!" It's true, but I'm 99% sure she WOULD wear one IF she lived in Michigan.
And, finally, the loot. It was a fun night! But I don't hesitate when I say, "BRING ON THE PUMPKIN PIE!"

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