Monday, July 18, 2016

The End of Kindergarten

June 16th marked the end of the school year in Michigan! Jack made some great friends and was sad to say goodbye to his teacher. But - he was REALLY pumped for summer break...and looking forward to lots of time spent at the pool and in the lake.

This is Jack's "girlfriend" Victoria. She is - not only adorable, but super smart and hilarious. She always had me laughing when I volunteered in the classroom. When I asked Jack what it means to call her his girlfriend he told me "it just means we know each other, mom." (and then he walked away)

And finally - our favorite 5th grader is moving on to the middle school. This is our neighbor Chase. He's one of Jack's favorite people, so I had to snap a picture of them on the last day. It's the only time they will ever be under the same roof in school and we will miss him next year...although he is just steps away from us...

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