Sunday, July 26, 2015


Mr. Nolan is 11 months (and 6 days, but who's counting?!?)
He's a busy boy! Loves crawling, climbing, and finding things to get into. He's happy. Almost always happy. And he's the friendliest kid you've ever met. He hands out waves, high fives, and smiles to anyone who looks his way. Noley has 4 teeth with two more about to pop through. He started giving kisses and hugs recently. He says: mama, dada, uh oh, coo coo (cooper), Tucker, and hi. 

His sleeping situation has recently changed. It only took 10.5 months...but he sleeps IN HIS CRIB and through the night. Finally.

He's an active, happy boy. We love him so much. T-minus one month for party planning... Bring on the cake!

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