Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Devin & Kristin Visit

Uncle Devin and Aunt Kristin returned to Indiana last weekend for a quick visit. My pledge daughter (and Devin's Btown roommate), Kelly, got married in Indy. It was a beautiful wedding and we had a fun time seeing so many friends from our past.

After the wedding, we stopped by to see Aunt Kim - she's recovering from a knee replacement LIKE A CHAMP! Then we were headed to the Lake.
Jack put in some hard work - mowing the grass. Honestly. When is it acceptable for this to become a reality? I'm thinking 8 years...
He did take a break to go "fishing" with Aunt Kristin.
 Josie kept Nancy busy.
And Jack had a BLAST with Uncle Devin, splashing in the lake.

 Doesn't Uncle Devin look great with a lap full of mostly naked kids? I think so too.

It was a great weekend! We always enjoy our time on Lake George, but it always more fun when we have the family around to enjoy it with us!

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