Friday, September 12, 2014

Life with Three

People have been asking how life with three is going...It's good...crazy at moments, but good. I'm sure as Nolan becomes more active - life will get crazier, so for now, I take the sleep deprivation in stride.

Here are a few things I have noticed:

1) Dude humor runs deep. The other day I was burping Nolan and he let out a HUGE burp. Josie yelled out "Excuse You!" while Jack died laughing. Then he came over, patted Nolan on the head, and said, "Good burp, Nolan. That was AWESOME!" Burping and farting are never NOT funny to boys - regardless of age.

2) Blowouts are viewed as normal, everyday occurrences. I think my official title should be "President of Bowel Movement Operations." I am responsible for lots of poo in this house! Three kids, two dogs, and when I can find the time - myself. The other day I was on the phone with a girlfriend from college. I heard Nolan poop and I knew it wasn't good. Sure enough - I picked him up and it was ALL over him (and also on me). Did I end the conversation? Heck NO! I was talking to another ADULT. I grabbed a towel, a new diaper, some wipes, and a half-way clean onesie...then proceeded to change him while continuing my phone call. Didn't miss a beat.

With Jack - that blowout would have been an all-out catastrophe...end the call...put on a haz-mat suit...crap just got real (literally).

3) 2am wakings never get easier. After three babies - those early morning, dead asleep, rip you out of your REM hunger cries - still make me think "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???" And then I remember I have a baby sleeping next to me.

4) Baby steps to freedom. This week I've focused on taking baby steps toward the freedom of going out & about with three children. I won't lie - it's tricky just getting everyone ready to leave the house. But we successfully visited a farm (Tues), a cider mill (Thurs), and everyone attended school today! (pics to come) Maybe someday I will be able to grocery shop with all three...although, honestly, the thought of that makes me want a very large glass of wine.

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