Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Half Way!

Today marks the half way point of the pregnancy. I can't believe we are 20 weeks in! It seems unreal that in another 20 weeks (or less), Baby Becker will be here! My weekly email update said he's the length of a cantaloupe - and today, at the grocery store, I caught myself staring at them in the produce section. REALLY? A cantaloupe? Where is he hiding??? His kicks and movements are becoming stronger and I'm feeling them more often.

Yesterday we scored a dresser/changing table and an armoire off Craigslist. I had been looking FOREVER and the thought of spending $1500 on an armoire alone - was making me sick. Now, we will buy a new crib and get started creating a nursery fit for our little boy. I promise pictures once everything is finished.

Today was my first day with students and I survived. My bedtime is officially 10pm or earlier. Trust me, I will need ALL the sleep I can get. I forgot how exhausting the beginning of first grade can be! We had a lesson on washing our hands today. Do you think Mrs. Becker is a
germ-o-phobe??? :)

Make sure you vote on Baby Becker's nickname. We have gotten some great suggestions!

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