Saturday, December 27, 2014

Home for an Early Christmas

We were back in Indiana for most of last week - celebrating Christmas early with both sides of the family. We officially added three new members to the Clevenger family - which gave all of us a HUGE reason to celebrate!
 We also celebrated an IU win over Butler.
And a Lions win over the Bears. Nolan is really filling out his Stafford jersey. I believe Jack wore this when he was just shy of ONE. So, yeah.
After a couple days in Warsaw, we spent some time in Fort Wayne. Devin & Kristin are in Idaho for the holidays, awaiting the arrival of our niece (due in February). We missed them!
Jack, Nolan, and I stopped by the Carsten house to see Julia and her boys. Jack LOVES seeing his buddies...and I believe Nolan will feel the same excitement soon enough. It's always a super hero convention when they're all together.
We celebrated with Nancy's side of the family on the 23rd. Nolan really wanted to party - but it's so hard to meet so many new people. He was exhausted.
After a brief nap...he shed his Christmas overalls (which were a little snug - shocker) and met his second cousin, John. John is from NYC. He's four months older than Nolan and quickly gave him a right hook. NYC > DETROIT...for now.

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