Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Election Tuesday in the D

Yesterday was Election Day - and also "Teacher Work Day" at BOTH schools. Conspiracy. So I suggested we visit Tyson at work. We piled into my car and took off for Detroit. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Gorgeous. We started off walking along the Detroit River and found a HUGE old steamboat called the Detroit Princess.
Make sure you click on this picture so you can see her true disappointment.
As we were walking up to the boat the conversation went like this:
Me: "Ohhhh, wow, Jos - look this is called the Detroit Princess. How cool is that?"
We spend a few minutes looking at the boat as we walk past it. We are about to walk away.
Me: "Josie, sit down - I want to get your picture by the boat."
Josie: "I'm SO mad. I wanted to see the Princess."
Me: "It's not an actual princess, Josie, it's just a boat called Detroit Princess."
Josie: (as I'm taking this picture) "I don't like THIS princess."
We walked through Hart Plaza. It was pretty empty - but that made it even better for the kids to run through. Nolan took in the city sites.
After lunch at American Coney (because, when in Detroit...) we found the Detroit Water Ice Factory. You can read about it on the sign. Interesting idea. Love that it is benefiting the Detroit community. FYI - Josie got Pink Lemonade and it was super tasty! And pink.
I'd like to tell you it was a stress-free, fun-loving two hours with Daddy downtown - but you all know better. Why? Because. Kids.

We set off to spend time together: check.
Enjoy the weather: check.
And eat lunch: check.

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