Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hitchin' a Ride

Josie wants to do whatever Jack is doing…which honestly, can be dangerous. The other day she wanted to ride "shot gun" in his truck. He obliged.

You see…it's cool - when you're three, to drive your sister around in your "monster f%*$" (as Jack calls it). However, fast forward 13 years and he'll be singing a different tune. I know from experience.

Dear Sixteen-year-old Jack,
Your sister will tell on you for speeding and being reckless. She will annoy you about driving her places so she can meet up with her friends (who you will probably think are cute, but would never admit to her). She won't help you pay for gas. She will ride "shot gun" and do her best to embarrass you in front of your friends (who she will probably think are cute, and won't be shy about sharing with you).

I know you think she is annoying, as your 14 year old little sister…but when you were 3 - you proudly drove her around the block in your PowerWheel "Monster F&%$".

Your Mom
(who is paying your sister to report back on your driving)

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