Monday, November 23, 2009

31 weeks

I had my 30.5 week appointment last Thursday and things are going very well! He's measuring perfectly, heartbeat is strong, and I got approval to travel home for Christmas! Yeeessss! I still have two appointments before I get the 100% go ahead - but the thought of not having to cram our families into our house is making me excited! And - I feel like Christmas is always better at home.

Sidenote: in less than 2 weeks - should I go into labor - they will not try to stop it. Holy cow.

Tyson and I have opted out of taking Birthing Classes. Everyone we know who has taken them, has given them poor reviews. We're going to self-educate and pray that everything goes the way it should. I ran this by the doctor too...and she said, "We will help you through it and tell you what you need to know." I'm not a proponent of "home-schooling," but in this case it seems like a good choice. Wish us luck.

Our Baby Boy is very comfortable under my ribcage. It gets very uncomfortable for me, especially when I'm sitting down. The other night I felt either an arm or a leg poke out of my right side - so I pushed back and he immediately pulled away. Sorry, buddy. I have also felt hiccups down by my right hip, so I'm hoping this means he is already "in position."

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