Monday, December 15, 2014

Stuff...and Santa

Christmas is coming. That's the finish line for me. Even if I'm wrapping presents right up until I go to bed on Christmas Eve...Christmas Day will be responsibility-free (aside from the parenting gig).

Here are a few things we've been up to...
Nolan has been gnawing on my fingers whenever he can get them near his mouth. It's gross AND it hurts! So I convinced Santa to give him a teething toy a little early. It's called an appe-teether (like appetizer) and it's shaped like broccoli. Genius. Also - I'm 90% convinced he will have brown eyes! BROWN!
Jack & Josie spent a good hour playing in Josie's closet. I mean, really. Maybe not the safest place in the house to play...but they were LOVING it...they weren't fighting...and they had fun. Go with it.
And Sunday afternoon we stopped by our local mall to see the BIG man. It was his first time meeting Nolan. Nolan is on the "perfect list" - VERY hard to get on that one. Could be the ONLY year he's on it...not gonna lie...I know his siblings and their history. 

Santa didn't even recognize Josie...she has gotten so much more hair in the last year! And Jack, well - he knew Jack! GOOD NEWS! They're all in Santa's good graces. Phew. We told him we'd leave him cookies & milk. 

I made a mental note to make sure I get cookies for Santa this week at Costco.

PS: I'd like to thank TAYLOR SWIFT and her new album (1989) for getting me through the "CRAZY CHRISTMAS SEASON." And if anyone knows any 9 year old girls who need a chaperone to her concert, feel free to pass my name along. ;)


  1. If you get your hand on TSwift tickets you let me know!!

    1. Seriously?? I found some. I was just too wimpy to buy them. I really want to go...and I don't care who knows it. There.


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