Tuesday, September 30, 2014

All Over the Place

That's the answer to the question: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???

A couple weekends ago - my entire family (parents, grandparents, Joe, Jon, Gina, & kiddos) all met in Grand Haven for a long-weekend. We rented a house and it was a BLAST! All of the kids are so close in age, it was non-stop action.

Jack went to school on the following Monday and reported to his teacher that he had a lot of fun on his "occasion."  But he quickly followed that up with "but my mommy didn't have fun, because she was feeding the baby." At least he's observant.

Nolan spent the weekend being held and spoiled. He loved every minute of it. We celebrated Jon's 28th birthday with a Kosciusko County favorite - Betty's Cake. It was awesome.
Speaking of awesome - Jack caught his very FIRST fish!! Uncle Joe is quite the fisherman (like a real one, that wins tournaments) and he introduced Jack to the sport. Jack used a pink princess fishing pole (that he borrowed from his cousin, Emma) and caught a little bluegill. He was pretty proud of himself!
In case you missed it - which we did not - IU beat Missouri that weekend. Good thing, too. We had LOTS of IU fans on the edges of their seats as they watched the game on Tyson's iPad. Lots of cheering and fist pumping...

After we left Grand Haven, we made a stop in Ypsilanti to celebrate Nuala's 5th birthday! It was a LONG, but super fun weekend!

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