Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Funny Reaction

I just have to share the best reaction story so far...

Tyson and I decided to share the BIG news with our friends Jeff and Jaime before we left for our cruise. We figured it would be a dead giveaway when I didn't drink while we were on vacation. We stayed in New Orleans for one night before boarding the ship and decided to tell them at dinner. Here is how the conversation went (more or less):

Kady: So, when will you guys be able to come visit us in Detroit?

Jeff and Jaime: Maybe October...

Kady: Yeah, that would be fun...but do you think you could come in February or March?

Jeff: Why would we want to come in the middle of winter?

Kady: If you come in February, you can meet a new Becker!


Jaime caught on right away and quickly informed him that I was referring to a baby. It was very funny and proof that Jeff definitely needs a pup of his own! :)

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