Friday, June 14, 2013

Boys vs. Girls

I remember when Jack and Molly were really little and Brooke would tell me how much Molly liked reading books. Then I would watch Molly - and be astonished that she would actually SIT STILL (without being restrained or put in Time Out). Meanwhile Jack was jumping off couches and scaling his crib. I remember thinking "is my kid ADHD or is Molly being sedated?" Turns out - that's the difference between boys and girls. (and to everyone who told me this - you were right)

Jack is non-stop action. What can I hit or kick or throw or jump on? Josie really enjoys sitting and looking at books. She carries them around with her all over the house and will often find a place on the couch - just to read.

Don't get me wrong - she has her moments of "busy body"… but she's not Jack. One thing is certain: Jack is all boy and Josie is all girl - and that's alright with me.

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