Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Girl's Weekend - Boy's Weekend

Last weekend Tyson and Jack were away...so it was a Girl's Weekend for Josie and me.  We went to a local farm for some Cider Donuts.
We also did some napping, reading, and back-to-school shopping at Target.
Meanwhile, in Northern Indiana - Tyson and Jack went camping with the Carsten Boys and some other FW friends. Jack pretty much had THE.BEST weekend of his life. From what I've been told - there was canoeing, playing, marshmallow roasting, and plenty of fun. Jack came home sad (because he had to leave) and tired...oh, and FILTHY.
And - not to be forgotten - Nolan is still a nugget. He's been really fussy lately and refuses to sleep anywhere unless he's tucked in close to his mama. (And yes, that is his hospital hat...his head is small)

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