Tuesday, July 7, 2009

11 Weeks, the secret is out!

Our secret is out and we couldn't be more excited! It feels great sharing the news with our families and friends! Of course, the soon-to-be grandparents are thrilled. Shirlee has quickly informed all of Warsaw. She had been keeping the secret for a week and I'm pretty sure it nearly killed her. Nancy reacted with sporadic screams and shear elation. I know deep down she is hoping for a girl, so she has an excuse to re-establish the "Doll Room." We are quickly approaching the end of the first trimester and I am very excited to have less than 200 days before Baby Becker arrives!

How far along? 11 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I'm afraid to look....
Maternity clothes? Nope
Stretch marks? Haven't seen any.
Sleep: ALL THE TIME! I love sleeping and have had no problems adjusting to sleeping on my side.
Best moment this week: Sharing our news with our families and seeing everyone's reaction
Movement: None
Food cravings: Last week I really wanted a Casa Salad (thank you, Nancy) and this week I have loved Spaghetti O's
Gender: I still think boy!
Labor Signs: None
What I miss: I wanted a Blue Moon during the 4th of July festivities...
What I'm looking forward to: Hearing the heartbeat at my 12 week appt next week
Weekly Wisdom: It's fun to tell family in person! We really enjoyed seeing everyone's reactions!
Milestones: Less nausea (so far) this week! But I still have a sensitive gag reflex.


  1. Everyone in the Clevenger household is elated... we cannot wait to meet Baby Becker.... Personally, I cannot wait to go shopping with Nancy, once we know the gender of the baby, we will starting shopping for the little one. Grandma Shirlee

  2. This is Uncle Joe Clevenger speaking under Aunt Gina's name. So far I have a pretty big list for this baby hoping its a boy but either way the list is going to work. Golfing I know grandpa Clevenger will want to take (it) out but if he wants to hit the deep ball (it) better hang with Uncle Joe. Next on the list: Fishing, I am not sure if any of the Beckers are into fishing but Uncle Joe enjoys going out to catch a few, so I will have a pole in (its) hand and we will be looking for that monster bass in Great Grandpa Walker and Anut Debbie's pond. Swimming: yeah little one, your mother can swim, so can Uncle Jon BUT your Uncle Joe was the best of them (wink). Now I will give you this early advice... stay away from the long distance, not much fun. Now all the other cool stuff (it), You will have to pick up from your Pops, especially baseball or your Mum. I am sure Uncle Jon and Uncle Devin have some cool things they can teach you as well. Aunt Gina says she can teach it to cook Italian and cut coupons. Aunt Gina says, " Little angel, I will wrap you under my wing and teach you to invest, spend, save, and donate...and how to maximize double coupon week!" Back to Uncle, Joe, God only knows what Aunt Karley can teach it hopefully nothing we wouldnt want to corrupt the little guy/girl. Just joking I am sure Aunt Karley can help with teaching it Panamanian stuff, or how to graduate early to save your mom and dad loads of money, unless you are going to IU then you will want to stay as long as possible.

    Love ya,
    Uncle Joe and Aunt Gina

  3. In refrence to Uncle Joe's comments: I wish someone would have saved us some money on colleges and weddings! I might have my zodiac counter by now!!!!! Grandma Clev


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