Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Soccer Goals

Mid-June marked the end of Josie's 2nd soccer season. She played on Team Chile or as she said "GO TEAM CHILL-WE!" She must have picked up a lot from her older brother - because the girl is on a mission on the soccer field, beast-mode.
In her last game, with only a couple minutes left - she was working hard to get the ball in front of the goal so her teammates could score. She got the ball in scoring position...and a little boy kicked it away. Again, worked to get it to the goal - same boy (opposite team) kicked it away. Third time, gets it back toward the goal...the little boy comes up and Josie straight put him in a headlock and took him to the ground. She'd had enough of him. Obviously - I was SO embarrassed - but also SHOCKED. I called her off the field. Other parents were laughing, because, well, it was kind of funny...but just NOT when it's your child. I made her apologize to the boy and to his parents. His mom was very sweet and we shared a laugh together. Someday, when she's 17 and comes home talking about a cute boy named Ethan...I will be able to tell her she once took him to the ground in a headlock on a soccer field. Something tells me that this story - in 13 years - will still be 100% Josie.

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