Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We have the RESULTS

...but we're not going to know until Friday night. Everyone better be on time - because I WILL open it without you. (Karley!)

We had a WONDERFUL appointment! It was amazing seeing Baby Becker hanging out. S/he wasn't too active, so we are thinking it was nap time (I like it!). The technician was looking at everything and measuring the heart, brain, and limbs. She knew we didn't want to know - but she never told us to look away. Luckily Tyson and I aren't ultrasound savvy, because neither of us have a clue what it is. (I tried cheating...many different ways and FAILED) The heartbeat was 144 with the tech and then 150's/160's with the doctor. I'm finally putting on some weight, so I'm happy about that too! I also got my flu shot - I'm prepared for the germ carrying first graders next week!

All in all - Tyson and I feel SO incredibly blessed to have a healthy baby. Many of us rarely stop to appreciate our health and the health of our right now, we will stare at the envelope with excitement and thank God for our healthy, precious Baby Becker.

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