Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beer? Again?

I have been fortunate to grocery shop sans children for the entire school year. Meijer was on my way to daycare, so it was convenient to leave a little early and get groceries before picking my children up. Yesterday I realized what a luxury that actually was…

My kids were getting restless - oh, around 8:30am. We all got ourselves ready and headed for the park around 10am. (notice how long that "getting ready" thing took - WHY IS IT SO HARD?) After an hour of playing and walking around - I made the decision to do my grocery shopping BEFORE lunch & naps.

When we got to Meijer Josie rode in the front of the cart and Jack rode in the basket of the cart.  After venturing around the produce section we made our way to the beer & wine aisle.  I decided to indulge and buy a six pack of Summer Shandy. With Tyson working in MI…I thought, "Self Medication may be needed around 9pm tonight."  I set the six pack in the cart and kept walking.
Jack looked at it and asked, "Mom, what's that?" {Cue inner conscience…do I tell him? do I lie?} I went with telling him. Probably not the best choice.

Me: It's beer.
Jack: What?
Me: It's beer.
Jack: What? (confused look)
Me: Jack, it's beer….for me…because I might want to drink one {or all of them} later tonight after I spend an hour trying to put you to bed.
Jack: (raises his voice level 5 decibels) BEER? AGAIN, MOM? You gonna drink beer again?

Keep in mind - Meijer was PACKED at 11:45am! Mainly elderly people - who probably shook their head at my stellar parenting skills. Embarrassing - would be putting it mildly.

A few aisles later we arrived at cereal. That's when I saw a mom with SIX children, all of them hanging off the overly packed cart. Oh, hello, perspective! I thought my life was tough with two. This poor lady was standing with SIX kids - ages 6mth to 11 years - and they were arguing about which cereals (as in 5 different kinds) to buy! I smiled. But in my head I was thinking, "Hey lady - the beer aisle is about two rows over. Get'cha some."

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